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No, Dana Loesch, Your Time Is Running Out: Parkland Student Delivers Powerful Rebuke to NRA


No, Dana Loesch, Your Time Is Running Out: Parkland Student Delivers Powerful Rebuke to NRA

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sarah Chadwick, a high school student who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 of her peers and teachers last month, published a video takedown of a recent advertisement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) to promote March for Our Lives, a student-led demonstration to demand stricter gun laws that will be h


Thank you students AND NEVER GIVE UP! You are doing the right thing that our politicians cannot do as their lavish lifestyle depends on them doing nothing.


Sarah Chadwick and other Young People like her are Severely Needed in the National Dialog.

Keep up the Great Work Sarah, we appreciate you and we will Support your Efforts.

Together, We Shall Overcome.

Don’t we have the spelling of Loesch incorrect, pretty sure it is spelled Louse.


True. And how many depend on the bribes by the N.R.A., to enhance their lavish lifestyles. And if one is a Republican, the last thing they want is a poor N.R.A. rating.


My hat off to you, Sarah, and all the other young adults with you who are fighting the terrorist group known as the NRA and its whores in Washington and state Capitols across the U.S. You’re making more progress than has been made in decades. Keep up the great work!


Imagine the pain, the sorrow, these teenagers are holding in their hearts. I lost a teenage close friend at that age from a car accident, my first love. I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been had she been shot and killed.

To those who have intentionally sought to discredit these kids, calling them “crisis actors” and the rest, you can go cluck yourselves.

These fine human beings are making a difference, and will continue to do so. The heavy weight in their hearts they have turned into a ballast of inspiration.

Good on them.

  1. I’m an anti gun liberal.
  2. I didn’t trust this shooting when I saw the wide eyed meant to scare you picture and there are too many MSM news stations out there now that have interviewed witnesses to find out they thought it was fake because of the at the same place a mock event of the same thing was happening at the same time. Yes, again!
  3. I think everyone should check out Sane Progressive on Bitchute since she left youtube. She does a great job pointing out the footage and what kids who where there said.
  4. While I’m completely anti NRA I am also against what our government is doing and all the laws that follow these shootings. They’re taking away all of our non gun rights with these. Next year we will need a passport to travel between states and that’s just one new thing coming out of these events. Possibly all of the big events are staged. If you’re still swallowing the main stream story watch the interviews of the kids from your favorite news source yourself.

Get thee to Sane Progressive.


So sorry students had to go through this.

Here are some lessons not usually taught in schools:

Liberal democracies have the least gun violence. Money and power are less concentrated in these progressive countries.

Authoritarian governments are the most violent. Money and power are most concentrated in these conservative countries.

Conservatives are authoritarians, ruled by greed, fear, hate and superstition. (Or why Jesus was a liberal).

Cons love dictators, oligarchs, commissars and other father figures to keep them safe from the imaginary or actual enemies they make.

Conservatives live in fear:

Cons must have guns for safety blankets:

End gun violence. Say no to violent, reactionary, gun loving Republicans, sold out Democrats and other conservatives.

Keep conservatives out of government.

Vote progressive.

Do not make America hate again.

Direct Online Democracy


Seriously cluck off okay? How dare you!!!

And that Sane Progressive idiot? You have the chutzpah to post this garbage?

My God, get a fucking clue.


We “can” keep all of these guns in our country.

We “can” keep all of the corrupt politicians that take the NRA’s Blood Money for “their” votes.

Or, We can listen to these children and their ideas about how to make our country safe for everyone.

Many of those who continue to support the parties of the Duopoly have been blinded by their own bad choices, false pride being the most common reason for their apathetic behavior.

When my generation stood strong against the government that supported the war in Vietnam, the Hatred directed at us came from all directions, even from some parents and teachers.

Today We must decide what is more important to “all” of us in this country.

Do We want Guns and Death, or do We want Safety and Peace?

We cannot have both.

These children are going to keep this conversation alive. They will grow into young adults and they will want a different country, a different world for themselves and their children to live in.

The parties of the Duopoly have consistently delivered us into a world of Hate and Fear, which supports their main agenda of maintaining the Empire.

Empire is draining our treasuries, polluting our planet, and training our young to murder for the profit makers.

Listen and learn from our youth.

Their vision of a better world is far better than the one We have allowed ours to become due to our poor decisions to support Corporate Whores and Warmongers in Duopoly Politicians Clothing.


I call bullshit.


Takes about 2 nano-seconds or less of rational thought to obliterate this fake news. It’s offensive, and of course there are thousands upon thousands of people right now spreading this garbage around, and breathlessly telling their friends who are hopefully smarter than they are.


lol ok. Get back to your Flat Earth Society, please.
Sweet. Merciful. Poop.


If. You had a brain you would be dangerous.


It’s not offensive. It’s the progressive left interpreting what they are seeing. VET what I am saying.
I went after everyone saying these shootings were fake for years.

I’m anti-gun. But all of these shootings that are happening while a staged mock event a shooting is happening at the same time should not be ignored. When Vegas happened is when I woke up - November 2017. I thought it was weird that CNN was saying there was a staged event of the same thing happening at the exact same time. They said it was just a coincidence. I woke up by WATCHING the news finally. Wake up. Look at all of them with the wide eyed shooters.

Seriously, all of you, VET this.

Vet all the big ones. You guys are forced to wake up just by me telling you this because you won’t let that extra info pass you anymore. I was letting it go right past me.


I pity you. I really do.



I personally am confused about your comments here on this thread.

It appears that others are upset with your words or interpretation of past mass shootings.

I know that your heart is in the right place as I’ve read many of your past comments on a range of issues.

Help us all to understand, without any possibility for misinterpretation, what it is you mean by these “staged events” and their relationship to the actual shootings.


You won’t pitty me on the next big shooting if you watch it come across your local news. You’ll catch on finally. Seriously. It’s like when people were telling me not to trust Bernie and I was volunteering for his campaign. I didn’t stop donating to him until he conceded and then had to admit what he was when he was standing behind Hillary who was saying we needed to do something about Russia. I used to believe in the war witch Elizabeth Warren too. Heck I voted FOR Bill Clinton twice and supported Hillary in her 2008 run that she lost to Obama. I was a massive Obama supporter after his first primary. It’s all been an education. You’ll wake up. Pity the ones who won’t stop supporting the duopoly, and refuse to wake up and vet. Btw when do you vet what I’ve said? Vet it. You’ll find the truth.


Hey Cluck,

I totally agree with your response to this clueless nimrod


You’re off topic- it’s about the NRA- and you blew into the elections. Hope you enjoy your gun- must make you feel like an important person. You are not.