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No Debate Equals No Democracy: The Folly of Fast Track


No Debate Equals No Democracy: The Folly of Fast Track

John Nichols

The decision on whether to surrender the authority of the US Congress to amend and potentially improve trade agreements goes to the very heart of whether the United States respects democracy.


“No debate equals no democracy” is an appropriate title now that we are seeing the results of the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that narrowed the mission of the Democratic Party to GETTING MORE CORPORATE CASH THAN THE GOP.


Please look at these web pages- What is “Mode Four”?









This really is an amazing story of how incompetent our leaders are and how much control the elite sociopath profiteers possess. Few have read this TPP (and I’m certain Obama is one of them and has no idea what it really is all about or the damage that will be done). Those who have can’t understand it. The ones who could can’t get security clearance. AND YET they keep saying how they need to pass this, to back Obama, to get it released so they can really debate this TPP and deal with it. Amazing. First off, if it’s that secret, there’s plenty wrong with this deal and it should be stopped in its tracks. What’s the rush? The world isn’t going to end tomorrow. Just goes to show how many politicians have been bought and are owned by our corporate handlers. Good doggie. Now sit.


And at the same time they just voted to give themselves the power to override the President’s ability to set foreign policy. Was it Eisenhower again, or Roosevelt who said the US speaks with one voice on foreign policy, and that is the President’s?

They all swear allegiance to the Constitution yet none of them seems to honor either that document or their pledge. I despair for the country. I despair for the world. We seem to be bent on their destruction.


Rand Paul is one of my senators. I despise the man. But when he gets something right, I let him know. I called about this just last week and the lady who answered my call said they’d had a lot of calls on it just like mine. Guess I need to drop him an email thanking him.


I have to wonder if the ones who voted for this have just voted themselves out of a job? When the corporations are invited in to devise secret plans to take over the country and our congress approves how the whole thing is going down then when the dust settles the CEOs will be taking over their seats. The corporations have been telling them how to vote but it looks like they will be the ones making all of the decisions, the end of electoral politics.