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'No Dissents': US Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Trump Allies' Bid to Overturn Loss in Pennsylvania

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/no-dissents-us-supreme-court-unanimously-rejects-trump-allies-bid-overturn-loss


This is not at all relevant to this article but if you want some info that helps explain the Epstein first trial and ‘suicide’ you might like to read this.

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This all began to fall apart for Trump and his Squid People followers when their leader began oozing squid ink on live TV. The obelisk transport system that were supposed to triangulate Trump’s return to the home planet became damaged when far-reich, christo-fascist zealots dismantle one at Pine Mountain, thus blocking his escape plan. Bezos, Branson, and Musk, the Squid People originally sent to take over the Earth’s economic system, are desperately trying to build a backup system to teleport Trump from Mars. Hey, it makes as much sense as the election being rigged.


Squid are fine. It’s the Squid People you gotta look out for!


We binged; now we must purge!

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Trump never had a hope with the Supreme Court, and he knows it. This is when things are the most dangerous. What will some of his followers do now that all legal avenues have been exhausted? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps.


They will continue to believe his every word, regardless of what he says. At his most recent cult rally he lied and told his cultists that “we’re winning this election…we won Georgia.” That was a lie, but the cultists applauded wildly for that.


Good short article , thanks.
I have zero interest in The Epstein Saga. The whole thing makes me sick, but like any disturbing scene, I cannot help but look.

This was a good read too, a bit long though.

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I never believed for a moment that the Supremes would take up any of Trump’s nonsense and interfere in this election.

As far as Trump’s “Crazies” are concerned, they may be testosterone fueled gun nuts that believe in the liar in the White House, however they have enough brain cells to understand that if they hurt anyone on Trump’s behalf, they will go to jail if not shot dead where they stand.

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I hope you are right. I just read a piece by Erick Erickson—gasp!—about how he is now a traitor to lots of his readers for suggesting that, well, Biden won. Erickson is very very far from where most CD readers are politically, so that has me worried about what this swath of people will do when Biden walks into the White House (which is hopefully fumigated). They absolutely think Trump won.


It would appear that the Powers Behind the Throne do not need the services of Donald John Trupp (or whatever the fuck his jackass name is) anymore. It would appear that the Powers Behind the Throne are perfectly content with the new face on the Bleached House: Joseph K. Biden (or whatever the fuck his name is). It would appear that the Powers Behind the Throne today – the ones who propped up Biden – are the same ones that were Behind the Throne these past four years. It would appear that the Powers propping up Biden are the same ones that propped up rumpface. Now rumpface is just toilet paper the Powers used to wipe their asses. Swirling down the gold plated toilet… a total and complete disgrace to everyone who ever believed in him. Grimace at the memory. They’ll be grimacing for a long time.


Just today, an incoming phone call from the power axis along the east coast of North America, the vast land of hard working peons serving the british empire.

Here is the current perogi prog plan.
All in to win two in Georgia.
Door to door, use money galore,

2024 is Mayor Pete for prez
That’s what they saiz.
I replied as I laized
"That’s pretty crazed
Shall I be amazed
or freshman hazed
This news whacked me, I’m dazed

They continued with details to ride over the
Clinton clout, continue the coalitions
This has full proggy ambitions
Their five years of political experience
They have learned the varience.

Full speed ahead, said I
We are badly broken in two now
Need to heal quick, take a bow
Play baseball, say Holy Cow.


Just curious: Since you acknowledge that the ICH piece you link to is not relevant to the CD article, why did you feel the need to post the link?

The linked article is by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer whose is well-known for his anti-Israeli stance that sees the Mossad behind every burning bush. In his opinion piece, which is heavy with weasel words (two instances of “presumed” in the first paragraph alone), he cites fellow traveler Whitney Webb’s work to buttress his claim that Rupert Maxwell’s family, including daughters Isabel and Ghislaine, Jeffrey Maxwell’s partner in crime, are Mossad agents. Giraldi then goes on to cite the work and conclusions of the ever-slippery Israeli businessman-cum-intelligence asset Ari Ben-Menashe, whose part-true, part-bogus stew of disinformation goes back even past Iran/contra to the supposed 1980 “October Surprise” deal the Reagan campaign made with Iran.

Like any para-political commentator from Alex Jones to Dave Emory to Peter Dale Scott, Giraldi adds to his hypothesis the usual circumstantial evidence, inference, and supposition, and then takes the leap of faith to his conclusion. It’s that leap of faith that gives me pause. Is there any smoke here? Possibly. Any fire? Definitely not. At least Emory likes to say (or used to, anyway), “Food for thought–grounds for further research.”

As for the whole Epstein-Maxwell Syndrome, of course it stinks to high hell, but I share the opinion Elcil states in this thread and consider it minor compared to everything else going on. Which brings me to my original question: Why did you post the link?

“Trump and his Squid People followers”

That expression made me LOL. And the sun hasn’t quite risen yet here in Spain.

My feeling is “someone” (who? I have no idea.) seriously wants him out.


Thanks for the link, Elcil. I just skimmed it for now but have bookmarked it for reading later. Looks fascinating, all the people the Mother Jones reporter contacted based on Epstein’s “little black book.” I can’t say that I have zero interested in the Epstein-Maxwell Syndrome, but it is pretty far down the list.

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Yeah, that’s a pretty fair assessment except for those who enjoy the “firebrand” invective that the Right-Wing Noise Machine generates in bilious, noxious abundance. On the other hand, Erickson is a resident of Georgia, where even Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger stood up to TrumPutin to certify the vote.

Hell, even federal Attorney General+ William Barr called the election clean, and let’s not forget that Barr deliberately auditioned for the job to further his “moral crusade” that includes packing the courts with as many Federalist Society judges as possible. This is the same Barr who, as AG for George H.W. Bush, approved of Bush’s plan to pardon everyone involved in Iran/contra, which even prompted conservative columnist William Safire to label him the “Cover-Up General.” One pardonee was Elliott Abrams, recently resurrected for the TrumPutin Administration to foment more havoc in Latin America.

  • For Barr, I prefer the term “Attorney Specific,” coined by David Cay Johnston, since Barr quickly proved to be the attorney not for the country but specifically for TrumPutin. Mario Puzo would probably prefer the term consigliere . . .

Is anyone surprised that the SCOTUS said no dice this time.
I am a bit.
This isn’t the way it went down in 2000.
Or do we really have to define “count all legal ballots.”

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For me, all the effort being made by a mainstream crowd of Republican/neocons to reverse the majority of vote form this election, puts 21st century fascism, and all its components, under a magnifying glass.

In many ways it relates to the 20th century fascism, in its technique and motive. (Propaganda misinformation directed at the poorly educated, by an oligarchy, that is.)


Trump is so unhinged, if the Supreme Court ever went along with him on reversing the election, all hell would break loose. The clarity would be blinding.

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