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No, Dr. Dean, Democrats Do Need to Fight It Out


No, Dr. Dean, Democrats Do Need to Fight It Out

John Atcheson

While he was bowing out of the contest to head up the Democratic National Party, Howard Dean said the election of the next chair should not become a fight between Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters.

With all due respect to Dr. Dean, the selection of the next chair is all about resolving that fight.


"The reason these destructive myths survive is because they’re rarely confronted, and that’s because the neoliberal Democrats essentially buy into the conservative’s myths."

It is difficult to get a politician to understand something, when his bribes depend upon his not understanding it!

Direct Democracy


In the past I have usually liked John Acheson's commentary, particualrly on climate change and the environment.

But I find myself wondering, as he increasingly becomes 'political', if I can continue to agree with him - 'politically' ???

There was a clear choice in this election past - Jill Stein and a truly progressive nation-wide election platform.

It was rejected by 99 % of the voters - and by Bernie Sanders, perhaps the most over-rated politician of our times.

If there is a "We the People", and I believe there is, then as de Touqueville pointed out in "Democracy in America":

"the people get the government they deserve."

I think its a two-stager - or perhaps a multi-stage process unfolding.

First, vent your anger - Mission Accomplished.

Second - figure out how to proceed with a monster in the White House.

This is messy - an irrational way to proceed.

I am quite familiar with that - and do not decry it - for I have lived much of my life that way, and it works - strangely.

Even Einstein pointed out that reason is a poor second to feeling, and I couldn't agree more.

Come on John, come on people, drop consumerism like the lead weight that it is, and replace capitalism and endless talk and action about money - with life - life close to the bone - close to the natural world - where we came from - which is still our only real home.

Manysummits in Calgary


"While he was bowing out of the contest to head up the Democratic National Party, Howard Dean said the election of the next chair should not become a fight between Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters."

I would say, let the "Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters" fight all they want, and may a third group (preferably one using last, not first, names for political candidates and office holders) actually committed to making the Democratic party an advance upon, rather than a sell out of, the party of Roosevelt and Truman, prevail.


One way or another, the 99% are coming into an Unstoppable Realization that we have been TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, long past the point of ENDURANCE.

Either we will take over control of the Democratic Party, with its built-in Southern Suspicion ( see YouTube, Ray Stevens' "Grandpa Voted Democrat (and the Family Weren't Proud o' That! ) or we start Our Own.

The Dem Party has Apparatus all in place, while even if we decide on the Green Party, there is Heavy Lifting to be done.

Either way, the Tide is Turning, sure as the Sun will Set tonight.


This is rather harsh.
I would counter, that most voters voted out of fear and this was not a referendum on Progressive ideals. In fact, many who voted for Donald Trump were voting against NAFTA and other insider policies that have helped to destroy vast swaths of our Country and that technically is a Progressive ideal.
Unfortunately, voters bought the Snake Oil that Trump was selling and now it is clear he has no intention on delivering on his vacillating promises except for Bush-like Photo Ops like the weak Carrier deal.

What was this Fear that determined the vote?

Fear that Donald Trump would win.
Fear that Hillary Clinton would win.

This Fear ruled this election and many, many people felt forced to waste their votes on Trump or Clinton.
Unfortunately our messed up party and voting systems essentially guaranteed that one of the two horrendous outcomes would come true.
The American people lost.
The Bankers, Oil Barons, and War Profiteers won. In fact, they could not lose. This is not surprising since these three groups own and control the media and the Party Machines.

Corruption rules this Country and has for many years. And the Corruption is only getting worse.


Currently 34 states have a Republican governor, while only 18 are headed by a Democrat, and one – Alaska – is headed by an Independent.

Who knew that the US now has 53 states! Or maybe there's a few that have co-governors?

Edit: According to Wikipedia, the correct totals are 31, 18 and 1.


Amen, brother. This is the indisputable truth. It was true before the election, and so clear now that no honest observer can deny it. If the old-line Dem leadership tries to hold onto power and continues to pursue the neoliberal agenda, all they will accomplish is the continued irrelevance and death of the party - and help the put the country in deeper and deeper hole.


Since its 1985 formation the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) turned the Party into a billion dollar enterprise to the extent that sustaining the annual billion corporate dollars flowing into the Party is its highest priority. Winning elections is a low priority. Nominating Sanders would have cost the Party most of that billion and no billion dollar organization has ever voluntarily kissed off 90% of its revenue.

Until ALL private money in politics becomes illegal, any third party that gains momentum will be purchased by the owners of the GOP and Democratic Party.

Perhaps this is what one party rule will look like through the 21st century...GOP control with token Democratic Party and third party representation.


There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money, and I can't remember what the second one is.

So spaketh Mark Hanna - a US Senator and Ohio political boss of the first Gilded Age - in 1895. It pretty much goes without saying that Mr. Hanna's observation is equally germane 121 years later.

So why no mention in Atcheson's article of the 800 lb. gorilla in the room - namely, the reality that the Democratic Party's campaign funding model is wholly dependent on that tiny sliver of the population whose economic interests are entirely aligned with neoliberal ideology?

According to opensecrets.org, the number of people making political contributions of $2700 or more equates to only 0.07% of the US population, which works out to roughly 223,000 out of a total population of close to 320 million. Those giving as much as $200 amounts to only 0.46%.

And of course, the pernicious influence of this elite cadre extends far beyond campaign financing. Who exactly provides the cushy lobbying jobs that so many defeated or retired congresscritters migrate to? Who ponied up the $153 million in speaking fees that Bill and Hill pulled down between 2001 and 2016? And who will provide the lion's share of funding for Obama's soon-to-be-announced massive presidential mausoleum / library?

Like it or not, as an institution the Democratic Party will continue to "dance with the one that brung 'em", and installing a "progressive" figurehead such as Keith Ellison won't do squat to alter the reality of an entity that is for all intents and purposes a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate America.

Show me someone with the balls to suggest a compulsory funding model not dependent on the largess of billionaires, along with a comprehensive ethical code of conduct for "public servants", and maybe I'll believe the future might hold something different than yet another variation of Same Old Same Old. Needless to say, I'm not exactly holding my breath.


They were counting the:
State of Confusion,
State of Denial, and
State of Depression.

And of course, all of those have Republican governors.


In my opinion, RedHarvest and Ray delcamino are pointing at the source of the corruption: money in politics. Everything else is symptomatic.


Atcheson sez: " ... back in the 60's, half of all potential voters in the US identified as Democrats. Currently, 29% do."

No biggie. The Party™ needs only .1 per cent.


Yes. I agree on your points. So - we can continue to wring our hands as the clock ticks. It's DNC's fault, it's Hillary "with the bloodiest hands" fault, it's Bernie's fault, it's the voters scared gutless to vote for Stein (if they even knew who she was), it's citizens' fault in their civic and adolescent irresponsibility in not voting (42%?), it's MSM's fault in its abrogation of journalist integrity, it's sleazy Republican candidates fault, it's Russia's fault, it's Comey's fault, it's voting machines' fault where there's no verifiable backup tracking system for electronic votes, it's the fault of skewed jerrymandering, it's Trump's fault with his empty heart and neurosis, etc. All right already. Aren't you sick of harping on these faults? We can waste time on blowing off steam but if we don't get laser focused on the "change" points and throwing masses of energy at them in a calculated smart way, we will get Trump again. Come on amigos. Get your creative caps revved up, refuse to identify with the victim (depression, despair, sulking, woe is me/us, helplessness, powerlessness - all of which serve the opposing forces), get your smart self cooking on creative, focused, strategic, powerful, non violent, shrewd organized ways to suck out the energy of the opposition. We MUST organize. Each and all MUST get it together and find ways to cross divides. It is time for intelligent assertion.It is time to think sharp, smart, and clear. It's hard, takes patience, determination, perseverance. But we CAN do it!


Great. You're on to something. What three things can you do toward burying the Democratic party?
And, three things you can do toward creating what you see as serving our needs better?


Okay. You've got your finger on something important. Money in politics. So, what three things can you do in the next month to throw your weight in the direction of getting money out of politics?


Your comments, the spirit behind them, endear me to you. Get back to Nature. Yes!Drop consumerism. Yes! Get behind a progressive agenda. Yes! So, there's a bit of gap between where you are and where the "voice of the people" (millions) is saying they are. So, what are three things you can do in relation to people to advance your values? Three practical things?


Pure victim mentality but clear eyed on a few of the problems. If you live in your victimhood, we will be deprived of your gift - which you assuredly have. We need you. Get your ass and good mind in gear and do one thing each week in throwing your weight toward reversing voter suppression, supporting a Progressive's candidacy (your own maybe), and cleaning up the Democratic Party. And it doesn't have to be a big thing. Refuse to collude with the opposition's aims by tolerating your own victim mentality. It's got to go! We need YOU back.


Yes, let there be - there must be - a fight - to the death. Either the Dem Party continues into oblivion and continued collusion or build a progressive platform of real issues and representation for the 99%. Sanders tried his best and showed that millions giving small amounts can counter (all that need be with a message of truth and justice!) the SCOTUS "money is free speech" BS!

I didn't see any real criticism in this piece of the "centrist" sell-out Obama and his big role in the destruction of the party - numerous betrayals, catering to big-money, and collusion with R'Con objectives - just like Bill. "Clinton had five major achievements - and All of them -- every single one -- were longstanding Republican objectives" Much the same can be said of the Great Progressive Fraud, Barack Obama, who along with the DLC & Clinton did little (very) or NOTHING to build any progressive, inclusive, winning base - quite the contrary, they both continually sabotaged the "Dem base" and progressive issues - No base means loosing, as several mid-term elections and the Trump debacle show conclusively!

"in the end, Trump didn’t win – the Democrats lost, and they lost because they became the Party of the Oligarchy, not the Party of the people"!

YES, fight for a rebirth and soul of the party and our collective future! Eliminate the business-as-usual Clinton/Obama quislings and sycophants - support and fight for the issues Sanders championed - energizing millions in the process - the future of the Dem Party and real opposition!


Terrific vision. Now, dear Howling Coyote, this week what three things can you do to serve your vision? Three practical, down to earth, body based, mind blessed, will focused actions. And, dear Coyote,
you've got the Howl we need. And, you know something about tracking. And, you know something about running together in packs for the good of All. And you know a lot about working with others to sift out and through problems to get at the meat of the issue, and to take the most efficient action on what will nourish the most. And you know much about the wisdom of conserving energy and the timing needed to act unswervingly.