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No Eastward NATO Expansion? 'Sorry Chump, You Didn't Have It in Writing'

No Eastward NATO Expansion? 'Sorry Chump, You Didn't Have It in Writing'

Eric Margolis

Is it any wonder after this bait and switch diplomacy that Russia has no trust in the Western powers?


Great historic review. My only problem is one line.
I don’t agree that George H, W, Bush or James Baker were honorable men.


I agree with your points about the treachery and lies of US leaders towards Russia vis a vis NATO. But George H.W. Bush was an “honorable man”? You kidding me? The man who started the Gulf War based on lies, who invaded Panama killing several thousand Panamanians, and purportedly managed the death squad that killed JFK was “honorable”? Then the word has no meaning.


It always boils down to the same thing: any lie or machination committed by western powers are justified under the sanctified ideology of democracy. Any lie or machination by others who disagree is “evil” and therefore subject to strident vilification. We have not matured much as a society/cullture. Sanctimonious self righteous hypocrisy thickly coated with a foul ooze of violence and relentless exploitation.


See also the Iran nuclear deal, Libya (Gaddafi gave up WMD, paid millions in compensation for terrorist acts the Libyans have always denied doing and even opened Libya to limited Western investment) and Trump’s recent announcement on Jerusalem.

America is not an honest broker and does not bargain or make deals in good faith. In 2017 only a naive fool would take Washington’s word at face value. Unfortunately most Americans are soft in the brain and still believe the dishonest and hypocritical nonsense beamed into their empty heads by the media. Like Russian trolls and Kremlin sponsored Facebook ads gave America Trump. lmao


It matters how it happened. If it doesn’t matter then don’t bother checking out these links, just keep believing what allows you to celebrate every year.

On the Gulf War lies:

On Bush Sr. and JFK:

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Yes. Actually, Hussein cleared the invasion of Kuwait with the current US sec’y of state before he did it. So, yeah, big lie.


Yes, exactly, it was with April Glaspie, who was representing the administration. They intentionally lied, hoping Hussein would invade Kuwait, which would justify a US invasion. But it didn’t, because it was all based on lies, as always.


Good thought provoking article by Eric Margolis.

I don’t think it matters whether it was ‘in writing’ or not, the United States has broken every single treaty they ever signed with the native Americans, and many in the more modern world, including cherry picking which International Laws to uphold or dispense with entirely, including which parts of the US Constitution to take or leave, including which aspects of the ‘Trial by Jury’ to adopt or reject.

In point of fact - might is right.

And perhaps it is - in some sense.

It is certainly the default position since our species came to be on planet Earth.

“All is fair in love & war” - as the saying goes.

It is not a good idea to dis these ancient expressions from the people’s experience of the world, for example, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, or “physician - heal thyself.”

Eric, like many of us, is seeking to understand a complex world, in a complex time - a time fraught with unprecedented perils - nuclear weapons and other modern threats to our existence, such as artificial intelligence, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, climate change and ocean acidification - the list is long and becoming tiresome.

I think Mr. Margolis, like me, needs to see the good in people, or at least that there have been and still are decent human beings who care about our collective future.

I have read Mikhail Gorbachev’s “The New Russia”, some of “The Putin Interviews”, by Oliver Stone, “Adults in the Room”, by Yanis Varoufakis, “The Last of the President’s Men”, by Bob Woodward,
“Profiles in Courage”, by John Kennedy, and many many others, also a tiresome list.

I can tell you a little story, from S.C. Gwynne’s book “Empire of the Summer Moon”, about the Commanche wars.

Mr. Gwynne, in a tour de force of meticulous historical research, pointed out that in North America, only one treaty made between the native Americans and the European colonists of the ‘Columbian Age’ was ever worth anything, and in fact stood up well and was not violated.

This treaty was made by Juan Bautista de Anza, the Spanish officer and explorer who led the colonising expedition which founded San Francisco. The Presidio is still there, on the south side of the narrows, below the Golden Gate Bridge, which my family and I visited in 2006.

In fact, this expedition resulted in the making of Juan Bautista de Anza, as he was appointed governor of New Mexico from 1777 to 1787. During this time the trade treaty I mentioned was enacted, in 1786, between Spain, the Commanche, the Ute, and the Navajo.

It held up because it was to the mutual advantage of all parties.

This is of course exactly what John Kennedy advocated in his ‘peace speech’ just before he was assassinated - treaties which would stand up because they were grounded in mutual advantage.

If I read Rex Tillerson correctly - it is the type of treaty he would begin with North Korea.

There is an innate ability of the human being to recognise what is fair and what is not.

So far, the balance is heavily weighted on the ‘unfair’ treaties of the United States,

Time to try the Anza - Kennedy method.

By the way, California’s largest park is named after Anza and ‘ovis canadensis’ (variety desert bighorn sheep), and is, or was, my favorite desert hangout, in the days before I, like the new, or is it old, Luke Skywalker retreated to his island - weary of the fight.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.


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