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No, Everything Is Not Going to Be Alright


No, Everything Is Not Going to Be Alright

Ted Rall

After president-elect Donald Trump’s 10-15 minute scheduled get-to-know-you with lame-duck president Barack Obama ran an hour and a half, too many of my friends who ought to know better contacted me with some variant of “maybe everything really is going to be OK after all.”


Kind of a weird article in a number of ways. Notably, Dave Chapelle is not a member of SNL. Being on SNL does not make one of SNL.


Thanks, Hillary, he couldn't have done it without you.


Uh, all I saw on here was blabber about the duopoly, Killary, and garbage that is going to seem like small beans very soon. Could we also thank ourselves then too?


When Bernie was neutralized, our fate was sealed.

Much as one of your previous assertions, that Bernie could not have competed on a National Stage is bullshit, in my view, so is most of what you seem to think is worthy of contributing to this site.


Not only did Saint Ronny and his band of right wing pirates "not lift a finger to slow down raping of the planet", they made extraordinary effort to accelerate raping of all life forms on the planet starting by removing the photovoltaic panels that had been installed by Jimmy Carter on the White House.


Well, Mr Rall, I hate to say that your words are ringing pretty dang true.


I never said he couldn't compete on a national stage, just noted the argument that was common against him during the primary. Basically, that he was untested and once the right wing smear machine got going, the race would likely look very different. He'd be fending off stuff about his wife's tenure at Burlington College, his leftist past, and whatever congressional votes the right could make hay out of. After all, there's nothing about him that exempts him from the same bullshit phony scandal garbage the right throws at every Democrat.


There is an implicit assumption in your comment that being attacked as a "leftist" would have been a negative thing for Bernie. The truth is that everyone knew he was a leftist, even one of those demon socialists, and yet he garnered enormous public support. Americans have been subjected to a tyranny of presumption about the "left" and "progressives" and "socialism" to the point that the our institutions, most notably broad swaths of the press, refuse to acknowledge leftists, progressives and socialists as legitimate political forces, not because they are wrong or bad for America, but because they are presumed to be non-starters in what they perceive to be main stream politics.

So, while I recognize some of your point in your reply to HowlingCoyote, I quarrel with the presumption that any damage would have been done to Sen. Sanders by such attacks. To the contrary, I believe he demonstrated that Americans outside the beltway and Wall Street are ready and willing to embrace his leftist agenda with full-throated enthusiasm.

That said, your observations in this article are an interesting and instructive exercise. The new administration will, no doubt, face some kind of crisis, real, or perhaps more likely, contrived, sooner or later (most likely sooner, especially if contrived) and the lunatics will be in charge of the response. We should all hunker down for a long four years and be vigilant in our defense of our human and constitutional rights.


The message he carried, that resonated with everyone who heard it, and would have been heard by the millions more in a full blown campaign, who settled for Trump, would have exempted him from anything they could have thrown at him.

Issues, not personality politics.


Wow. Now that's faith!


It's going to take a great deal of moral courage to stand up to this approaching fascism, despite the threats of doing so. It comes down to individuals who have made a moral decision to stand up for those being victimized. Unless we prepare and acknowledge this necessity, we as a nation are lost.


The one thing I was remotely hopeful for after Trump was "elected" (popular vote?) was that like many with a fourth grade social/emotional mentality, he really does care what people think of him. I thought that perhaps he could be maneuvered toward the middle somewhat by massive public protests and influential people's opinions.

But having been immediately surrounded by professional handlers who have taken over his administration, effectively, is a really bad sign. While Trump exhibits a number of symptoms of personality disorder et al deficiencies, some if not many of his handlers exhibit sociopathic/psychopathic behavior.

It's not looking good . . .


Now what? We've been through another eight years of more deeply splitting the "masses" apart by class and race, middle class vs. poor, more deeply divided by color. How is it possible, under these circumstances, too pull enough people together to push back against the hard right wing? And by this point, what can actually be done?

It really would take something like a revolution -- a nation-wide people's push-back, with mass strikes, etc. But few can afford to risk rocking the boat, possibly losing their jobs. There's nothing to fall back on today.


I watched Meet the Press this past Sunday. Everybody was discussing how this could've possibly happened. Chuck Todd asked a panelist if Bernie would have had a different outcome--he asked this as if it was a stupid question that couldn't possibly have a "yes" answer. I am so sick of our current press who is so unabashedly biased. There is no democracy without a free press. And I believe the press are the most powerful thing in this country.


The working masses grumble, accept, and adjust. They really have no choice. Realistically, how many people here could risk losing their jobs by pushing back? That's not happy talk, but it is reality.

Those who aren't on the right wing have been on the verge of rising up since Reagan took office at the start of 1981.


They cut and or privatize SS and Medicare they can depend on me other other seniors
to volunteer for the front lines. I will have nothing left to lose, but only the freedom to live
under a bridge and find my food in a local dumpster..
Many hoped that Trump would be better than Clinton. Looking at the horrid picks for his
administration he is going to be a lot worse. Now I doubt even his words that seemed to promise
to not bully Russia. It does not seem to matter which party is in control. They all


No, it's obvious to anyone who was conscious during the Primaries.


The USA threw off the opportunity to become a civilised country in 1776.


That he would be exempt from the shit that would get thrown his way? Republicans would just rollover huh? Ok.