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No Evidence to Support Trump's Election Fraud Claims, New York Times Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/no-evidence-support-trumps-election-fraud-claims-new-york-times-finds

Well of course a republican secretary of state from Kansas is going to say the election went well because all the republican national level candidates that ran here got elected or re-elected, and the electoral votes were won by trump. Kansas is full of so many ill-informed and ignorant Christian fanatics that that is almost a given at every national election.

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The link below spells out how desperate some in the gop are. Some would say sad to watch, me, I’m enjoying it, watching them go down in flames trying to defend Trumps crazy accusations.
Don’t miss John Fetterman’s ( Lt. Gov. PA.) response to Dan Patrick’s (Lt. Gov. TX.) claim and reward ($1 million) of fraud in the election at the end of the link…it’s priceless.



The Times spoke with both Republican and Democratic officials, who universally rejected accusations of voter fraud and other improprieties.

But wait, I’ve been told for years by the likes Rachel Maddow that Russia has been meddling in our elections.

Oh, I get it, this narrative must no longer be useful now that Trump (supposedly) will be out of office.

Maddow is paid $25 million per year to peddle her pay masters’ lies and propaganda, while another Journalist, Julian Assange, will probably spend the rest of his life rotting in a prison cell for telling truths about the American Empire.


The Republican Party’s support of their would-be Hitler, must be brought to justice.

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The ballot stuffing video, screen shot, is worth looking at for laughs. The Russian eagle crest is plainly visible. Pretty clumsy disinformation attempt.

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Any proof, documents, or honorable person accusations of Maddow lies and propaganda?
Seriously, if there is some there there I would like to be aware of it.

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I’m fed up. Bring every goddam republican in for a lie detector test. The lying is as big a pandemic as a virus.

And, let’s not be hypocrites. If Biden was behind by these margins I would expect him to wait until all the votes were counted too.

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