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No Excuse, Says Human Rights Lawyer. Obama Can Still Close Guantánamo



Illegal detention, increasing immigrant detention centers, increasing private prisons, increasing criminalization of behaviors, and the school to prison pipeline: mass incarceration. The time for restorative justice practices is long past due.


Only Bernie Sanders and two other Senators voted against the The National Defense Authorization Act. Will Obama act, I doubt it.

In voting against the Act, Bernie voted against this Section 145:

Of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or otherwise made available for fiscal year 2016 for aircraft procurement, Air Force, not more than $4,285,000,000 may be obligated for the procurement of F–35A aircraft until the Secretary of the Air Force certifies to the congressional defense committees that F–35A aircraft delivered during fiscal year 2018 will have full combat capability, as determined as of the date of the enactment of this Act, with Block 3F hardware, software, and weapons carriage."

Oh my, the great red red red herring-the F-35.


Surprise, surprise...


Somebody needs to work out the arithmetic of compensation for imprisoning a human being who later turns out to be innocent. The article talks about detention times in the order of 14 years for people that are currently slated for release. How do you compensate, say, a 30 year old who was brought to the facility at age 16? Think about the meaning of the years between 17 and 30, somewhat more critical than would be between 40 to 53, which would still be very tragic, of course. Since apparently the US is in the habit of depriving people of their freedom by mistake, if we want to ever go back to being an honorable country (I know, I'm dreaming), then this kind of compensatory arithmetic will have to be figured out. I have no clue how you begin to do that.


I'd add in a mechanism for International Courts to hold all criminals in high places accountable for their actions; many of these have been executed without any public knowledge and outside of the framework of established law.


I don't think compensation is about arithmetic. It's about karma. We as a nation have to do some major payback, not just for Guantanamo but for Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc. 9/11 was a lie. The War on Terror is a lie. It's really all about profits for the MIC and the CIA (drug running). Sorry, folks. There's Hell to pay for all the death and mayhem we have caused.


I agree that the US government should pay restitution to people who have been imprisoned in Guantanamo. The US government should also pay restitution to families of these individuals.

All personnel who have taken a leadership role in creating and maintaining this abomination should be tried for crimes against humanity. This includes President Obama who has maintained the Guantanamo detention center, and continues to allow the torturous practice of brutal forced feeding.


Obama has never planned to close the Guantanamo prison. He only wants to move it.

He is a sick, lying, disgusting, sociopathic war criminal and articles like this don't speak the truth, making it seem that his wanting to move the Guantanamo prison is wanting to close it.

It is doublespeak worthy of Orwell. The conservatives in my county want to tax us to build a new jail, even though we approved a tax years ago for a new jail, which funds they used for other purposes. How many liberals would go along with their plan to incarcerate more minor offenders if they called this plan to build a new jail the plan to close our county jail? Yet the go along to get along with the powers that be liberals buy this nonsense when Obama speaks this way.


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You nailed it JJ (with a nice reference to Nixon about the Pres. being above
the U.S. Constitution).

Worth mentioning is the Presidential ''Kill List'' which is updated every Tuesday,
and carried out using drones that kill ten innocents for every ''enemy combatant.''
At lease in the Old West, you would get to see your ''Wanted Dead or Alive'' poster
in the Post Office or Sheriff's Office, and then you could decide to turn yourself in or flee to Mexico.

And how about the Patriot Act & NDAA for massive spying on U.S. citizens.

And last but not least: the treaded TPP -- which the Pres. / Blue Dog Dems.
and Repubs. pushed thought Congress . . . giving us world government of, by
and for the multinationals.

Okay, under Obamacare 10-million gained access to healthcare without the barrier of pre-existing conditions -- but 32-million are still ''uninsured'' -- and the medical insurance complex made massive profits -- all subsidized by Uncle Sam.

Yes, the Pres. got a treaty with Iran over the threats of the chicken-hawks to tar & feather him -- but Libya was a fiasco . . .

So given the facts . . . perhaps all Republican and Democrat Presidents are/will be
war criminals on behalf of the U.S. empire.


If President Obama is able to release and transfer the prisoners he must do so. He has made to many promises. How many times can a president lie to the American People before he has to be removed from office? I am beginning to wonder if Obama is in charge at all. He has an uncontrollable tendency of saying to much, and he does so before the people who are rarely in charge tell him what he is expected to do.


Ehud Barack Obama always breaks his promises. He must promise Michelle he'll break his promises. Obama should be sent to GITMO. If that doesn't make him shut it down, nothing will.


Call them liberals if you want. But if they support the continuation of Guantanamo they are NOT LIBERALS.

Yes, I will determine what constitutes liberal and what does not. Holding people indefinitely and depriving them of due process is the very opposite of LIBERAL. Liberal = liberty.

Just because someone has embraced socially liberal positions it doesn't make them a liberal.


Obama is not the one we thought he was. Not even.

Look at his use of the bully pulpit in support of this Far Right TPP as compared to his use of the bully pulpit in support of the public option.

Obama is Third Way, all the way, which is essentially Republican. The rest is just a smokescreen.


prosecute the war criminals and torturers. hopeless.

reality can only be mentioned on computer.


People have been wrongly imprisoned for as long as humanity has been around. Yes, the people at Guantanamo need to be compensated; but the amount is impossible to determine, as how can anyone put a monetary value on the most precious thing any living person or animal has. That thing is right there in our founding documents: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The ability to incarcarate people for political and criminal reasons, as has been done by two US administrations, Bush and Obama, is untenable. The most likely reason many of these men continue to be held is they have been tortured. To release them would allow them to describe their torture to the world. It would allow for grounds to implicate all of those responsible. The crimes that put these men in Guantanamo in the first place are bad enough. Their treatment while in US military custody for all these years is horrendous. Their continued captivity, after being exonerated, by the Obama Administration goes against any sense of humanity most of us naturally feel toward another human being or otherwise have been taught. While monetary payment is certainly due, the most valued payment that could immediately be given is their freedom. We supposedly live under a system of laws, both national and international. It is past time to release those wrongly held and bring all those responsible for the gross injustices committed in our name by our government to justice. Only by doing this can we begin to claim that we are a nation "...with liberty and justice for all."


A poem from the Blue Collar Review


If you, Mr. President, can send drones to kill peasants
on your authority,
then you can shut down a prison.
If you don't think it is torture just to be locked up
without a fair trial, Mr. Obama,
then why don't you agree
to be incarcerated to show how benign the procedure is?
If not, then shut down Guantanamo
within the week. Shut it down.

And what about the members of the US Congress
who are willing to be water-boarded to show how humane
the policy . . . was? No possible PTSD, no.

Shut it down. Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, now.

What do you say to republicans, ordinary voters
like me, when they support "enhanced interrogation" tactics?
I know they are afraid. I'm afraid too.

War here, war there, war, war everywhere,

and I worry about WWIII being nuclear,
about governments who do not believe in global warming,
about unsustainable fossil fuels,
about a prisoner in a cell being tortured,
(I worry and my passport says I support this . . . evil),
I worry that you, cool Barak, despite being a former pothead,

won't end the disgrace, the national shame,
the daily erosion of the American Spirit, so just do it,
get on the phone, and empty that place out
within the week. Mr. President, let's get it done.

Give every remaining prisoner amnesty in the United States,
a free university education, then a living-wage job.

-- Dana Stamps,II


The many great comments here are all that's needed to tell the tale of the corporate whore president - "Obama has failed to follow through with his campaign promises and commitments to close Gitmo" - so many more areas of betrayal after betrayal after so much progressive rhetoric proved all a con and charade. One timid half-hearted half-step forward for environmental, progressive issues and three robust strides for corporate/banker/MICC greed, usury and death on a grand scale. So much for all the promises of the great deceiver...............except those made behind closed-doors to his masters.


780 men were detained for resisting our invasion. A handful are being tried. Almost everyone else has been released or cleared for release. We are responsible for the mental and physical torture inflicted on them and yet we have elected representatives showing no mercy or shame or even recognition of the evil they want to continue. It is sickening.