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No Fairy Tale: The Trump Administration’s Declaration of Inhuman Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/25/no-fairy-tale-trump-administrations-declaration-inhuman-rights


Trump could be impeached on this alone: sponsoring state murder of children!


As Mueller testified to his investigations into the Inhuman One’s alleged crimes, one side defended the Constitution, and the other side only defended the Inhuman One.

You’re right, this is no fairy tale.

It’s a "nightmare."

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Anytime rump supporters are hollaring out “Fake News!” they are in fact demanding to have fake news because they don’t want to face reality.


" Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Grimm’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Terrified by cruel conditions at home, the brother and sister flee, winding their way, hungry and scared, through unknown woods. There, they encounter an old woman who lures them in with promises of safety. Instead, she locks one of them in a cage and turns the other into a servant, as she prepares to devour them both."

Close, but no cigar. Hansel and Gretel didn’t flee but were brung to the woods by their parents so pretty accurate analogy there.

What Ms. Greenberg also forgot to mention is that after they escaped the evil witch, they returned to their home. But that part don’t really fit the narrative.

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Apparently you like to lie or are not bright enough to know the tale.
Hansel and Gretel’s family were starving as a famine was across the land. Their evil stepmother hatched a plan to dump the kids in the woods and browbeat the father to agree. They were with the witch for quite a while caged up. Gretel finally pushed the witch into the fire and freed Hansel, found a jar of precious stones and went home to thankfully find the evil stepmother was dead and the poor father was heartsick over what he had agreed to. He welcomed them home and used the money to keep them all fed and clothed forever…

And so the actual story and not your lying version actually’ fits the narrative’ just frickin’ fine…

Stick you right wing crap where the sun don’t shine bozo.

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I know I know… but sorry, these people are plain and simply - nazis. Apparently it is quite easy for people to completely block off their humanity and commit the most awful atrocities without guilt or shame.
Worse, as Victor Frankel said, you never know who is going to be the worst of the worst. In his concentration camp he saw thieves give the last of their bread to an sick old woman and priests and nuns snatch bread out of a child’s hands…
We can now see what all the people involved in this are. It will never happen but I wish with all my heart, if we ever regain our senses, that all the people remotely involved in this torture scheme be tried and if found guilty or complicit, jailed. Possibly for life. Get the prisons empty of minor drug offenders and railroaded minorities and fill it will these perverted sadists. I would consider THAT my tax monies well spent.

That what i said, except for the going back home part after they kill the witch. BTW, you also missed the part where the kids didn’t really wanna go and came back the first time.