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No Fire, No Fury: Common Security Diplomacy to Resolve US-North Korean Crisis


No Fire, No Fury: Common Security Diplomacy to Resolve US-North Korean Crisis

Joseph Gerson

President Trump’s off the cuff and extremely dangerous and outrageous threat to devastate North Korea with “fire and fury… unlike the world has ever seen” is bringing us to the brink of the unthinkable. There is no military solution to the dangers posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. We need to do all that we can to bring reason to bear with Common Security diplomacy that can bring these two nuclear powers back from the brink and to establish the basis for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.


Conservatives thrive in conflict. They say “in chaos there is opportunity”, so they cause as much chaos as they can.

One of con’s favorite tactics is to remain in power by going to war. Trump could attack Venezuela or Iran, but it is doubtful he would attack nuclear armed NK where he and his chickenhawk’s asses are on the line.

Trump seems to want to declare martial law and has already mentioned canceling elections.

He and his conservative troops would build concentration camps for liberals, gays, professors, minorities, etc. and make them pay for it.

It could happen here.


Indeed it could. Right-wing idealogy is anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-American. The world over, right-wing movements have been the death of democratic institutions and governments for centuries. Pinochet’s Chile, Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, Franco’s Spain, are only the most famous examples. Look at every right-wing government in the world today, and it is an authoritarian brutal dictatorship at the extreme, or a “velvet gloves over the iron fist” authoritarian government at the least, always promoting austerity, militarization, privatization (read: profitization) of public institutions, marginalization if not outright demonization of minorities and the poor, and every other undemocratic measure possible. Right-wing means evil, period. What is truly scary to me, is the seemingly growing number of people in this country - and the world - who seem to be drawn to this sick, evil ideology. “Only” 30% of Americans love Trump, but that means that almost a THIRD of Americans subscribe to the sick, authoritarian ideal. And the right-wing movements gaining in popularity all over Europe shows similar trends outside this country as well (Le Pen’s National Front in France, Law and Justice in Poland, etc.).

I would be a hypocrite if I said conservatism should be outlawed - we are a “free” country, supposedly, after all. But it bring up the question - when an ideology promotes death, destruction, hatred, alienation, and with an agenda of anti-freedom, anti-constitutionalism that impoverishes millions - when should it be outlawed?


Nothing like having an imbecilic despot hurling threats at a small isolationist nation whose nuclear program, perhaps, keeps them escaping the fate of other unfortunates that gave up their nuclear programs only to be the victims of relentless regime change policy of the US government. A big portion of Americans don’t remember the slow horror and looming oppression of the cold war, when at times could escalate into an extinction event. I do! From 1954 'till 1991 I lived during the cold war and was worried that at any moment I along with a big portion of the US population could be vaporized at the drop of the proverbial hat. Several times it almost happened the most famous was the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, when after a few tense days reason prevailed and we’re here to tell about it. The threats hurled by the childish Trump are not taken lightly by other heads of state and they’ve a right to be alarmed at the biggest nuclear threat to inhabit Earth. The picture at the top of the article was Castle Bravo at the Bikini Atoll, the US’s first and largest above ground test of the hydrogen bomb. It left a crater over a mile across and rendered the surrounding ocean devoid of life, to this and many future days.
edit: BTY, the first hydrogen bomb test was the same year that I was born, 1954.


From The Real News:



If he starts a war he won’t be impeached. He will be assassinated. And the world will be applauding.


Diplomacy will only work at this point if the deranged despot has his mouth duct taped, his body encased in a straight jacket, and he is locked away in a deep, dark dungeon. He must be hamstringed, hog-tied, and silenced NOW!


If there is anyone surviving that is.


Good post, but the ID of the photo is wrong. That shot is the Baker (underwater shot) at Bikini (in 1946 I think). It was a fairly “small” bomb of around the power of the Hiroshima bomb. There was a fleet of warships, cargo ships, submarines, etc., which you can see in the photo. The idea was to see how well the navy would survive an atomic attack.
*Many of the ships that survived were brought to the Bremerton navy yard for study, where I got to see them. I was about nine years old, and I thought, “Wow! Wouldn’t it be neat to see one of those things go off?” Be careful what you ask for, they say.
*Ten years later, as a nineteen year old sailor, I was in the Marshall Islands for the Redwing series of tests. You have the information about Castle Bravo correct. It was the first H-Bomb test and it was about eighteen megatons, thousands of times the destructive force of the A-bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In fifty-six was tested the first air dropped H-Bomb. I have written of that elsewhere. There were several bombs tested. I got sick, exhausted, my guts were painful and messy, then my gums began to bleed and my hair came out in clumps when I combed it. Eventually I recovered, but I was scared half to death.
*I have been in the anti-nuclear and anti-war camp ever since. I’ve seen WW-III up close and too personal and it is something nobody needs, ever. You’ve probably seen some of my poetry on the subject here on the net. I was born in '37, so my memories include WW-II as well.
*But again, that was an excellent post. Keep it up! We’ve all got to try, and to teach. Not many of us Nuclear Veterans left to tell the tale, and none are wanted in the government. Not Hawkish enough, I guess.


A bomb was drop on the Korean peninsula for every man, woman and child during the Korean genocide. Five of the 10 largest cities in Korea were totally leveled. MacArthur himself said it made him physically ill when he saw the devastation brought by carpet bombing. Both Korean countries are still removing ordinance on a regular basis. Amerika still has thousands of troops across the border and then people wonder why North Korean leaders are nervous about being attacked. No one seems to be asking the Korean people what they would like to do especially considering they are the ones, on both sides, who may die by the thousands due to the Baby Fingered Vulgarian and the US military/industrial complex. Hey, Idiot-In-Chief, stand down.


Good piece. To defuse the imminent threat, the Trump regime must make a prompt gesture of respect for the NK regime.


Thank you Old Salt for sharing your experiences with us.

We would do well to learn from the Duopolys mistakes by forming a political party based on Peace, not National Security(really, Oligarchs and Corrupt Duopoly Politicians Security).


I have wondered after his latest proclamation if Trump is on some kind of drugs, like speed or cocaine. He ranted non-stop for several minutes and changed topics without pausing. I still think that’s a strong possibility, but this statement offers another possibility:

"Trump has a family history of dementia. His father, Fred, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s. Trump is the oldest serving president of the United States, at 70.
Read more: http://forward.com/news/362012/trump-takes-prostate-meds-for-hair-growth-and-more-from-the-first-doctor/ "

So, Lord knows, what the cause of his behavior is, but I just want it to stop.


True,It could happen here again, just like it happened to the Japanese, Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. All Trump needs is another false flag like 9/11.