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No Good Reasons to Continue America's Longest War


No Good Reasons to Continue America's Longest War

Sonali Kolhatkar

"Unless something changes, another 10 years will pass with Americans remaining blind to the reasons for the war and Afghans continuing to pay the price of our ignorance."


No good reasons to continue America’s longest war? That’s looking at it from a civilian and humanitarian point of view. From a military top brass point of view, it’s another story.

Hard to justify spending 700 billion dollars for an all professional military and have no place to send them. The Pentagon doesn’t give a damn about winning. It just needs live targets for the sake of testing all that training and high tech WMDs. They figure that a large percentage of the American public could care less about what happens to a bunch of tribal Muslims that live in a secluded country on the the other end of the world and, sadly, they are correct. Too many citizen’s still believe this country is fighting a War on Terror rather than a War of Terror in Afghanistan. Talk about the price tag of all this in-the-field training, though, and taxpayers may get a bit uncomfy.

This isn’t failure on the part of the military; it’s a failure on the part of the American public to demand an end to this insanity and hold both parties accountable for selling out to the war mongers.


Sadly, from the perspective of the fascist, Amerikan Empire,there are many,many good reasons to continue America’s longest war and most posters on this thread don’t need to have them listed.


You correctly identify the problem. It is indeed primarily the fault of the American public, most of whom are apparently okay with an endless war with no justification, no stated purpose, no strategy aside from doing the same things over and over and over. Most simply don’t care, or even think about it very much, if ever. Constant warfare isn’t questioned, except by a small minority, like us. It has become the new normal. “Black Friday” gets more news coverage. Football players who do not stand for the flag ritual create more intense feelings than the fact that we continue to slaughter innocent civilians every day who pose no threat to us and never have.

Our culture, our society, our politics, our media, everything, has been poisoned by all these years of needless violence. Our hopes for a better, or even somewhat stable future, are being steadily eroded by this as well as our other “wars of choice”. The American public is getting the leadership that they deserve, the kind that too many of them actually want. As a people, generally,
we are some of the most violence-prone and callous and racist on Earth. It’s undeniably obvious to the rest of the world!

I fear for us, honestly I do.


There’s a sports game on. Grown men playing children’s games to advertise beer and tires and chewing gum. First things first. We’ll get to the war after all the games are finished. And post game too. As Kipling wrote, " “Here lies a fool who tried to hustle the East”’ I am investing my money in the weapons business.


The collective misery this country has caused and continues to cause around the globe and our acceptance of it and pride in it is a chronic illness that strangely makes other peoples have the symptoms. We are like Nero, fiddling away as we watch ourselves destroy others and ultimately ourselves.