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'No Grey Area When It Comes to Survival': Youth-Led Global Climate Strikes Kick Off in 130+ Nations


'No Grey Area When It Comes to Survival': Youth-Led Global Climate Strikes Kick Off in 130+ Nations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We are unstoppable. Another world is possible."

That was the message of the youth-led School Strike for Climate movement on Friday as hundreds of thousands of students across the globe walked out of class and flooded the streets to demand immediate action against the ecological crisis, which threatens to render the planet uninhabitable for future generations.


I do not see the US mentioned- we’re too materialistic.


I’ll be on the march today here in MI, lots of marches across the USA.


Great! Haven’t heard in MA.


"Once again, I sometimes wish that I was still a student."

I’m right behind you kids.


Check it out, yo:



From the article:

“…we must change politics, the current economy and all aspects of our current lifestyle—a system change.”

Let’s be explicit. The system that must change—and by that I mean die—is capitalism. If capitalism doesn’t die, and pretty damn soon, it’s going to kill us all, down to the last protozoan. I trust that at least some of these young people have grasped that and are acting accordingly. “Teach your parents well…”


But capitalism funds our military so it can bring freedom to the world! [wink, wink…]


Me too- but you are still a student of life.


We all are part of capitalism otherwise we would all be living together holding hands. If we use things, money etc. we are part of capitalism.


You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?


So true, the US military is running a world wide extortion racket …protecting the looters and polluters for their cut.of the profits.


Cuz you’re a good sport!


It’s the “misuse” of Capitalism…as there is no one Governing Body to over see this misuse. In time many Laws that protected the people have been removed and put in place to favor the Rich and Corporations. As far as the Climate March goes, what do the organizers expect to accomplish?


I applaud the marchers- it’s important to be seen and heard- it’s a start! I remember being a marcher during the Viet Nam War, the gulf wars, and numerous environmental , womens, animal etc. and I still am. Goals are needed however as well as the ears of lawmakers. Stop using so much in fossil fuels, and stop supporting the big banks, big box stores etc. Demand that the electricity suppliers use green energy wind and solar.


Also, grow your own food as much as possible, and go vegan. Raising livestock contributes to the decimation of land , and forests are often cut down in favor of raising livestock for beef and dairy.


Despite the chilly rain, a decent turnout here in Ann Arbor, I estimate 500. Definitely enthusiastic.


Those were different times and issues. I was there as well…That’s when the Climate Change Marches should have begun. Now it’s too late even if people can’t accept the facts.


Excuse me- the issues have not gone away- how do you think the EPA was formed? Issues do not go away. Humans have the same issues we have always had- it’s just an updated version.


If you think it’s too late- then crawl under your house and nap. We all need to do our part.