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"No, He Doesn't," Say Experts as Trump Claims He Has the Right to Stop Mail-In Voting With Executive Order

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/no-he-doesnt-say-experts-trump-claims-he-has-right-stop-mail-voting-executive-order


It’s funny how, in the post 9/11, post patriot act America, legal scholars still seem to underestimate what actions a president with imperial powers can do. While a POTUS can’t technically just tell states they can’t have mail in voting, he does have the power to severely curtail and discourage it. That part has already begun, as the head of the USPS, at the behest of the POTUS, has all but kneecapped the mail by bankrupting the service and destroying Americans confidence in it. Remember, if a mail-in ballot doesn’t make it to your local polling place by Election Day it isn’t counted.
The coronavirus is also part of the presidents plan, as not handling it will lead a lot of Americans to fear voting.
But then again, the president could also simply go full fascist and declare martial law in late October, placing the entire nation on curfew, and cancel the election. That sort of thing happens in banana republics all the time.
Just a reminder, every time we think Trump couldn’t sink lower, he does.


But WAIT!! There must be some way of blaming the Democrats for this end to our democracy! I know, it’s Obama’s fault! Yeah! that’s it.
Watch out people, there are trolls and fascist operatives on these boards sowing division and bullshit.

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That statement is factually wrong.

Trump and the GOP have already gone full fascist. Even some of the mainstream media outlets are already using the word to describe his presidency. Totalitarian, authoritarian and fascist.
The GOP has been fascist since Prescott Bush laundered money through Union Bank of New York for the Nazi Thyssen family. They’ve tried to cleanse their family history but FDR seized the bank’s assets for trading with the enemy.

But there must be some way we can blame FDR and the Democrats for the Republicans’ fascism…

As the Constitution’s chief executive, he could simply close down post office operations. Send everyone home. Undoing it would require either a SCOTUS ruling or that the employees continue to work “illegally”.

What is sad is that with a decent opposition candidate Trump would be guaranteed to be shown the door. With Biden - a demented corporate toadie utterly lacking any concern for the weak and powerless - this election is questionable even with the polls as positive as they are for him. The democrats are doing everything possible to hide Biden from the public eye and dread the possible debates and for good reason as he even forgets where he is when talking - exactly who we want to have their finger on the nuclear button. This economy is in collapse, the pandemic toll is growing daily, evictions will reach historic numbers and there simply are not enough jobs. Facing this the democrats offer help with attorney fees if you are in danger of losing shelter, what a despicable joke! Nina Turner is absolutely right - Trump is a bowl of shit, Biden is a half bowl.


‘the Framers of the Constitution intended the States to keep for themselves, as provided in the Tenth Amendment, the power to regulate elections.’"

As we are seeing, this can be a double edge sword as some states are resorting to different suppress the vote strategies. Then there are the paperless voting machines and those that flip the votes. We are going to need international observers to monitor US American elections and all elections must resort to paper ballots which need to be counted by an independent body.

And, of course, it would be a good idea to finally have the duopoly strangle hold declared illegal and so we can finally have people worth the vote and leadership positions.


Sadly, even though he likely does not have the right… by issuing the executive order close enough to the time it is to start, he can get John Roberts to call a time out until after election day on any SC ruling.

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From Truthout and Greg Palast:


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…because of the C-19 ‘explosion’ at the time, for the Public health, and for the good of the country.

that’s my bet.

"And I’m standing at the crossroads
Believe I’m sinking down"

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The Democratic party bares much of the responsibility for the, now very visible, fascism that engulfs us. Either by enabling Trump and the GOP by passing their legislative agenda, or when Dems held the White House passing the GOP’S agenda. The Obama administration, for example, expanded Middle East/North African wars, nearly doubled domestic oil production, continued the bank bailouts started by Bush while millions of families were losing their homes, violently put down the Occupy movement, locked up and deported immigrants by the thousands (earning the nickname "deporter in chief ") and did NOTHING for the poor and working classes while passing Romneycare. The Democrats are so far removed from FDR and his legacy that they nominated a candidate for President who has repeatedly stated that we must cut Social Security. If the Republicans are like Hitler the Democrats are the spitting image of Chamberlain.


That depends on your state.
Each state has its own rules on mail-in/absentee voting.
Please check out your state’s rules if you’re going to vote by mail:



No need to remind me, I’m fully aware of how sinister the shitgibbon is.

Sadly and tragically all you write @countryrds is accurate. A shift in power to Tweedle dee or Tweedle dumb duopoly that work in concert, certainly working for the same agenda as good-cop vs bad cop, while both serve the PTB, vulture capitalism and war-machine; previous true leaders of education and experience would be appalled at the corruption, stupidity and sabotage of government to serve private interests.

An overt criminal, pathological liar, and malignant evil cretin residing in the WH corruptly and unconstitutionally dictating the future for millions - and he is not torn limb from limb!. Add an “opposition” nominee that can barely speak or think - and that is supposed to energize and inspire the voters? That is the trust the DP thinks is an honest winning strategy? It could hardly be any more fantastic in its corrupt stupidity!

The astonishingly incompetent/corrupt anointment of Joe Biden as “opposition” candidate is beyond reason; he can barely put two words together, much less two thoughts - if not for written words and a teleprompter he would just freeze-up. The reality that so few, so entrenched in hyper-partisan politics and corrupt self-interest regardless the effects on millions, the republic and planet can dictate the future for all is beyond criminal to treasonous.
Few speak-out and even fewer act to inject some measure of sanity into the madness - the MSM propaganda Ministry of Truth dutifully plays its role in keeping people sleepwalking over the cliff via Pablum, overt lies and deceit misinforming the public and ordinary BS!

No easy way out…alas. Keep what faith we may and fight the power!


If Biden wins the election who becomes the de facto president? H.W. ran the show for Reagan, at least foreign policy. Cheney did the same for W. Who will be the “decider” for Biden?

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One can only hope there are genuine educated honest people behind Biden - the hyper-partisanship and DP “leadership” absent truth honor or integrity (with very rare exceptions) does not inspire that confidence. The VP pick may well be the main player - that pick is also highly questionable as a “team-player” shill will likely be chosen. Karen Bass may be the best of the lot.
Proper fucked we are more than likely. Peace

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If you have been paying attention you would understand how the Democrats have paved the way towards someone like Trump and fascism. But the glorious Democrats are your team and can do no wrong. So-called liberals like yourself are even worse than your right wing counterparts when it comes to destroying the USA now. You keep on believing the Democrats are somehow better when they are not. And yes it is Obama’s fault as much as anyone as he signed the 2011 NDAA which in effect did away with the Posse Comitatus Act (which also allowed anyone to be deemed a terrorist and disappeared with no legal recourse). Fascism anyone? And he ordered the illegal assassination of an American citizen and his sixteen year old son. And he allowed Wall Street and the military industrial complex to run rampant sucking billions and trillions from the citizens. And Obama saw to it that the Occupy Movement was put down on behalf of his oligarch owners. But Obama did nothing in your eyes to destroy the USA. As the saying goes: Ignorance Is Bliss. Enjoy the bliss that you have enabled by supporting the Democrats all these years as they gave us Trump and will again. And now this is the part where you call me a fascist right wing troll because your willful blindness knows no bounds.


G.H.W. Bush was not so much the person who controlled Reagan’s presidency, especially during Reagan’s second term, as it was Reagan’s manipulative wife and that would include foreign policy. Kitty Kelley informs the reader of this in her well written book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography.

My guess is it will be Goldman Sachs and United Healthcare.


I expect Trump to declare the election null and void only after it is confirmed that he has lost. Trump, like everyone else, has no idea if he will win. Though both candidates are despised by most Americans, the public doesn’t have any other viable choices. Trump, if he loses the electoral college (another primitive design by our founding fathers to reinforce slavery), will then claim that the vote was “rigged” so that he doesn’t end up indicted for the thousands of crimes he has committed. Whether Trump will actually pay for all of the egregious acts he has committed before and during his presidency is unlikely, but in Trump’s mind, his incarceration is a foregone conclusion.
I believe that this ‘coup’ will be short lived, but the media will run with it until corporate America pulls the plug on Trump. It may last for several weeks or several months. No meaningful electoral reforms will come out of this manufactured Constitutional crisis, but the MSM will pretend as usual to speak for the 99%. The sad part is Trump will be replaced by an equally incompetent Biden, yet the media will spin it as a “victory for democracy”. That ridiculous headline will be rammed down the publics throat for months or even years as if the people had ‘spoken’ and said… “Wrong corporate candidate! We want democracy subverted by a more palatable sycophant!”.
The overthrow of democratically elected candidates around the world from Bolivia to the Ukraine has always been a source of pride for the CIA. It is now time to test its success at “regime change” here at home with perhaps the misguided belief that as long as the people feel that they were responsible for getting rid of Trump, that the U.S. has finally become a functioning democracy.