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No, Hillary, young voters aren't naive. The system doesn't work for them


No, Hillary, young voters aren't naive. The system doesn't work for them

Alexander Zaitchik

It is among the most venerable election rituals of the smartphone era: down the home stretch, a recording surfaces containing embarrassing audio of a candidate elite-’splaining politics to a room of rich, self-satisfied donors.


I liked Alexander's thoughts, but how can anybody write such an article without pointing toward Jill Stein as a possible solution?


But does not supporting the lesser of two evils mean they are not being naive? If we presume that a clinton presidency is not inevitable and that trump could win, what is to be gained by not voting or voting for a third party candidate? If they regard clinton and trump as equally unpreferable then it makes sense not to vote, but other than that, the only way I could think of it being rationally in someone's interest to vote for stein is if the resulting increased risk of a trump presidency associated with their vote is worth the resulting (hypothetical) benefit of maybe possibly Stein hitting 5% of the national vote, never mind the presidency. And considering that polling does not suggest Stein will hit that margin, and even if she does it still does not garauntee victory in the long run, I struggle to see how it's worth it.

Now "primarying" democrats who are too moderate for you - that might be a better path. But unless you regard Trump and clinton as equally unpreferable (and I mean equally in a mathematical sense), I think it is naive to waste a vote on Stein or not vote.


If Hillary's hit squad during the primaries was correct in saying "young women signed on to Sanders' campaign because that is where the boys are", perhaps Clinton just needs more boys in her campaign to attract young women ? LOL

Seriously, although far too many boomers don't understand or are ignoring the fact that Clinton represents the failures of the boomer generation, many of the boomers' kids see the clearly paradox of their parents voting for Clinton.


I think that the young voters who supported Bernie Sanders and are now supporting Gary Johnson must lack understanding. It simply doesn't seem to make any sense. Johnson is getting a pretty good percentage of the vote and is doing extremely well with voters under the age of 30. On economics, Sanders and Johnson could hardly be more opposite. Perhaps Johnson's appeal lies in foreign policy as he is pretty much an isolationist while Sanders supports a high level of international involvement by the US. Anyway, all these young people who say they will vote for Johnson is rather puzzling.


Johnson admitted to Bloomberg News that he is a spoiler "in a race that needs a spoiler". Just like many Trump voters, many Johnson voters believe that DC politics are so corrupt, there needs to be an outsider...any outsider come in and tear it all down. Like Trump supporters, Johnson supporters have no idea what will replace what is torn down. Jill Stein does and we all need to vote for her so she can do it.


The elephant in the room is "FREE TRADE". If anyone reading CD has not worked in the manufacturing industry, it may seem invisible... BUT, having graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1994, my first job out of college was at a factory that was shuttered almost as soon as the ink was dry on NAFTA. Literally a year out of college, the majority of the factory was sent to mexico. That has now changed and the majority of those jobs now reside in China.

these were good middle class jobs and you didn't have to be a PHd to get them. Unfortunately, the CLINTONS and THE DNC establishment are completely tone deaf to this reality. And this may cost them dearly. I think HRC is already losing Ohio.

Trump gets it ( I HATE TRUMP BTW) and knows what buttons to push. Even if it was the republicans who mostly push for anti worker legislation. If elected he will most likely do nothing about it. But what we do know is that by the DEMOCRATS becoming republican lite in the early '90's, they now find themselves in a position in which the vast majority of Americans rightly feel they were sold out by the party in AMerica that was supposed to be for working people.

And a big shout out to the eminent "liberal/democrat" economist Paul Krugman who constantly defended "FREE TRADE" as a win / win throughout the '90's. Same to Tom Friedman of the NYT. These people couldn't be more out of touch with the reality of 99% of AMerican workers.


In an insane country and an insane world sole only sane choice is doctor Jill Stein so go green aQnd never turn back either party end the duopoly as both parties owned outright elite War profiteers and worse the bankers.


She is disgustingly arrogant and her hubris will lead her to perdition.


If he had mentioned Stein as an alternative - you wouldn't have seen this article on CD ...


"( ... in a mathematical sense)"

What does that mean? In a mathematical sense Stein is on the vast majority of state ballots, 45, including DC, and on 3 more as a countable write in - covering the vast majority of the populace able to get more than enough EC votes to win - it is not a matter of chance, but of choice, our choice ...

It is more than "naive", IMO, it is downright dysfunctional to think that a vote for either the D or R candidate is anything other than a "wasted' vote ..


Indeed - the failures of the boomer generation - as i boomer, I agree wholeheartedly - we blew it big time, and are leaving this gigantic mess to the next generations ...


True - they should be voting for Stein instead ...


Amen to that!


Your post illustrates a damn good reason to vote for Jill Stein ....


Hillary is the one living in the basement. Young voters are more evolved and truth savvy --- so they are on to you, Hillary. YOU are the ignoramus, not them.


As a boomer, I don't think "we blew it" I know the system was all ready turning against us (middle and lower classes). For instance when I started college it was fifty bucks per credit. Then Ronnie became the gov. and college was no longer within many peoples price range. Once the airport controllers union was broken that started the decline. of unions.


Neocons/libs are the reason we in the US can't have anything nice---like Scandinavia, or the rest of the civilized world---and old voters, young, and those in between, are acutely aware that the Duopoly's "choices" are none at all. I'd love to see Stein as the "November surprise."


Exactly. That is the #1 issue in the election - the TPP. There is no boosting of the working/middle classes as long as cheaper workers are brought in at the corporatist's will and jobs are sent overseas - all the education in the world doesn't help you if your career is dumped by the bosses. Also, all the "talk" about global warming is useless as long as corporations can sue over every attempt to combat it. Plus, this talk about infrastructure projects boosting the economy - well, in the past not just the road crews/construction workers got that boost, but the steel workers, etc. did (now all gone).

Younger voters have seen what happened to the generation before them and are wise to it. Clinton Neo-liberals sound like David Brooks with his pseudo-psychology BS - so Hillary calls them naïve, under-informed, and still living in their parent's basement (with no realization of HER part in putting them there). Totally clueless and out of touch? No, she doesn't WANT to know the truth.


While free trade is an issue, no doubt, the real real issue is who will choose as many as four Supreme Court justices. The idea of Mr. Trump having any say in this is absolutely horrifying, and that alone is enough argument to cast your vote for Mrs. Clinton. She is far from perfect, but she will nominate justices who will undo much of the considerable damage done by decisions like Citizens United.