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No Hunting Undocumented Immigrants With Stingrays


No Hunting Undocumented Immigrants With Stingrays

Adam Schwartz

In the latest sign of mission creep in domestic deployment of battlefield-strength surveillance technology, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) earlier this year used a cell site simulator (CSS) to locate and arrest an undocumented immigrant, according to a report yesterday by The Detroit News.


First they surveilled the illegal immigrants.

Then they surveilled the people standing next to them.

Soon they were surveilling everyone,

Just as they had always intended.



Exactly. In the last sentence in the article-- except those who are a serious threat. That list is expanding rapidly. And the technology is advancing even faster. Defense manufacturers need someone to sell it to, and someone to use it on. It is all countries , according to my source.


The everyone solution is here now and been around for a long time. Right now the SOP is collect everything use what’s needed and archive the rest.

There was a recent article (can’t find the link) where one of the judges of the secret courts took the government to task for illegally abusing citizens in this very manner for the past five years