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No, I Will Not Die for This Damned Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/24/no-i-will-not-die-damned-economy


To Dan Patrick I say that I loved my children so much as to not bring them into this world that has been so thoroughly poisoned by the likes of himself. $anctimonious Bastard!


So, sounds like the Republicans are saying they want to be a “Death Panel”? Hummm


I heard people complain about this one and I’m mostly on the same page, but I wonder how many have an accurate assessment of the fraction of our economy which is actually essential for however long this shutdown goes. Does anyone think they can live in their house when the toilet stops working? Do we have a transportation system that works well enough so that if people’s cars stop working, they can still get food? Farmers have to keep working obviously, same with truck drivers (their jobs are up for grabs in the long run, but they are needed more then ever now). And what of all the digital infrustructure that people use to work from home? That stuff doesn’t last forever with no maintenance. Power generation, sewage treatment, police, fire, and on and on. Is it 1%, 10%, or 25% of our economy - I really don’t know myself. So I’m going to be careful not to be too flippant as if everyone can stay indoors for a year - some work actually has to get done outside of shelter in place.

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“EVERYONE will NOT stay indoors for a year”

States that have issued stay at home edicts DO have at least a dozen pages of exemptions, including very specific direction for water, power, sewer and broadband industries. Having worked in the utility industry for decades, the organizations I am affiliated with put contingency plans in place weeks ago, realizing that the US gubmit is missing in action when it comes to anything other than enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Dying for Wall Street is NOT “hollow rhetoric”.

During the past three years gutting of US public health infrastructure and the state department were two of the many tradeoffs for tax cuts for the 1%. That is NOT rhetoric, that IS hard numbers.

A recent trip to Latin America confirmed that many third world nations have more public health infrastructure than the US.


What you’re saying is true but top health experts are saying that if we only shut down completely for two weeks this thing will be over. Better to take the bitter pill than to drag it over a year or longer.

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Here’s a trick question, what is way more deadly than the Coronavirus? Here’s a hint: who’s responsible for:
40,000 gun deaths in the US per year
480,000 deaths in our post 9/11 wars
26,000 deaths per year for lacking healthcare
And more?

Choose one
A) Predatory capitalist system
B) Heartless sociopaths who run our country
C) Right wing media propaganda machine
D) All of the above


A wise (owl) choice, not to make new humans.
The books Better Never to Have Been, and The Human Predicament, show the wide-ranging legitimacy of anti-natalism.
Or as I say to people like us who chose not to add more humans to the already overcrowded world: Thank you for not reproducing.
The sad, ironic thing is, people like you are exactly the kind of people who should have children, because you would raise them with ethics and intelligence.
It seems like the people who have the most children are those least equipped to raise them to be stellar humans, especially the Quiverfull “let’s have a dozen or more” movement.


Perhaps the GOP should rename itself the Ferengi Party and change our nation’s name to Ferenginar? The Rules of Acquisition is their true Bible and seems to be the only thing they care about.


I’ll guarantee Dan Patrick is not willing to die for this economy. He speaks from a position of wealth, power, and privilege that the folks he hopes to “inspire” do not enjoy. He knows damn well that if he contracts it a ventilator will be made available to him and no expense will be spared to save him. I’m sure he is practicing social distancing for his own benefit as he advocates ending it for us. We do not enjoy those same benefits. Yes, he’d like seniors to die to ease his way, just not himself. Less seniors are every Republican’s wet dream, who would be left to protest gutting Social Security and Medicare? At 67, I have one comment for Patrick, lead by example.


Don’t know about where you live, but the stay-at-home and business closing orders in my state (Pennsylvania) does not close any essential services like hardware or auto parts stores, or plumbers, roofers, electricians or the like. All other critical infrastructure and utility related businesses are exempt too.

So those who characterize the “stay at home” orders as a “shutdown of the whole economy” are engaging in a straw man argument.

Also, this argument that the strict lockdown orders are going to “destroy businesses and jobs, forever” is total nonsense - as if nobody is going to dine out or travel or engage in recreational activities, forever, after this is over. Yes, lots of less resourceful small business owners will go out of business before this is over - but either they will rebuild, or someone else will take up their line of business. I though capitalists liked this state of affairs. Dog -eat-dog.

What Trump’s friend are really freaking out over is just the loss of their stock value, and especially the huge crash in demand for oil, coal and gas. Boo-hoo.


It’d be poetic if some infected person would spit on him to send him on his way… I bet that false bravado would disappear lightning fast.


The Government of Denmark has announced that they would pay 75 percent of the salary of employees employed by private firms as long as said firm keeps them employed.

This is the kind of thinking needed here in Canada.

The US is getting hit harder then is Canada by this pandemic. The number of UI claims in the US spiked to a record NEVER SEEN before. This is just the beginning as it only going to get worse.


Can we drop this narrative that it’s either we get old people dying or save the economy? We can do both - save lives and save the economy - if we take measured, evidence based approaches not actions based on hysteria and bad data. The time of these lockdowns should be used to get more tests so as to do targeted quarantines. As an expert from the WHO, Bruce Aylward said, this lockdown is not going to make the virus go away. “Because if you just shut down your societies, your economies and hope for the best… This is guerrilla warfare against a virus, the virus is just going to sit you out, it’ll just circulate quietly among households and then you’re going to let them all go again and boom there’s no reason it shouldn’t take off again, unless you’re ready for it.

So we need to be ready for it, something I dont see Trump and co doing. But what we cannot do is just keep everyone locked up for the next 3 to 6 to 8 to 12 months and just think it will go away and that there wont be devastating consequences for the economy and our bottom lines, including affecting the lives of the very people we want to protect. Cause one thing is clear, when shit hits the fans, the ones who will be hurt the most are the poor and average working stiffs. Not the rich guy on top.

People talk about “the economy” as if it was this thing that is not affecting them and their bottom line, like it was this abstract concept that only affects stockholders and the rich. But the economy going bad affects us all especially if we occupy the lower rungs of society as a poor and even middle class persons do. So a devastated, wrecked economy with a 30-40% unemployment rate, wrecked supply chains followed by food shortages and medical care shortages etc of epic proportions are going to hurt us the most. So stop framing this as an either/or choice or pretending that as an average person the economy being devastating somehow wouldn’t affect you and yours and you need not care.


As far as I know they do not shut down anything that keeps the country running. It is just the non essential businesses. It is just the lets have fun time places. Nobody NEEDS to go on a cruise. The country could actually survive without any of them. Although I feel for the workers. Trouble is the thinking about economy and money first is what got us in this mess. We have global warming which may be a factor in causing this virus. The thinking was what about the bottom line of these giant oil companies. No thought to what they were doing to the environment, or that they were causing global warming. Test kits for this virus, again the thinking was what about big pharma, so we delayed the testing so our companies could make kits instead of buying the WHO testing kits. Why do we not have enough ventilators, and enough hospital rooms? Again we let hospital business management lead the way and they did not want to spend money on these things cut their huge profits. So once again we do not have what we need in the richest country in the world. Why do we not have enough masks? Again we let business lead the way. They did not want to manufacture masks here in America lets take it over seas to China it is cheaper. Why are so many people who are uninsured unable to afford treatment for the coronavirus again we let the health insurance companies lead the way. I could go on and on about how just about every problem can be traced back to worrying about the economic interests of the billionaires. Now they want to tell people to die so that they can keep profiting? Now they want to tell us how to handle a health crisis that they have created themselves? Now they expect medical professionals to die because they want to make profits? Do not think these business economic oriented folk will truely be putting themselves at risk. They will get the tests when they want them, quickly and with all the medical help and ventilators they need. No matter how many more worthy people will die instead. They will hide in their mansions with all the masks, and provisions denied to everyone else. No their ideas have no merit. I do not care if they do not make several billion this year. Lives over money every time.


The stupidity of Trump and his buddies is going to kill all of us.

Please be updated from FDA web site for current - genuine info rather than politicians blather.
Suggest bookmark and check daily. Older entries there may contain data that has since been updated, so, I read in reverse chron order - newest first.


Check on your families seniors and know that many physicians and science persons are doing their best to find cures that work. The plasma from recovered patients into very sick C-19 patients hopefully saves lives.

There sure is no shortage of kids needing guidance.

Los Angeles. Our schools (LAUSD) shut down March 16 and I have worked from home taking a few vacation days starting the week before. Luckily my wife is doing most of the home schooling direction (LAUSD is not as organized as I would like - we’ll see if it gets better). I have only been to the grocery store a couple times - I could use a few things from the hardware store, but they aren’t essential so I haven’t gone. I don’t have any problems with the shutdown per se, I just wonder exactly how much is really shut and how this is all going to work.

I don’t believe that. I understand the bending the curve both from the perspective of possibly reducing the number of cases (either because more time buys the development of more testing and better isolation procedures, or ideally the creation of a vaccine), or from the perspective that the same number of people are going to get it ether way, but a slower curve means hospital resources are not strained to the same degree (e.g. ~https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-flatten-the-curve.html). So while I support whatever measures can be reasonably taken, I don’t believe they will reduce the number of cases. It seems like most of us are going to get it - but it’s better if it takes a year or two than if it all happens in the next month.

Really my question on the percentage of the economy that is still going is mostly an academic one.

Why the death rate is lower in some countries: