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No, I Will Not Die for This Damned Economy

To anyone who suggests people should die for the economy I say, “Go right ahead. Take your own advice and good riddance.”


Except this is a public health issue. The fewer the people (regardless of who they are) that get it at any one time, the better.

Please Hand-Sanitize All Pitchforks and Torches: Tips For a Safe Coronavirus Riot


The first rule of corporate finance is to invest only money that you don’t actually need.

So all those trillions of dollars that have evaporated come from those who have invested money they didn’t actually need in the first place. They lost it, too bad, that’s corporate responsibility at work.

No one else should have to experience any pain over it, much less have to die for it.


Bravo! This is the comment I would have made, but you ably beat me to it. Dan Patrick is hypocritical scum if ever there was such.


You misunderstood the experts. We maybe could have at beginning, if total shutdown for 2wks. Not now. This whole thing has been bungled from the start & he who blew it isn’t being hurt by it yet. No sacrifices for those officials in DC. And you’re crazy if you think Trump cares that people die cuz’ of this/him! He just figures they likely weren’t his voters anyway.
I am over 60, with health probs that I got while had “Kaiser Kare” for past 13yrs. Health issues that now put me at much higher risk; won’t survive it if I get it. Especially with that idiot in WH who doesn’t listen to experts, thinks he knows it all & surrounds himself with butt kissers, not experts in their field. (Well, maybe they’re experts at butt-kissing?!)
Thing is, while I wait to get infected by stranger in grocery store, as I TRY to get food & milk for my family & rescue animals, before hoarders buy it all up, do I want to spend whatever time I have left stuck at home, unable to go anywhere, do anything, by mandate of Governor, enforced by P.D.? How sad, really sad, to not know how long & be forced to stay in my home…no joyrides, nature walks, eating out, being with friends, or anything else that brings me joy, makes me smile & laugh. To be “grounded” like a kid. Locked-down. Why? Cuz’ people in charge have way more ego than brains.
Because we still don’t have nearly enuff tests (& never will?) to test everyone who needs it, so we know early who’s infected & they can be quarantined together, somewhere away from rest of us, until they test clean. The way we’re handling it now is going to take much longer & will get many more sick, real sick & some, like me won’t survive it.
If I’m going to die, so be it ~ I’m an old woman, in pain alot, so it’s ok. I know where I go. But, do I have to be lonely, miserable, sitting at home, until I quietly just pass away? I’m not willing to do that! Especially the quietly part.
Maybe part of reason they don’t want us to gather in groups of 10 or more is they’re afraid ~ afraid of people talking, getting together & taking our voices to the streets, all over this huge Country & not staying quietly invisible! “Keep it quiet, so when it all goes away people will forget.” Besides, they’d hate for everyone to see people speaking up, protesting… “putting a face on it”…then it’s real people, not just a #.
Do you know that if your loved one goes to the hospital, or nursing home, you can’t even go see them, hold their hand, say good-bye?! That sux! Why? No virus test kits. No protective gear & masks for visitors - not enuff even for nurses. Situation is so sad!
All those Billions of $$$ – $2 Trillion! – & for what? Who did they help? Where did it all go? People might want answers. Might get angry.


This might be a good time to watch the movie Idiocracy. I was supposed to be a comedy, but it quickly became a documentary since it was released during Bush 43’s reign. Speaking of Bush43…he was a warmup for Trump. I came across a book the other day, one that survived the Great Robbery, called Bushshit. Actual title! I leafed through it and saw…baby Trump. Then I realized we’ve been on this trajectory since Raygun and his “Democrats”, which defines the current Democratic party. Bottom line-people who are more interconnected with Nature and our earth have either no children or only one, that they probably adopt. Those who aren’t connected, have hordes of kids they can’t afford(the Duggar family leaps to mind). Cannon fodder for the .1%…

Patrick’s biggest misconception is that only old people get the worst Covid19 outcomes including death.

His grandchildren aren’t somehow immune to those outcomes. The first US teenager died yesterday.


NYC moving too slow??


Hospitals in New York City are gearing up to use the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 as a possible antidote for the disease. Researchers hope that the century-old approach of infusing patients with the antibody-laden blood of those who have survived an infection will help the metropolis — now the US epicentre of the outbreak — to avoid the fate of Italy, where intensive-care units (ICUs) are so crowded that doctors have turned away patients who need ventilators to breathe…..As early as next week, at least two hospitals in New York City — Mount Sinai and Albert Einstein College of Medicine — hope to start using coronavirus-survivor plasma to treat people with the disease…

it is just amazing to me that in a country that is so rich, a pandemic is creating shortages in healthcare and equipment forcing medical professionals to triage and basically turn people away for any illness. it isnt just coronavirus. Cancer patients are being turned away too and their surgeries indefinitely postponed, like they can wait. I am afraid to go see my doctor for anything else out of fear that they will turn me away and say suck it up we are busy getting ready for coronavirus. And even that i hear people are turned away with even a 104 fever and told not to come to the hospital as as to not get people sick.

We really should be prepared for this regardless. We have the resources, which we clearly have chosen to blow on the war department and to buy tankers, bombs and missiles as opposed to things to help people. The US probably never envisioned that the enemy would be a virus - always thinking in terms of war and that what we need to be safe is guns and bombs.

That said, I laugh at people who are so clearly economically illiterate that they think a busted economy i s no biggie, wouldnt affect (as in devastate) the poor and middle class the most and as if it was a thing only rich people care about. Get an education.

The US government has hundreds of people, if not thousands, whose job is to ask “What if?” I refuse to believe that this exact scenario hasn’t been war-gamed for years.

It’s worth remembering that comment by Condoleeza Rice to the effect that “Nobody could have foreseen” using commercial airliners as weapons when, in fact, the US was running drills on 9-11-01 with that exact line of attack as their premise.

They’re not as dumb as they sometimes appear.

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The depth of insanity in this country is impossible to measure, it reaches a new bottom practically by the day. What the hell kind of society have we become? Have we no morals left? Trump’s “back
to work” plan placing the health of the economy above people’s
lives is worse than reprehensible, and is in fact genocide by infection,
and amounts to a culling of our most vulnerable fellow humans.
It’s striking, and telling, that such a thing could even be pondered.

Self quarantine for several weeks to save several million American lives is a bargain. Quarterly profits mean nothing to 300 million American’s that own zero stock. Boeing should fail, most profitable DOW stock in 2019 never had a rainy day fund. Boeing used their profits on stock buybacks and CEO pay. Boeing CEO was right to resign this week.