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No, I Won't Work for Hillary Clinton: A Response to Robert Reich



Here! here! Well said. Even making a protest vote is better than holding your nose and voting for Hillary. At least you will be doing something: voting your conscience. And a vote for Hillary would betray it.


A lot of us progressives are too pure and holy to support a politician who is only moderately leftist. Clinton's voting record as a Senator was quite liberal, but so what? We know she's not perfect; not even as far left as Jesus.


Jake tells it like it is for me. I just hope that the many others who feel the same way can identify a tactic that can unite them at the polls. My plan B is to support Jill Stein and the Green Party, but I would consider another Plan B if it didn't include voting for Trump or Clinton or abstaining. I want to use my vote to further Bernie's revolution in a tangible way.


Thank you for a great response. It's Bernie or Bust for me too. I will never be voting for Hillary and will not help her win. She and Trump are very similar in their advocacy of corporate politics and both represent oligarchy and the 1%. The only difference is that Trump is a loud mouth and will be making bad decisions loudly and publicly while Hillary will be making same bad decisions behind closed doors, out of public's sight, hush-hush, and we will never know the damage done by her until it's too late, so actually I think her secretive style of conservative elitism governing is even more dangerous than Trump.


Had people adopted this credo in elections past , it more than a little likely voters in the USA would have things like single payer, and that Corporate power would be neutered.Here in Canada we might well have a strong Green Party in power and be well on our way to being freed of fossil fuels.

Nations the world over would be less prone to wars and more to Social justice because at the very basic level this is the stuff the common people want. The use of FEAR of the other guy in order for the so called "less corrupt" to maintain power has been at play ever since there was those first elections.

Even if there was no alternate candidates in the US elections, a far more powerful vote for the electorate is to stay home and state clearly, "I will give neither of these parties my support. The Governmnet that is formed when one of them comes to power is illegitimate and not of my doing."

More than not working for Ms Clinton is needed. She can not get the progressive vote.


Excellent article Jake.

Robert Reich condescendingly addressed those of us who "say there's no real difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump"

While they are both power hungry narcissists I agree with Reich; there are a few differences. Reich failed to acknowledge the most significant difference of the moment: Drumpf is not under investigation by the DOJ and FBI.

Reich conveniently left this out of his sickening, damaging, patronizing lecture.

This is NOT going away:



Reich saying that "not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump" is flat out false when you consider that through the primary season polls have shown Sanders beating all GOP contenders by a larger margin than Clinton proves the opposite, that every primary vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump.

Just as they perpetuate the myth of Nader costing them the election in 2000, the Democratic Party and media will continue to blame Sanders and his base for Clinton's problems for years to come. Progressives need to keep pushing back and placing the blame for Clinton's general election problems on those who voted for her in the primaries despite polls that confirmed that they were making a bad decision..


You obviously didn't even read the article. Speaking of voting record, From the NY Times:

"The 31 times that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders disagreed happened to be on some the biggest issues of the day, including measures on continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an immigration reform bill and bank bailouts during the depths of the Great Recession. Mr. Sanders, who formally kicked off his campaign Tuesday evening in Burlington, Vt., was opposed to all these actions. "

Thanks for playing.


"[M]oderately leftist"?

Ms. Clinton's right liberal policy positions, votes, and actions as high-ranking official and as office holder is on the record, and has been extensively covered in the liberal and progressive press.

There are many votes. But on what have been - for progressives - the defining issues of what it means to be progressive - wars, immigration, bank bailouts - Clinton's right liberal positions and votes have been and remain distinct from Sanders's.

Deceptive attempts to characterize Clinton as a "pragmatic progressive" (or, here, "moderat[e] leftist"), and the ridicule of citizens who reject this patent deception as purists, is also a defining feature of right wing liberals; and a key reason many progressives will not support Clinton.


Her Senate voting record continued the Clintons legacy of never meeting a corporate welfare program they didn't love.


....or as Eugene Debs put it, " It is better to vote for what you want and not get it, than vote for what you don't want and get it".


Yes. Same pattern of behavior as Obama----perhaps worse. Saying one thing and doing another is damaging and pathological as Orwell so brilliantly pointed out.


I believe the term that describes Clinton recognized around the world by progressives is 'neo-liberal'.


"Same neoliberal pattern of behavior as Obama", just much more hawkish.


I will happily and with clear conscience vote green if Bernie is not an option in my state.
Well written, Jake!


This is a great article and well said. These are the feelings most Sanders supporters had when Reich made the plea. I respect Reich and follow his work but was shocked that he would want us to work for Hillary.
You don't get kids to stop playing in the mud by getting into the mud with them.
You don't make politicians change by falling for the "lesser of evils" mantra either, it's been played out.
Bernie has started a movement that will go on after the election. He has said it is up to Hillary to win his supporters over. I agree. If she can't do that then she doesn't deserve our vote. No more threats, no more watered down policies that are hailed as major accomplishments, no more presidents that promise change and do nothing but serve the moneyed interests. Enough is enough. It was the DNC's decision to run a flawed candidate and they depended on the threat of Trump to clinch the deal. If they won't change they will lose, just like the Republicans. We can put pressure on Trump just like we can on Hillary.
Bernie or Bust!


The context for making this decision depends on how bad one judges Trump to be. If one judges him to be likely civilization ending through inaction on climate change or starting a nuclear war or democracy ending by starting a fascist dictatorship in the United States, that is different then judging that he will simply take the country in a more conservative direction such as a Paul Ryan might. Without the proper context for making the decision of whether or not to work hard for Hillary Clinton one is left making the decision without considering all the factors.


Thank you Jake Johnson. The lesser evil meme Reich -- and even Nader bring forth is the sheer logic of the game. Yes, the lesser evil gets more evil with each election. I, like you, refuse to play the game any longer. It is a trap. A maze that leads nowhere. It's time to think out of that box, to reject it for a more reality-based paradigm of citizen unity in the struggle for authentic, bottom up democracy. It's not just an overdue moment. Given the climate reality it is a life or death struggle.


"It is better to vote for what you want and not get it, than vote for what you don't want and get it".
That sums me up perfectly. I have voted in every presidential election since 1972. I have voted for the person who in my opinion would represent my views. I have never voted for someone who ended up winning.
I have always had the pleasure of being able to say "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him."
Hillary does not represent my views, I cannot vote for her.
I will most likely vote for Jill stein if Bernie is not nominated.
If that's the case, I will keep my perfect record and as always, I will not lose any sleep over it.