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'No Is Not Enough': Naomi Klein's Anti-Trump Guide Becomes Best-Seller on First Day


'No Is Not Enough': Naomi Klein's Anti-Trump Guide Becomes Best-Seller on First Day

Jon Queally, staff writer

Offering a testament to the hunger for insight and guidance for understanding—and resisting—the presidency of Donald Trump, the newly-published book by journalist and progressive activist Naomi Klein surged to the top of Amazon's best-seller list on the day of its publication.



three simple words when spoken together as a descriptive speak volumes about perceiving how language is used to get you sell your soul


What happened to her leading in anti trump marches? Making money from book sales is good but we need people like Klein to stick out their necks and lead in the fight against austerity, environmental degradation and elitism.


NO IS NOT ENOUGH! You said it Naomi! Love you. Thanks for your activism. We the People will make it, with people like You and Bernie and Jill and Medea and Amy and Glenn and Jeremy and Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Nina Turner, Paul Jay, Ralph Nader, Bill Moyers, Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Jealous, Keith Ellison, Ajamu Baraka, Chris Hedges, Neil Young, Margaret Flowers. We miss you John Trudell. Mni Wiconi. Out with the bankster scoundrels!


The time for negativity is over. Stay positive!!!


Expect film-maker and husband to produce yet another video project featuring his wife, Naomi Klein. Yawn…


Klein’s most persuasive contribution is her description of a large group of knowledgeable activists writing a “Leap” agenda for Canada, driven by shared values of what people really want. We can do the same thing in the U.S., if we surrender the little barriers that separate us and embrace our hearts’ desires.


Hahaha that is a very uninformed comment. Klein stands and protests amd gets arrested with frontline communities on a regular basis. She also sits down with the people and organizations to hash things out. She is definitely a participant, not an observer. She’s also Canadian btw.


She does do the things you say! Sometimes, however, she has to seclude herself long enough to write a book. Fortunately for us and our cause, her books are extremely important!


Please accept my like as equal to the 1,000 you deserve for defending Naomi!


She is for real. In the days on CD before this forum, many if not most of the editorialists provided their e-mail address so readers could communicate with them. While W was destroying Iraq and Naomi was finishing up Shock Doctrine I sent her a comment on an article. I’m just another schmuck but she did not reply “That’s nice, glad you liked it, and by the way join my fan club and buy my book.” She answered in-depth the points of my comment/message.

She was born Canadian, but like Diogenes she is cosmopolitan - a citizen of the world - as we all now must begin to act.


Thanks for the tip, that was too tempting of course i didn’t mean it literally.


I’m sorry my protest efforts attempt to inform perspectives.
Protest what injustice we know should not continue.
Also Propose what we should do instead as well.
(propose even more than protest)

The papers are signed.
We, the NW, are now a sacrifice zone for our military.
And for those who profit from oil consumption.

But you should know what distributed energy ​can do, or how the EV becomes a portable power supply, etc. Market-based Uber would own robocar EVs and leave whole neighborhoods of households without a backup supply in emergency.


With no disrespect intended to Ms Klein and her excellent work, it’s still a bit disheartening that “the left” (such as it is) in this country needs to be told to present a positive vision for the future instead of relying endlessly on the “we’re the lesser of two evils” strategy that’s done less than nothing to benefit the American public.

Thank goodness that attitude is changing.


Let me explain a climate change “Yes”.

We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, we’re the ones that are going to educate ourselves and organize so that we know roughly what’s coming.

Let’s try not to do any serious underestimation (pulling punches saves our stupid non-tenured jobs!)

The corals are bleaching, the ocean is going acidic, the Arctic is releasing maybe a teraton of CO2 and methane, most of the world’s forests are going to die off and burn, the dried-out hot tundra will burn too and our world’s wheat and rice belts will partially fail.

Now we’re going to assume that we’re morally in charge of fighting this mega-fire. We’re going to work on logistics. Where do we put a limited amount of money that we pry loose? Do we artificially coat the tundra with snow in early fall and in late spring to change the Arctic’s albedo and prevent the methane catastrophe? Do we wipe out the fossil fuel heating industry worldwide with better solar? Are we running all of our early organic-based carbon sequestration experiments right now so that we’ll be ready to deploy in about five years, maybe four if we’re good?

Cmon, real work, real organizing, get ready ASAP. Get all of this ready yesterday if possible, but we’ll take it now. Can you grab a piece of our puzzle?


Actually, Ms. Klein is not addressing “that” left, she is addressing the real left (left of even Berinie Sanders) - the ones that engage nihilism, criticism, and chicken-littleism and seem to be incapable of spelling out a vision or manifesto and seem to be incapable of any kind of organizing - preferring instead to engage in infighting, and endless conspiratorial thinking.


Actually she is like many Canadians, attracted to the US specifically for some reason - going back to her no logo Battle of Seattle days.


Recall that Ms. Klein is Canadian. She really should not be having to lead us anywhere. It’s embarrassing.


She has dual citizenship.
As for its being embarrassing to be led by an outsider - somebody has to.
Read her “Shock Doctrine”. You’ll recognize what the Trump Family are doing today.


Why is Klein so clueless about the fact that “the world we need” is not going to be the world that we GET–which is a world with little life!