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'No Is Not Enough': New Naomi Klein Book to Offer Blueprint for 'Shock Resistance' to Trump


'No Is Not Enough': New Naomi Klein Book to Offer Blueprint for 'Shock Resistance' to Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

How did a man like Donald J. Trump get to be president? And how on earth can his dangerous agenda be fought?

For those burning questions, a forthcoming book described as "the toolkit for shock resistance" could well be an indispensable resource.

Authored by award-winning author and investigative journalist Naomi Klein, the book, No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, will publish in the U.S. on June 13, 2017.


Admire Naomi Klein, but the resistance to Elites and Corporatism has to be more
widely practiced than simply "resistance to Trump."
We have a Dem Party which is also wholly owned by Koch Bros and large corporations.

One possibility is Sanders heading up a Medicare for ALL party.
But overall we need to move away from Elitism and Capitalism.

And we must also keep in mind the TWO most important things that Trump is doing for Elites
which is denial of Global Warming because any confirmation that Global Warming is real
would overturn capitalism in a minute. Capitalism is suicidal.

So is "Manifest Destiny" and "Man's Dominion Over Nature" which was the gift of license to Elites
from Organized patriarchal religion which underpins Elite patriarchy.
And, Trump's overturning population control which would also greatly help the planet and humanity.
Stop supporting male-supremacist religion; stop turning your children over to it.

Stop the chain of violence involved in the industry of animal slaughter and "meat" which would
greatly benefit our planet and the health of humans.

We must recognize that we are all LABOR and we do not need the permission of government nor
corporations to UNITE in protecting LABOR and using our labors not to increase corporate profits
but to protect and heal the planet and in the interests of eliminating poverty and homelessness
among the population.

We have a CABLE industry wholly dedicated to interests of Elites, featuring widespread violence
and propaganda, while both Comcast and Verison profit from pushing pornography which is
basically propaganda against women into our homes. Pornography no longer has to be selected
as it is being moved into everyday programming and most particularly via the movie channels.
Programming continues to be increasingly violent and sexual on all levels.
Unite and Pull the Plug on cable TV as a way of protest.


A VERY good post there Greenwich-
You have hit on most of the pertinent points that we have been exposed to-


stub --
Thank you -- there are still many ways to move away,
but the time is shortly coming when Elites will have such firm control over our government
and the population that non-violent resistance will no longer be possible.

UNITE has to become a key word used in all of these discussions.

And the nation hasn't been united since the Founders protected Slavery for the wealthy
which guaranteed the Civil War and which split the nation into two camps of hatred.


I hear you Man-
This Gorsuch nomination has me very concerned..
It is beyond important that this little Republican tool NOT get affirmed-
I can only hope and pray that this doesn't come to pass...


Yes, UNITING is important. Unity is hampered however, if liberals content themselves to fall under the sway of the neoliberal D-Party.

For instance, if the D-Party pays lip service--like Hilary did in her campaign--to large-scale changes like Single Payer, while actually pursuing more incrementalism, then what use are they as 'Shock Resistance?' More of the cautious, corporate-friendly, pragmatic SAMENESS is not SHOCKING. In fact, it's counterproductive because it lets the elite set the agenda.

In other words, if I'm asked to unite behind the D-Party establishment and their corporate donors, I'll loudly decline and continue down an alternative path.


Resistance is the only thing we can do at this point since establishment Dems have led us to the point where we've surrendered pretty much all power to the right. It was amazing to watch Jennifer Palmeiri, a Clintonite, sit on tv and say the resistance during Trump's inauguration had nothing to do with the people wanting a $15/hr minimum wage. These asses still don't get it. We've lost all of the power we had gained during Obama's presidency because of this neo liberal thinking. These people still think the people voted for Trump because they're racist or bigoted. Don't get me wrong, there are millions who voted for him for this reason. But the ones who voted for Obama and then Trump did so based on the failure of the Democratic party to denounce their failed neoliberal policies and change course. Clinton showing up on the scene and the election of Tom Perez tells me these people will let America be destroyed by the right rather than relinquish power to progressives. The thing that scares the hell out of these entitled, professional class of Democrats is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren teaming up together. This scares them more than the Trump presidency. They're still trying to ride the Russian narrative as the reason Clinton lost. I'll say this one more time, the information leaked is what helped Clinton lose, not the leaking itself. Til this day not one Clintonite has said the information was bogus or lies. They simply attack the Russians for leaking the information. The fact Clinton was proven, yet again, to be a liar matters not one wit to these people. Well guess what Clintonians, it matters to progressives. And that's why many of us either stayed home or voted for that lying sack of s--t, paranoid, psychophant. Also, Trump won with less votes than Romney got in 2012 when he lost to Obama. To be clear, I voted for Clinton for one reason only, the supreme court. Now we've lost it for another generation. Our only hope is another justice won't die or resign before Trump leaves the White House and we can take back control of the government, and I mean the entire federal, state, and local governments.


Count on this, madprogressive: you'll be told to STFU and stop asking for ponies, get in line behind the D-Party establishment standard-bearer d'jour, and clap louder for the failures of neoliberalism and the virtues of hippie punching.

My advice: have a plan B alternative to the D-Party in mind and be ready to pursue it.


We all have two senators and a representative who represent us in Congress. They care how we vote. Our main power is as their constituents. We should make it clear to them that we want them to resist the Trump agenda. Join an Indivisible group or some other group resisting Trump and work hard for the next four years making your view heard as a constituent. It will take hard work. There is no easy alternative.


Naomi Klein nails it!
"Trump is the logical conclusion to many of the most dangerous trends of the past half century."

Like: Presidents as dictators declaring wars without Congressional approval; like the assassinations of JFK,MLK and RFK and the cabal of criminals responsible not being held accountable; the fairy tale of the murders of some 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11 never being investigated, even though there is an overwhelming plethora of credible evidence by over 2,000 scientists and engineers with impeccable reputations in there fields of expertise, that the official con theory defies the logic of quantum mechanics and physics; and American war criminals, like Bush and Obama not being indicted for war crimes.


True enough. And the "opposition" Democratic Party made damn sure that that agenda, as propagated by Bernie Sanders was trampled and defeated. Only the destruction of the Democrats by a massive popular upsurge in the form of a non-corporate party and movement can defeat the corporatist/proto-fascist agenda.


You're right of course, but let's don't forget the dismantling of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, Clinton's Telecom Act, and fraudulent wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Among a whole host of other shit.


Stubones pulled that quote and I will again as it is excellent.

Thank you.

I would take it one step further: capitalism is omnicidal.


Yes, too much to list it all!


I find it so very hard to believe that America has let the official LIE of 9-11 slide-
How is it even possible that we have been so blindside by the 9-11 commission- It is just so goddamned crazy-Just like the shallow Warren Commission findings and the meager attempt of finding the perps of the MLK and RFK murders-
The unanswered murders of all of these fine people have come full circle to haunt us in the situation we find ourselves in today-
God please forgive and guide us all.....


But isn't it accepted among the commenters here that Democrats and Republicans are the same for all practical purposes, and regarding global warming, isn't the anything less than an end to all fossil fuel burning over the next two years the same as doing nothing at all?


Nice reply..thanks.

I often wonder if the way I feel about the current Administration, is the way the awake Germans felt in the 1930's.


That I do NOT subscribe to- I judge Republicans as well as Democrats on an individual basis-
Just as I don't accept or condemn anyone by their skin color-
Although, I dislike both of those partys....
As far as Global warming goes, I think our own common sense would answer that-


I believe your instincts are telling you something here-


Both parties are literally criminal --
and we haven't had a liberal in the WH since JFK --
Those who succeeded JFK were either involved in the coup in one way or another,
or supporting the cover up.
Sadly, Carter, as well.

That's why it continues to be disappointing to watch Sanders looking like the leadership
of the DP when what we got was bait and switch.

We have to decide what to do now -- and I'm pretty much sure that I won't be voting again
unless the hack-able computers are removed and unless there are tremendous changes
to the system. None of that do I expect to happen. :frowning: