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No Justice for Rekia Boyd as Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Her is Found 'Not Guilty' by Judge


No Justice for Rekia Boyd as Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Her is Found 'Not Guilty' by Judge

Kevin Gosztola, FireDogLake

The family of twenty-two year-old Rekia Boyd, who was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer, was awarded $4.5 million in a wrongful death settlement in 2013. Yet, just over two years later, the officer who fired the shot that hit Boyd in her head has been found “not guilty” by a judge of crimes he was charged with in relation to her death.


"It all goes back to how the prosecutors presented their case against Servin during opening argument. They argued officers are deployed to “serve and protect.” They suggested “our officers” typically “live up” to a “tradition of excellence,” meaning they don’t recklessly shoot civilians while off-duty. Servin’s case, however, was the “exception to the rule.”

The fish rots from the head.

In order to preserve a Mars-ruled empire, warriors never have to say they are sorry.

When orders from on high promote torture, if this sickening practice manages to be exposed, the excuse will be “a few bad apples.”

When orders from on high promote the use of drones that customarily kill 90 civilians for every 10 “enemy kills,” the Mars-rules “law of war” is propped up to justify these homicidal statistics.

When orders from on high tell cops that citizens are enemy combatants, and a few “accidents” happen, the Mars-driven power structure will protect its own.

Note the parallels between drone killings and NO accountability on the part of martial power; and the footage of civilians shot down in Iraq (leaked by Chelsea Manning) getting mostly a pass while the truth teller went to prison.

There’s a case in N.Y. where the individual who shot the fatal footage of naked police brutality is in prison while the “proud” officer is protected as a man in uniform.

Membership–in the club of Rome in the form of fraternities baptized in the blood of war and conquest for centuries–has its privileges… until this dark archetype is overthrown from its long hegemonic claim & control over humanity.

Until then, more proof that Mars rules:

“Truthout investigative reporter Sarah Macaraeg recently studied 25 fatal shooting cases in 2012 in 2013 that the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) closed. “All of the shootings were deemed justified,” according to Macaraeg. “Investigations lasted an average of 16 months—10 months beyond the time limit recommended by the US Department of Justice.”


“Prosecutors could have easily brought a first degree murder case against Servin, but they did not. They wanted this case to be about someone who made a mistake that destroyed his career as a police officer. They did not want this to be about a man who was a murderer.”

This same approach is used when a college student tries to bring rape charges against a fellow student attacker. If the attacker comes from a prominent family or is a respected school athlete, the administration uses this same strategy in making the problem not that of the rape/attack on the female, but rather, how the ACCUSATION will tarnish the young man’s reputation and future career path.

Our white male patriarchal society profoundly privileges white males. Sexism and racism run rampant either in plain sight or below the radar.


The prosecution was obviously more interested in seeing the cop get off than it was in seeing Justice served .

They too "serve and protect " . They serve the one percent and protect the enforcement arm of the one percent.

It is rotten to the core


The previous 3 replies are right on it, im in law enforcement and the hypocrisy is so obivious and runs rampant. Right is right and wrong is wrong and that guy should be doing time! The value system of our justice system is dysfunctional! Money has and will destroy us! Stay Strong Boyd family!


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This copper responded to a 911 call about a noisy party in an alley. He showed, got out of his car, and, surprisingly,
perceived some of the alleged offenders challenged him. This tough, brave public servant got back in his Mercedes
and began to drive away. One of the alleged offenders pulled a cell phone, maybe to take a picture of the
tough, brave public servant. The copper assumed the offender’s cell phone was a pistol, and the copper felt his life was endangered.
This brave copper pointed his gun, over his shoulder - not aiming - and fired at the group of scary people. Rekia Boyd was hit
in the head, and likely, immediately died. This case was a joke from day 1. It was brought to a judge in a manner
which would require very specific handling, and in the end, the case charges could not be upped. If anyone but a cop
would have popped those rounds into a crowd, the charge would have been at least reckless homicide. This was an example of brave public servant being scared so much, he had to defend his life as he ran away. He’ll get his job back; Rekia Boyd is a statistic, with an asterisk for the settlement her family got.
The judge and the prosecutors won’t loose much sleep.


I have wondered for YEARS why the Black community puts up with this shit. Policemen are easily identified and assassins blend into the woodwork.They would not even need to be from the same state. I believe that only massive retaliation will make any difference in how Blacks are treated.