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No Justice, No Peace, No Leader at the Top

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/02/no-justice-no-peace-no-leader-top


tRump does not know anything.
He also does not know that he does not know anything.
So he is the fool who should be shunned by everyone else, as the saying goes.


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President Buzz Windrip & Co.

Winship makes easy points and spouts cliches about Trump that are safely DNC. He has long been a complete shill for the neoliberal, procorporate party and espescially Obama. If he, and many other people of standing in the media, had been halfway diligent in pressuring President Obama to be more like the candidate Obama, he might have listened and not been the midwife to Trump’s election. Winship and the party have lost so much credibility by embracing that warmonger who oversaw the greatest loss of black wealth in American history. Fauxbama and his epigones must be resisted. It’s not too late to dump Joe Biden. How about that Mr. Liberal apologist for wars of choice and upward financial redistribution?


Yep. Aggressive ignorance and invincible arrogance. Quite the combination in a “leader.” I agree that we profit by ignoring him.

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