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'No Justice, No Sleep!' Protesters Blare Audio of Crying Detained Children Outside DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's Home


'No Justice, No Sleep!' Protesters Blare Audio of Crying Detained Children Outside DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's Home

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing their "obligation" to ensure that Trump administration officials who are implementing the president's cruel anti-immigrant agenda are not permitted to "work, eat, and sleep" in peace, dozens of demonstrators gathered outside of Department of Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Kirstjen Nielsen's Virginia home early Friday morning and blared


Well done Protestors!


Can’t you leftists just let a fascist destroy the lives of children in peace? Can’t you let these fascists blame the impacts of their shitty policies and the state of the country on marginalized and vulnerable populations that have nothing to do with the hardship white working people are facing? I miss the days where we were polite to fascists that made the world a worse and less humane place to live. Follow CNN’s lead. They give a bunch of money to right wing reactionaries, “balance” and all, and allow them to spew their bullshit in peace. In fact, I bet that after their segments with right wing cretins, the on air talent and the Trump scum go and have polite conversations over overpriced cocktails.


If we’re not careful, she’ll have to spend the entire weekend at a spa for what’s being done to her…


Horrible dreams last night. The call is to house up to 20,000. There is no plan on how to reunite kids with parents. They have been scattered across the country like dry leaves. How many will actually be rejoined? 50%? 90%? 10%? Where did they go? Who has them? Is there any record keeping? My thoughts from here on are very dark, too dark to type. A clue, another “trade war”???



Sessions and others who have taken a lead in these practices deserve serenades like this too.


In addition to blaring audio Nielsen should be drugged involuntarily. They do that to helpless immigrant children, don’t they…?


The two indigenous women from south of the border made the important point that they are reclaiming their land. Hernandez also made the important point of the horrors of capitalism. The people and their children being detained are of indigenous blood. The vicious tearing of indigenous children from their families has a history as long as the colonial occupation by white invaders.


No rest for the wicked


The local support group just found out that separated kids are being imprisoned in a center near us. It’s a miserable place. Most folk wouldn’t want to send a dog there. We’re organizing a demo but most of us are latino and around here, police seem to love to brutalize or kill folk like us.


Yes, a very long history:


they should use obama’s 2011 NDAA & gitmo their asses.


Amp it up. Never stop. Make her throw up her enchiladas into her muy caro designer handbag. Bad days for La Rubia…