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'No Justice Under Occupation': Palestinian Teenager Ahed Tamimi Gets 8 Months in Prison for Slapping Israeli Soldier


'No Justice Under Occupation': Palestinian Teenager Ahed Tamimi Gets 8 Months in Prison for Slapping Israeli Soldier

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian girl who was arrested in January for slapping an Israeli soldier, was sentenced Wednesday to eight months behind bars, enraging activists across the world who have advocated for her release.

"There is no justice under occupation."
—Ahed Tamimi


Of course, Israel denies that there is an occupation.

“Who ya gonna believe—me or your lyin eyes?”


Neither Ahed Tamimi nor any other Palestinian or international protester (like Rachel Corrie and so many others, maimed or murdered by Israel) will get any justice or mercy from the terrorist Israeli state or IDF killers! War criminals who have only contempt for the lives and well-being of all others as they cement their theft of territory by force and propaganda. Such are the people that have subverted US politics and foreign policy in pursuit of territory using religion as a mask for ordinary theft and pathology.

There has been no justice in Palestine since the racist zionist occupation began - another kind of white supremacy and malignant evil on earth! NEVER FORGET the USS Liberty sneak attack by Israel on America!

Zionism IS racism!



Were there a 16 year old girl imprisoned in Iran for slapping a soldier after a soldier had shot one of her family in the head, the Mainstream Media would be all over it. Heads would be shaken in disbelief and talking heads like John Bolton would appear on every talk show claiming this just another example as to why the USA had to force regime change in Iran.


How to loose friends and make enemy’s.


Jews do not consider themselves part of the “white race” as I’ve been admonished by a longtime Jewish friend.
Careful calling for BDS, you might get a $250K fine and jail.


Roger Waters spoke last month in Australia about Palestine:


Forget BDS. Just get rid of Israel. I’m sick and tired of them, their viciousness and their racism. They stole this land from Palestinians as they also “ethnically cleansed” the Palestinians (and continue this practice). They do not deserve to be a nation.


If the world can’t even get ordinary peace or honesty from the Israeli racists the prospect realistically of “getting rid” of Israel is absolute zero. They would implement the Sampson Option with no thought or regard for any other life on earth…such is the depravity and supremacist mindset of religious psychopaths and killers…


First off she is 18!
Her and her family have been propaganda tools paid for by Hamas and Palestinian Authority
She has been spitting, slapping, and punching IDF and Israeli policemen since she was eight years old!
She is a Paid member of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority!
Send her to Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey or Saudi Arabia to see how long she would not be imprisoned in those Arab countries for attacking the Police and the Military!


Prove your disgusting assertion.
Please, for the sake of all of us, save your bullshyte outrage for the Pam Geller ilk and the hate filled, morons at fox news and all points in the righty wingy blog-o-sphere.

She slapped an IDF soldier, wow, after they murdered her cousin. Just how much does Hamas pay out for a slap I wonder…

Propaganda is what YOU are consuming and it looks totally cray cray.


A slap in the face of justice


How stupid are we ?
Israel steals nuclear secrets from us.
Attacks the Liberty for hours (killing aprox.70 sailors)
For this US tax payers shell out 20 billion a year for their friendship.
With friends like them, who needs enemies ?


Fighting a overwhelmingly heavy armed brutal and oppressive military force with her bear hands. Probably why groups like Jewish Voices for Peace and Btselem are so supportive of her:


May be, but I doubt it, and there is no enslavement of the Jews that happily live th
ere in Iran.


This is a grave injustice.


Why in the world do we continue to support one of the biggest violators of human rights in the world? No wonder we have incurred the enmity of Islamist activists.