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'No Justification': Philippines Police Van Rams Into Anti-US Protesters


'No Justification': Philippines Police Van Rams Into Anti-US Protesters

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Police in the Philippines hurled tear gas and rammed a van into a crowd of anti-U.S. protesters on Wednesday, injuring at least three student activists gathered outside the American embassy in Manila.

Television footage showed the van driving recklessly back and forth through the crowd, as protesters variously surrounded it and scattered away.

"There was absolutely no justification for it," organizer Renato Reyes told media.

Watch below. (Warning: graphic content.)


You could see this coming from a mile away.
Even though Philippines President Rogrigo Duterte is a few bricks short of a full load, much of what he says is right on the money. Especially what he says about the United States.
The way he goes about solving his problems leaves a lot to be desired though.
Look for Duterte to crush the Manila police force when he returns from his visit to China by getting rid of the "running dogs."
One way or another.


Killer police. Just like here.


I want to hear from TJ and get his opinion about the situation. But there's a second typhoon in a couple of days so I hope all is OK. We are bracing here too.


On a related note, Andre Vltchek shares an interesting view of President Duterte:

Will They Really Try to Kill the President of the Philippines?


So many people hate us for our freedom.

On the bright side, after November (unless Jill Stein wins), we will have no more freedom left so they won't hate us anymore.


How much brainwashing does it take to make the police kill their own people?


That's a nightmare photo, with barefoot protesters strewn under under the bus that hit them. The vid is worse, showing complete disregard for the lives of citizens. USA military bases bring in big money for host countries like the Philippines, same as a pipeline brings $$ to North Dakota. Hence the riot police.


Well there you have it, Hillary's congrats card from the Philippine government. This is state-sanctioned murder. Under any other circumstances the driver would be arrested.


We should probably ask the police in Missouri, Texas, California, North Carolina, Illinois, etc.


"We came, we saw, they died." The HRC mantra.


Did you miss the statement in the article that the Philippine left is equally opposed to Duterte too?

And isn't presiding over thousands of extrajudicial executions just a little more than just "few bricks short of a full load?" Is Duterte now a darling of the US left too?


I use to like Andre Vltchek, but the way he now embraces vile thugs like Duterte as long as they cry "down with America" has completely destroyed his credibility. There is plenty of oppression of the world's working class that the USA has nothing to do with. That oppression needs to be resisted as vigorously as the oppression that does come from the USA. It's easy! You simply need to be able to hold two ideas in your mind at the same time!


I don't speak for the Left, but I think the guy's brain isn't wired quite right.
Which is not to say that the problems that he has identified and talked about are not real problems begging for a solution.