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No Labels and the ‘Problem Solvers’ are Wolves of Wall Street in Sheep’s Clothing


No Labels and the ‘Problem Solvers’ are Wolves of Wall Street in Sheep’s Clothing

Porter McConnell, Rion Dennis

all Street’s money oozes into many dark crevices in Washington. The financial services industry pumped $2 billion into the 2015-16 election cycle and managed to easily outpace that amount during this year’s midterm election.


Maybe No Labels can have Macron come and give a speech about responsible “centrist” governance. He might have a lot of free time somewhat soon. To think that these assholes, who have had absolute power in recent decades and who have made things progressively worse for most people, who have been instrumental in making the system as corrupt as it is, to think they could solve any problems is absurd. They do what their donors tell them to, and they are good at spinning bullshit in front of the media. And if they continue to get their way, social unrest is certain, as is societal collapse. God help us if these people, or those to their right, are still in power once the environmental crisis actually hits. We are seeing the opening band tune up right now.


The Democrats are on a much shorter leash in 2018 than they were in 2006. Pelosi knows/senses this and she better tell the DNC $$$ bundler crowd, too.
In 2020 there will be options besides some Centrist/Corporate lackey running dog foisted on us by bamboozlers like the Clintonistas & Obamabots. Their smiley faces won’t cut it, now.
The people have no interest and can’t afford to go back to the 1990s, and Fleetwood Mac or Garth Brooks nostalgia tours.
Screw all that " hopey changy, don’ t stop thinking about tomorrow, happy horseshit ". It’s sounds like a fluffy pillowfight at a teenage slumber party compared to catastrophic climate change and no way out. And, it damn well should, too.


I am getting really annoyed as the wolves are being decimated in America. Can we substitute the awful Red Riding Hood, and, " wolves in sheep’s clothing, " for something that really is awful–because the wolves are being decimated like the supposed hunter standing outside of Yellowstone and shooting wolves who put a paw outside the boundry.

I would like to substitute "wolves, " with something that no one wants and yet it’s an evil thing that keeps growing and growing seeming to hide, and yet sucks the energy out of human beings and makes people sick too----so could we substitute wolves with:

The "problem solvers, " are the TAPEWORMS of Wall Street silently sapping the energy and life from public voices. "


“Third Way” is just more of the same corporate political hacking in sheep’s clothing. Don’t believe them either, and keep questioning why a supposedly progressive place like MSNBC keeps having representatives from them on their programs?


Limiting the influence of wealth in DC…

Fat chance.


Lets all hope that the new progressives like AOC, DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!


A while back during a spate of democrat bashing, which isn’t rare here, I tried to insist that my state of Wisconsin had some non corporate congress critters that were honest brokers. Mark Pocan is one of them.


No Labels is just a morphed catfood commission that was run by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles to push Obama’s 2011 grand bargain.

Last I heard Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman were leading the No Labels charge.


The sad reality mirrors the reality of Obama’s first years in office. He was out of the No Labels mold, the huge Dem majority in the House was dominated by Blue Dogs, centrist Senators controlled the agenda there.

As a result, the supposedly great caucus organizer, Nancy Pelosi, watched as RomneyCare was the ‘best’ the House could come up with…and that’s with over 30 of her ‘unified’ Democrats voting against it in the end.

Expect to see nothing of consequence emerge from Pelosi’s group unless it passes muster with the Problem Solvers. Or, in other words, progressives are fools to think the d-party offers them anything but a place to spin their wheels.


SkepticTank–D-party offers them anything but a place to spin their wheels.

People, please don’t forget to include the fact that (republicans) are there to kill everything, not just spin (their) wheels.


Are you refuting recent history and my story of RomneyCare being made the slipshod law of the land?

And, are you telling me that the ‘progressives’ in the House are going to exert notable influence this cycle?