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No Lawyers? No Jail. Judge Demands Constitution Be Respected in Louisiana Public Defender Catastrophe


No Lawyers? No Jail. Judge Demands Constitution Be Respected in Louisiana Public Defender Catastrophe

Bill Quigley

New Orleans Criminal Court Judge Arthur Hunter, a former police officer, ruled that seven people awaiting trial in jail without adequate legal defense must be released. The law is clear. The US Supreme Court, in their 1963 case Gideon v Wainwright, ruled that everyone who is accused of a crime has a Constitutional right a lawyer at the state’s expense if they cannot afford one. However,


Thanks, Piyush, you fucking ALEC-sucking scumbag.


It is so nice to see a push-back begin against the madness of 1999/2000. I hope and dream that this is but the tip of the iceberg. It is sad though that it is such a slog-fest against the stream, the river we all swim in.


Well done, Judge Hunter.

Louisiana is clearly a "failed state," per Noam Chomsky:

"...a state that has the formal political institutions, but they’re not functioning..."


Welcome to Grover Norquist's masturbatory fantasy. Massive increases in child poverty, the poisoning of an entire city, the collapse of public functions in Louisiana -- just the tip of the republican iceberg, with the rest of us enjoying our ride on the Titanic. Full speed ahead republicans, there's still lots more to destroy. Children starving, raped women bearing their rapist's children, whole populations displaced on a dying planet -- this is the republican's pornography, what gives them their secret pleasure. Let them all take their wealth with them to an early grave.


Unless it comes to war, surveillance, bailing out the banks, more prisons, etc . Just put that on the taxpayers' tab because debt isn't really real and everything will be OK.

But when it's roads, healthcare, education, justice system reform, etc .. we've got to cut back because the debt load we're carrying is unsustainable ..


I've begun to have the same feeling recently. The attorneys general investigating Exxon Mobil. The RICO suit against Gov Snyder. The federal judge's ruling that the 21 youngsters' suit against the US govt can proceed. The Panama Papers shaking up the global thugocracy. The "nuit debout" nightly occupations of public space throughout France. The current March On Washington. The loosening of marijuana laws and the beginnings of a sensible approach to addiction.

Agreed. What a pity so much energy must be exerted against the politics of insanity, energy which could better be used actually solving our very real non-political problems.


Bless you for seeing the Light. Insanity it is.


Wait, so we can't just cut the budget, defund the courts, and "legally" indefinitely lock up everyone we charge?

Wait, so we can't just cut the budget, defund the government, and assume absolute corporate authority over everything and everyone? We'll see about that!

Indeed, people should connect the dots on this massive, decades-in-the-making, comprehensive scam against humanity and the Earth.


If the pipeline to prison apparatus stops working in Louisiana and dangerous felons end up "on the loose" and perchance plunder the neighborhoods of the very Republicans who rail against all sorts of "socialist" public services, that would represent an intriguing example of karmic blowback.

Many people similarly are quite cavalier about climate chaos/global warming... until the rising floodwaters consume their homes, or a freak storm overturns their car, or they can no longer drink their own well water, etc.


Jesus the south is fucked up.


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