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'No Limit to the Depths of the Cruelty of the Trump Regime': Admin Spurns Court Order to Stop Separating Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/no-limit-depths-cruelty-trump-regime-admin-spurns-court-order-stop-separating

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So what will the judge do? More claptrap?


Normal legal means are not working, if they ever were. At a minimum, CBP and ICE agents regardless of where they are doing their “duty” need to be publicly called out. Protests at all known detention facilities need to be continued. Congressional members regardless of political affiliation need to be publicly ridiculed.


Just as the Cheney-Bush announcement of a War on Terror began a slaughter by authoritarian regimes around the globe happy to have an excuse to dispatch its opposition, so, too, is the Trump administration setting a similar example for those who want to close their borders in time to shut out the tsunami of environmental refugees that global warming is about to trigger. That’s what it means to be the global hegemon, the self-proclaimed one-and-only superpower—the only regime on Earth that doesn’t have to obey international law, the only regime that can get away with not honouring its treaties and contracts.Let’s hear it for USA-USA-USA!

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Paul Craig Roberts:

" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on it’s actions. Washington is the “Exceptional Indispensable”. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. IN IT’S CLAIMS, WASHINGTON SURPASSES THAT OF THE THIRD REICH. ( My CAPS )


Trump and his goons “spurn” and flout a Court order for a year and get away with it. Kudos to the ACLU for bringing this pathetic lack of enforcement to the public’s attention, but it will be even easier for Trump to evade a lawsuit. After all, he’s been doing it his entire career.

I’ll give Trump credit, though. No other public official has exposed the oft-preached myth that no man is above the law. He’s made a pathetic joke of that one.


Trump has no concerns over these beautiful children nor their families. He’s a psychopath with no capacity for empathy.

He IS however concerned and sweating bullets about the children Epstein provided for him for his massages back in the day. Concerned that the true story will become known very soon.

Trump should be in prison and hopefully, soon he’ll be there.


It’s not just flouting a court order…it is an intentional act of disobeying a court of Law. Another impeachable offense. When the president decides that he will not follow the laws of our land, respect the constitution and its institutions and works to subvert the intent of laws passed to protect the american people…well, these are impeachable offenses in my opinion. Trump subverts the law and constitution on his own whim. We would not be allowed to do so and either should he. His time has come…impeach him.

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Will he or she crawl under Nancy Pelosi’s skirt and start crying? It is time for some leaders, some true patriots to stand up to this man who has no respect for the constitution or our laws. If he is appeased, it will only get worse and worse…which is what Pelosi has been doing over and over again.

…You have no creds, unless you have some reference. There are NOT many folks on this thread that approve of kids in cages or separation for no apparent crime…

Everyone in this crime against humanity, and I mean everyone from the bus driver, to the accountant, to the cook, to the border patrol agent to the jailer, and to the president himself - and to every legislator not active in stopping the state sanctioned child abuse, murder and rape. - evry single one should have a twenty year kidnapping sentence, and should face lifetime probation and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. Not one exception.

You are misrepresenting what I said. I did not state that such commentary was on this article, nor did I say its was ‘many folk’ who approve of kids in cages. I stated that there were some
who have bought the propaganda that the US is facing a ‘crisis’ at the border. The comments I have in mind have expressed support for the CPB/ICE despite the history of their heinous behavior towards migrant. I feel that it important to acknowledge that there are some, who consider themselves ‘progressive’, who nonetheless, buy into this paradigm.

Despite the offensive commentary by some commondreams commentators, I will not “out” those with whom I have had such interchanges. You can choose to bury your head in the sand in the belief that all who comment on this platform are ideally progressive or, if you are interested in the truth, feel free to browse past comments on the topic of migrants, including my commentary history related to the issue, to find out for yourself.

" Now I find many who are strongly in favor of family separation."

I would very much like to see one example of this, much less many. Easily I would agree that any of the trolls who frequent this site are strongly for any form of racist abuses and human rights violations, but it pretty much ends with them.

And yet, no popular uprising. No mass protests. Nothing.
We have become the children of Weimar. Suffer the same fate we shall. However, the “mongrel” hoards of a destabilized central and South America will pay dearly first.
All hail the republic of Oceania. You will learn to love Big Brother.

I have read of immigrant children being separated and seemingly lost forever. What is Trump doing—selling needed body parts for use by the children of the rich?
Sadly, it seems , and this is pretty awful, but if someone shot his P off, he would never reproduce nor be seen in public again. This world is turning into a monster movie anyway-------
I am also thinking weird things about McConnell, as he looks skinnier and seems more manic and I am wondering if he has a killer disease and his time is running out—so if he corks off, he’ll be written about as if he really was somebody—Congress really needs to have term limits because so many politicians are NOT working for all of the People. : (
And if I have offended anyone with what I wrote---- I apologize in advance —I just write down what pops into my head. Maybe Socrates had a genius advising him—I just have a wise ass in my head. : )

That is a misreading of what I said Adam.

The reference to Commondream commentators is an aside. Look into the past record of comments regarding migrants and you will find some CommonDream commentators who have expressed the notion that the US border is in crisis and CPB/ICE are acting reputably. The many, in my comment, is in reference to my first statement that among people, in the general US population, who expressed disagreement with family separation last year, many now support it.

Upon reading my comment, I see how it can be confusing. But, commondreams does not allow me to modify it now.

My previous comment was poorly crafted. Here is a better version:

The only surprise I see is the extent to which folk in the US, who expressed their disagreement with this policy last year, have bought the propaganda that there is a ‘crisis’ in which the border is ‘under attack’. Now I find many of these folk who are strongly in favor of family separation.

Note: I’ve even engaged in some heated arguments on the topic of migrants, with some Common Dreams commentators.

I’m not misreading anything, I said I would like one example, not to search tirelessly for decades to try and find one example - extraordinary claims if you cannot provide a single example.

Yes you are.

Note: Since I cannot modify my previous comment, I’ve replied to make it more clear. I will also state that it was pretty offensive for you to speak about me in the third person to Lorenzo LaRue rather than commenting to me directly.

Here’s one recent comment, without a name, that justifies ICE and DEA activity on the specious grounds of a dangerous “drug corridor” and portrays Border Patrol and ICE in a more positive light. It was in a thread on an article regarding an offensive action on the part of CPB. The commentator dismisses structural problems with the institutions of CBP and ICE and portrays the problem as the individual actions of some “bad asses”. You can continue to deny its authenticity if you wish. There have been others offensive comments in the past as well - a small minority, but not zero. Deny it if you wish. Good Night.

" But, as I’ve said, Living in CA we have an ICE presence and DEA because we are part of a designated drug corridor. Even local police are tense. Border Patrol on you tube. I did see the ones dumping the water but I also saw the emergency stations that provide assistance and help. You can look on you tube there are efforts to stabilize what is happening. I worked in a community integration program and there were times when everyone did the right thing and it still didn’t turn out as expected. (not in law enforcement) Thanks for the information it really does help to get a first hand account. Those bad asses should be fired."

That is my comment and I stand by it. Not as endorsement of child confinement or abuse. I see the issue as less than factual and broader than you can tolerate. How dare you. The comment is taken out of context and wasn’t even to you. You can’t punish everyone all the time, you can look that up too. And if it makes any difference, I ended the communication with you because of your behavior.