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No Lives Matter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/07/no-lives-matter


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The message from Niagara is consistent. In the tradition of WEB Dubois

I like this writer. I truly do.

Nonetheless, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that humans have all the “concepts” we need, and that there are no new “concepts” that will save us from ourselves.

I’m going to go farther out on that limb, not further, and say that when there is wealth disparity as there now, the challenge is not in connection with class consciousness, but it is actual material power.

The wealthy dictate the options. Sometimes we outsmart them, but most of the time all of this inequity is based in violence, not concepts. Concepts are how we justify the violence of the wealth and the wealthy, but there are only three ways to respond to their violence.

We can try to shame them or change their minds by creating situations where the world can see the injustice, like Gandhi and MLK did, which means we let them beat and imprison and murder us.

We can go to literal war, which is one of their favorite things, because they have the weaponry and can pay lots of people to kill us, like they are always doing somewhere. They often lose in the short-term, but at the cost of tremendous destruction and carnage.

We can try to get away from them, as they are always trying to get away from themselves by moving someplace else. That was a good plan in the early 20th century and prior.

Coming up with new concepts, new systems, new processes, new labels, new packaging, etc., is what we do when we can’t or aren’t ready to work with one of the dangerous solutions and we don’t have the money to flee.


Finally, someone with real vision and courage…speak truth to power!

Excellent article!

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Thank you!

It is a perfect encapsulation of the value of human life in a government devoted entirely to the serving, the succoring, and the securing, of Mammon.