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'No Longer A Question': Trump Jr.'s Emails Show Collusion, Analysts Say


'No Longer A Question': Trump Jr.'s Emails Show Collusion, Analysts Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

Analysts, journalists and officials expressed shock Tuesday following the release of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer who had Kremlin ties.

Trump Jr. posted his June 2016 email exchange with Ron Goldstone, a contact who offered to arrange a meeting in which then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump's son believed he would learn damaging information about his opponent, Hillary Clinton.


Seems the mere fact that junior took the meeting, seeking what was on offer, makes him at least guilty of intent to collude.



Why is this a big deal but it was okay for the Clinton campaign to get the Trump Dossier information from a British agent (Steele) who supposedly got it from people in Russia. Was that not intended to influence the election?

Honest question: What am I missing here?


I’m most curious about whether Jared and Dumb Don Jr. mention conversations on this topic with dear old Daddy.

Because ain’t nobody gonna believe this matter never came up over a classy dinner at Mal y Loco.


You’re missing nothing. The Clinton campaign paid for chats presumably with the KGB.

Oh, and her campaign leaked the salacious info, and the media duly reported it.


Does this expose Hannity to potential prosecution as an accessory after the fact?


This “collusion” business is baloney. The Russians just might have had damaging information on Clinton, who knows? Why shouldn’t the Trump campaign use it if offered? Why reject it out of hand? Nobody in the media, right, left, or center, is bothering to ask exactly what was in the information supplied by the Russians, let alone whether it was true or false or how important it was. Apparently, we are not meant to know. Why the lack of candor? If nothing is there, what have they to hide?

This is a clear exploitation of cold war residue. If Canada or Germany offered to supply damaging information on a US political candidate, would there have been so much fuss as this? There certainly is a lot of damaging information floating around on Trump, and given his world-wide footprint, I doubt if it all came from domestic sources. Think about it.

I am not a Trump fan (nor a Clinton fan for that matter). But this looks more and more like top Democrats claiming “the dog ate my homework” when they chose to field a weak candidate with an even weaker campaign that did not take into account the electoral college, and worse, the distress felt across the country. They had a populist candidate in their stable who polled double digits ahead of Trump. The only way to beat a fake populist is with a real one. To the DNC and the coordinated media - stop blaming Putin and look in the mirror.


But when will Democrats start to investigate how and who sabotaged Bernie’s campaign?


Collusion? Then why was it okay for the Hillary campaign to pay $1million for opposition research from Russians? Robert Parry lays it out here: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/07/10/forgetting-the-dirty-dossier-on-trump/ . From Parry’s article:

"Essentially, Trump’s oldest son is being accused of taking a meeting with a foreign national who claimed to have knowledge of potentially illegal activities by Trump’s Democratic rivals, although the promised information apparently turned out to be a dud.

"Yet, on Monday, the Times led its newspaper with a story about this meeting – and commentators on MSNBC and elsewhere are labeling Trump Jr. a criminal if not a traitor for hearing out this lawyer.

“Yet, no one seems to remember that Hillary Clinton supporters paid large sums of money, reportedly about $1 million, to have ex-British spy Christopher Steele use his Russian connections to dig up dirt on Trump inside Russia, resulting in a salacious dossier that Clinton backers eagerly hawked to the news media.”

Someone needs to tell the Dem Party elite that RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA is already tedious, and it’s still a long way to 2018 and 2020. They need to find something else to campaign on. I know! What about campaigning on issues that voters actually care about, like universal healthcare #MedicareForAll???


Your characterization of the provenance of the dossier is incorrect. Originally the dossier was commissioned by a Republican big wig donor who opposed Trump. When Trump got the nomination the funding for the dossier ceased. The info was then offered to British intel and the FBI. It became public after that. You say Clinton got the info from the former British intel officer who had done the investigating. However the document was by then public and known to journalists.

If you investigate the path taken by the dossier, it gets convoluted fast! Who had it and when , much less why? Add in the Miss
Universe contest (Trump connection) and the lawyer that Trumpie jr. met with is involved having represented a Miss Universe official.

The attempt of the Trump WH to foster a foreign power’s undue influence in our government and our elections should be investigated


You are uninformed. Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to bother you that you are!


You say that the information was paid for by a Republican bigwig, to stop Trump during the nominating process.
But the funds were withdrawn when Trump got the nomination, supposedly, I guess, because the bigwig now wanted Trump to win.
So who turned the info over to British Intel and FBI? The bigwig wouldn’t have, since now he was on Trump’s side.


Because more power to anything that can be used to get rid of dirt bag Trump and his administration. Don’t you think he would have done the same had he lost?


Apparently Parry willingly shows a pro Russian bias yet again. What is up with that? The origin of the dossier was generated by Republicans opposed to Trump who hired Steel to create it. Steele being a long time British intelligence official focused on Russia. When the Repubs finally resigned themselves to Trump being their nominee, the dossier link was severed. Steele then offered it to British and American intelligence services. Notably the FBI. Parry seems lax on these points.


I have no love for Trump at all. However, there is plenty we could be going after Trump about that wouldn’t be at the expense of increasing tensions that are already high with the world’s other nuclear superpower. Since most of the claims so far about Russian meddling, etc. have been without the provision of any evidence after almost a year, I’ve become skeptical of this constant tsunami of claims about it. I want to focus on the issues that our nation needs to be addressing that are not being addressed due to the obsession with this.


Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk does a good breakdown of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seoJ5xKwq7g

The Democrats are really testing the lesson of the Boy Who Cried Wolf parable. When and if they get around to calling out shit Trump is actually doing right now – and not gonna hold my breath there – people will have already tuned out. On second thought, the corporatist Democratic Party would have no objection to that. (Aside: It’s interesting that my spellcheck doesn’t think “corporatist” is a word. Has it really fallen that out of use?)

The Left had an opportunity to use Trump as a wake up call, to draw attention to issues that our nation’s been sleeping on for a long time. The US Gov was already Trump-like, Trump is just the ugly, tactless face behind the curtain. Trump shows the corporate-militarist hand and that’s exactly why the establishment wants to get rid of him as soon as possible. Instead, this righteous disgust been squandered on this Russia conspiracy, which is as weak as it gets.

What especially saddens me is seeing my generation inheriting the dangerous Cold War mentality of Clinton and co.'s generation. This Russophobic regression could take yet a few more generations to undo, but I doubt that we’re going to have that luxury of time or even wisdom.


“It’s no longer election season! The Primaries have already happened” The Democrats and Hillary supporters will say whenever you bring that up, then go right back to complaining about how Trump colluded with Russia to win the elections.


On the other hand the Trump WH has insisted that there had been no meetings ( false - general Flynn), he shared classified intel with the russian ambassador on his own say so and happened to get caught at it, other denials of connections including his son in law and other lies and denials that have been shown to be false, ask yourself who needs to lie when there is no reason to? The Trump WH has been caught in a tangled knot of deceit and lies.


This completely misses the point. A foreign government undermining our democracy has nothing to do with the content of the information they were peddling. The fact that the Trump camp was ready, willing and able to traffic in the information is the real issue.


Indeed. Why do we humans have to hate each other for the most trivial of things? You think with all the great technological advancements we have made humanity would have developed a sense of mental maturity but I guess not.