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No Matter What Happens on Election Day, the Climate Can't Wait


No Matter What Happens on Election Day, the Climate Can't Wait

Canadian Youth Climate Delegation

Almost a month ago, the CYD gathered in person to get to know each other, and to talk about our strategies for COP 21 in Paris. Inevitably, the election pervaded discussions about the upcoming UN climate negotiations: "What will a new (or not) government mean for the climate?" Our personal Facebook and Twitter feeds have been bursting with relevant articles on Prime Minister Harper's abhorrent treatment of Indigenous peoples, of his suppression of voters, and of his government's assault on science.


The Green Party is also explicitly against all of those so called free trade deals being signed.


This bears repeating and is fairly universal in that the old bastions of power work diligently to embed their structures so that all "leaders" who follow must adhere to at least some of them:

"A newly elected Prime Minister will inherit Harper's legacy: a governing and regulatory system skewed to support the expansion of the tar sands, a militarized police force, an ideologically deployed, uninhibited intelligence body, severely compromised research stations, especially in the Arctic, raging forest fires instigated by a changing climate, and drastic violations of Indigenous communities, including the disproportionate exposure of First Nations to higher rates of serious diseases incontrovertibly linked to the tar sands."

Hasn't the time come for a GLOBAL GREEN PARTY coalition to form that honors the rights of Indigenous people and fights along with them to enshrine into law--the rights of Mother Nature so that those ecosystems precious to all sentient life might be adequately preserved (and secured):

"It's important to pause here to mention that the Green Party supports the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a full inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, and other pathways towards reconciliation. The Liberal Party also pledges in its platform to enact the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and to "close the funding gap and improve outcomes for First Nations students" by investing in programs from kindergarten to grade 12."


An "anything but Bush" political moment equivalent, north of the U.S. border:

"Or you might be so overjoyed at the prospect of a Harper-free governing party that you overlook Tom Mulcair's stance on pipelines, particularly Energy East, and the fact that Justin Trudeau has refused to commit to commit to specific emissions reduction numbers. Both leaders have pledged to attend COP21 should they become Prime Minister; we look forward to meeting Canada’s next prime minister there."