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No Mention of the Victims, But 'What a Turnout!' Trump Declares in Texas


No Mention of the Victims, But 'What a Turnout!' Trump Declares in Texas

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in southeast Texas today to survey the damage and relief efforts there as the region continues to cope with the impact of Hurricane Harvey—but in keeping with his demeanor during most of his public appearances, the president was unable to address a crowd of residents without mentioning the size of the audience.


Murka has been relegated to a 24/7 reality TV show ever since Trump declared his candidacy in June 2015. Why would Harvey or any other event alter that condition ?

Trump’s visit to the megaswamp is designed to distract people from making any association between the superflood and climate change, or addressing the potential nuclear power plant disaster in nearby Bay City, TX.


And don’t you just adore Melania’s “FLOTUS” chapeau?

Jesus Marion Joseph …


We have disgraced ourselves before the whole world with this colossal, corrupt and incompetent piece of garbage acting as the president and failing miserably. He just proved that, once again, Trumpo the Maleficent doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself. EVERYTHING is ultimately about glorifying him. He is one “very, very” (as he would say) sick man-baby and we MUST get rid of him. As I said in another post - “Robert Mueller, PLEASE hurry up, we are dying out here!” I have never been so ashamed of my country, not only for the sickening, hard-core right-wing government that was installed to complete the rape and pillage of our society but of the idiots who STILL support this monumental turd. One of them said the other day - "Sure, Trump is an asshole - but he is OUR asshole!"
What can you do in the face of such abject idiocy?


P (prevaricating) R (rich-kid) I (inviting) C (clamoring) K (kisses) from his “fans.” Simply another photo op: " Hey, how do I look? Like a prez-a-dunce? Like the hat, boys? (Pointing): Ain’t she a babe?!"

Meanwhile, bodies of dead animals float by, displaced families are wandering around wondering where they will sleep tonight or how they will feed themselves and their children, what they are going to do with their pets, and facing untold miseries today, tomorrow, and heaven knows for how long.

Some leader, huh?


FLOTUS means first lady of the U S (like POTUS) but it is extremely inappropriate in light of all that is floating in the flood waters. And, she wore black stilletto heels (probably Manolo Blahnicks at $1,000 or so a pair) along with her "casual’ look. Ugh! Clueless and classless…both…made for each other: host and parasite.


I’ve never seen a more insecure person than Trump. His need for adulation is one for the record books. Trumpism should be the name for a new clinical mental illness defined by a bottomless insatiable need for the aforementioned adulation by moronic foolish idiots.


The worlds biggest ahole shows up and acts like the world’s biggest ahole. Does this actually surprise anyone any more?


What a turnout! See all these people! WOW! The words of a man that belongs in an insane asylum!


This clown is clueless and yet we (self included) are still surprised—not sure which bothers me more.


Let’s see.

Trump plays to his base by repeatedly reminding them that he’s in charge.

And Obama told his base that a bi-partisan catfood commission was going to guide policy on cutting the safety net to reduce budget deficits.

Man, it’s hard to figure politics out. For some.


From the photos I viewed on Aol.com today, Trump and the First Lady looked quite presidential. Of course, looks can be deceiving. Then Trump opened his mouth. Yes, indeed. Looks were very deceiving.


I noticed her 6 inch spike heels and thought, “Typical woman: wrong foot wear.”


I’m dedicating some strategy to retaking either or both the House and Senate in 2018 (for checks and balance) alongside impeachment for all the more than sufficient reasons Herr Twitler has shown he doesn’t give a damn about those who voted for him. We’ve got to get loyal republicans to wake up and smell the shit about to hit the fan.


Trump and eye candy trophy wife Melania probably have a marriage agreement that limits her ability to file for divorce. She doesn’t look happy.


There’s a whole lot of women in Houston who’ve treaded water in
perfectly appropriate footwear, don’t you think?


No but it never stops being appalling and rage inducing.


Hey, knock it off! Every man in those circles knows you don’t get no coochie, if you don’t buy her Gucci.


Buy the hats! Why not peddle merchandise while visiting nearby disaster locations?


There is something seriously wrong with this President’s thought process and something seriously wrong with our country allowing him and his whole team to remain in power.