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No Mere 'Stunt': Experts Warn Trump Emergency Declaration Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'


No Mere 'Stunt': Experts Warn Trump Emergency Declaration Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continues to escalate his threat to declare a national emergency to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border—and amid reports that his administration is already laying the groundwork for the declaration—legal experts and progressive critics warned against the notion that the move would be a mere political "stunt" and argued it would spark a full-blown constitutional cr


‘In a recent piece for the New York Times , Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman argued that not only would Trump’s proposed emergency declaration be illegal, “but if members of the armed forces obeyed his command, they would be committing a federal crime.”’

Perhaps the best response would be for the armed forces to step back and delay while studying the legality of all of Trump’s orders in a deliberative and exhaustive manner. That way a military coup is avoided in name while temporarily achieved in practice. I trust the military much more than Cadet Bone Spurs at this point. As for me, I think I’ll read some Thomas Paine today…


And this is how far down the rabbit hole the Democrats have led their flock.


The rise to power of tyrants and dictators as we have seen in recent history begins with a person of arrogant and malignant mental illness, a group of like-minded sycophants, an ignorant highly malleable mob base, a vulnerable group or groups used as the focal point of the propaganda and hate to foster and “justify” the actions toward dictatorship, and the cowardice (or complicity - actual or unwitting) to oppose the tyrant before he cements his power. All the pieces are on the board and the major players and pawns take their places…will the promise of a real opposition in our republic’s great documents be fought-for with the strength and commitment to break the rise to power of our mentally ill malignant truly evil madman?

Whatever needs to be done to smash and end the utter incompetent and corrupt rule of our little dictator must be immediate and with the commitment so-far lacking in any massive official opposition…there are Quislings and Vichy traitors and complicit pawns/players who serve/allow the mechanisms that made this actual crisis possible as there was when another recent mentally diseased mind that almost brought the world down…when people and official opposition sat on their hands and dithered, did little or nothing until too late.

The Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism - by Dr Lawrence Britt

First they came for the Latinos, poor and vulnerable, but I did not speak-out…

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me". - Martin Niemöller


the vicepresident and the secretary of state are waiting and working toward “the rapture” and the de facto person in charge is about to cause a “constitutional crisis” and everyone is is sitting around with their mouths wide open


The military knows this is strictly a political stunt, a total abuse of power.

Defections in the military, at all levels, will begin almost immediately.

The Facsists are pushing for a fight.

Time we gave them what they want.


Who knows, it might even trigger an impeachment Nancy would approve. You know, a miracle on Penn Ave./s


please sooner than later, either the military or senate or congress take a stand else the world laughter will make us all deafer dumber and blinder


My Republican threads show they are waiting word to start killing Liberals. They are ready for a purge.


The fascists are looking to fight and the military / police are on their side… in case you missed that.


WiseOwl, may I suggest that instead of (or in addition to, if you the time) you read research on the militarization of weak democracies. Thomas Paine is nice, but times have moved on.


The border wall flare occurred immediately after midterm elections and there was the ‘enemy’ , newly empowered Democrats that ‘refuse to secure the borders’. I agree this appears to be a push toward autocratic control.
Don Trump and his Republican Senate and Republican House did not shut down the government and declare a national emergency over the past two years, and there was plenty of money for the wall in view of the 1.5 trillion tax breaks to the ultra rich. This is a manufactured crisis, of power, control, racism. Prepare.


NBC sez:
“Trump could dip into the $2.4 billion allocated to projects in California … as well as the $2.5 billion set aside for reconstruction projects in Puerto Rico …”

So, take money from a ‘blue’ state with a minority-white population, and from a ‘non-state’ full of brown people?

Why’s everybody so worked up?


Monckton shouldn’t you be over at Breitbart&Co…??


Sure it is no mere stunts, it is a political master stroke on Trump’s part. The military are psychologically conditioned to support nationalistic views, regardless of their validity. The military are also a system where bullying and humiliation are codified and incorporated into their culture, which suggests that when push comes to shove the military would support Trump. By getting the military’s involvement, Trump’s popularity with his blue collar trash base will likely strengthen, since the uneducated trash tend to greatly admire the military.
As for the constitutionality of his actions, no worries there. Trump owns the Senate and the majority of the Supreme Court.


You didn’t read or didn’t understand my comment. Please read it again, slowly.


Well after all, sarah palin believes she will see the return of christ in her lifetime!!! Nuts the lot of them.


Perhaps in their choice of terms a “purge”… but in reality such would be recognized internationally as “genocide”.


If Trump runs and loses in 2020 he will indeed claim the election was rigged so he can mobilize his base and their personal arsenals to turn the current civil cold war into an all out civil war that the GOP hopes will be the big purge.

The national emergency is a GOP construct (not Trump’s idea) that they want Trump to test this month so they can contrive a national emergency in 2020 to justify suspending the 2020 POTUS election in order to solidify their coup.

Meanwhile, Wilbur Ross is point man to rig the 2020 census to enable the establishment of a Trump or Pence dynasty.


They better watch out if a civil war “purge” on their mind. They have more opposition then they know. I suppose the wall might be part of the plan to keep potential Mexican armed support from crossing in.