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No Mere 'Stunt': Experts Warn Trump Emergency Declaration Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'


The spectrum of services and research being affected include Motherboard noting:
# Scientists Can’t Fix Map of Earth’s Magnetic Field Thanks to the Government Shutdown

Air travel anyone?

The federal government was set to update the World Magnetic Model but had to delay it because of the shutdown.


The politicians in this country are too cowardly/sold out to ever attempt to stop another President from doing wtf he/she wants to do.

Illegally invading/bombing sovereign nations, illegally surveilling all Americans (and the rest of the World), $multi-billion unaccountable slush funds . . . . most of the Democrats never complained before about slightly accountable Presidencies because they all hope to have that power some day. Republicans are almost as bad. At least Bush got his blank check from Congress - Obama got his power grab turned down by Congress and overthrew the Libyan Government anyway and brought slavery back to North africa - Thanks Secretary Clinton, you lhypocritical piece of shit.


From my perspective, the only way Trump will lose in 2020 is if it is not rigged in his favor!


The act of blaming your opponents for doing things that you do when your opponents are not even doing them has long been labeled PROJECTION by academics who study speech and rhetoric.

The GOP have long followed Goebbels’ playbook which is heavy on projection. Although Trump has taken projection to a new level, he probably won’t need to use it in 2020 seeing how Wilbur Ross is rigging the 2020 census and the GOP is posturing to contrive a national emergency to justify suspending the 2020 POTUS election.


I understand that Trump’s fake emergency to build a wall will trigger law suits that will likely go to the SCOTUS. Commentators are also saying that with Justices like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on the bench who believe in strong executive, Trump stands a good chance of “winning.” If that comes to pass, that is more evidence to impeach, try, and convict not only Trump, but Kavanaugh as well.


The Constitutional crisis already happened with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, both designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution:



Kudos for taking the words right out my mouth !

The NDAA assures that the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) will always get more of taxpayers’ money than even the Pentagon requests. As the past couple of years have proven 89 of 100 Senators keep authorizing ever growing MIMIC budgets with no discussion or debate.


There is an awful lot of violent talk out there. I am not prone to violence. I do own guns. I know how to use them. I could be a Trumper’s worst enemy, a liberal with an assault rifle. I do not under any condition want to have to resort to that. It’s a sad commentary if it comes about but I will defend myself. I do not want to hurt anyone. But I will defend myself if necessary. My plan is to stay out of sight as much as possible.


The USA has been in a Constitutional Crisis for decades now. The corporate oligarchs have won and control the country along with all their puppet politicians. The USA will continue its descent into madness and dystopia unabated.


The return of a myth. I’ve heard Zeus has asked if he can ride along.


Hello folks, this is not about big T, this is about History.

You know that evolving Thingy!

When ever and Where ever you begin, History travels to Where we are.

X does not happen without the support of or influence of A through W.

The myriad of warcrimes, all violating the constitution, causing the deaths of 10’s of millions humans, just since post WW2, have been accepted by most of the exceptional citizens of the USA.

Big T merely walked into the Constitutional/Political/Social/Economic house built by all the people (Dimos/Repugs etc.) who preceded big T.

To nonchalantly instigate, finance, support the slaughter of millions is incomparable to another step in the continuously creeping fascism in the USA.

Congo, Indonesia,Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Chile, Libya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada, Ukraine, Columbia, Mali, Korea, Somalia, Yemen and many more harmless people.


Mary can you blame everybody for sitting around with their mouths wide open? I mean it’s not everyday we have to try to figure out how to deal with a president that produces all the weird shit Trump throws at us…and we’re not talking about the occasional jaw dropping action by Trump but virtually everything he does. Trump is most certainly the first POTUS we’ve had to deal with that’s crazier than a bedbug. Loose cannon doesn’t even come close to describing this human fruitcake.


Exactly. And neither Dems, progressives or much of anybody on the U.S. “left” is doing anything to actually organize in preparation for a Trumpian Coup (which actually is little more than formalizing the existing National Security State, only now white people - even the vaunted “American Middle Class” will see tanks and troops on their streets and have cops of all kinds crashing through their windows for real and imagined “crimes.”)


Thank You for this history recap. You are exactly correct.


That is nothing new! I would submit that the armed forces of the United States have been used by many Presidents as political pawns, not to defend our country but to defend the hegemony, hubris of foreign empire and to please their base, the MIC. General Eisenhower spoke of it… too bad he did not put an end to it.


Sure, he claimed 2016’s election was rigged, even though he won.

As for the 2020 censluss, maybe we should have a Spartacus moment and everybody claim to be illegal aliens.


we can not wait that long !


Trump actually lost the election but democrats also rig elections. I am not talking about the popular vote.

This movie came out before even one vote was cast.


See above link


i am thinking that this is how the Zombie expo started even though I know that is not true. But it would be wonderful if there would be enough solidarity for the majority to list themselves and their families as illegal aliens. A massive protest of some ilk is imperative for our safety and sanity.