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No Mere 'Stunt': Experts Warn Trump Emergency Declaration Would Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'


So there’s the great trumpentardo standing on the ground at the border and not one dangerous, brown person (let alone thousands) can be seen in the picture with this article – we all know he can’t tell the truth even if it is written on a cue card right in front of his fat, orange, idiotic face, but it is so past time to rebel against this lying, ugggggly sh!t-for-brains!


We need to bring this evil man down. There is no time to waste.


I share your sentiments…


You might want to stay home with the women and children.


We need to learn from our neighbors across the pond.



Oh for pete’s sake- you are spending too much time by yourself.


No kidding- are u gonna do it?


Other than talk- what will u do?


HA, looks like the Orange Fat Thing has already walked the emergency back.


HI Huevos Rancheros— I think that Trump has laid an egg with this. Today on a new station, ( I’m sorry I can’t recall which news source) I saw Jim Acosta standing in America and looking across the Rio Grande to Mexico----on the Acosta side in America, there was a trailer park and a shuffle board site------NO WALL----only a river ---------so I guess that immigrants will just move on down the road—or river— and cross there. Maybe , someone will make larger recreational drones and just fly people over in the dead of night-----and Trump, trying to stop immigrants from coming from countries that America has corrupted is just silly, and USELESS!



A part of me kind of wants him to have the balls to declare a national emergency, just to see how big the resulting train wreck will be. We all know a constitutional crisis is coming sooner or later. As other posters here have stated, we are likely already in one. A part of me is thinking “we are all fucked anyway, lets see it burn down in the most spectacular way possible”.


Hate to break it to you, but the army belongs to the oligarchs. Always has, always will.


Trump-Pence have got to go. Those guys are joined at the hip.



The Oligarchs as you put them, love one thing more than anything, a happy population spending money.

If you are implying that they would, if they could turn the United States Military against the majority of the population, I believe that you will never live to see that day.

Not for any other reason than, regardless of what you think, the Military will never follow those orders.

I know many here at Common Dreams believe you’re right and I am wrong about this, however, I am more confident than you, that our men and women in uniform will never carry out such an order.


Military jail is no picnic. I think it all went to what Tarsus indicated when the weeded out the last of the drafted guys.
Hope is eternal, and we can be there to encourage them to side with the public.


You should really read Smeadley Butler’s book “war is a racket” if only to understand what the US army actually is, and just how close America was to becoming the very thing you seem to believe could never happen.
As for those brave civilian killing mercenaries you seem to adore refusing to carry out such an order, Obama implemented a litmus test designed to weed out any and all officers who would refuse an order to fire on American citizens.
More over, those police officers currently rampaging around the nation and killing more citizens than the death squads of apartheid south Africa, they are mostly former military.


Wonder why everyone keeps pretending that never happened.
Even Naomi Klein, who really aught to know better, keeps warning against a “constitutional crisis”, which in reality would only give Trump the exact same powers he already inherited from the previous administrations.


Yes, the exact same inherited powers and now Goose Step by Goose Step inching toward dictatorial powers. Made possible by the traitors in our government who almost unanimously voted for the PA and the NDAA.


Americans are not a passive society. If hard core policing ever takes place they had better travel in herds. Not even that is likely to save them if they going door to door.
If they shout loud enough that they would like to challenge us, they will be accommodated.