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'No Militarists' or 'Corporate Goons': Progressives Urge Biden to Appoint Foreign Policy Team That Rejects Status Quo of Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/no-militarists-or-corporate-goons-progressives-urge-biden-appoint-foreign-policy


These progressives delivered a terse and tough message to Joe DiMentio:

Don’t you dare appoint another warhawk cabinet…Or we’ll vote for you anyway – this time we mean it!"


There are a whole lot of nations that are not interested in war. By beating swords into ploughshares Joe could establish a legacy for himself as one of the greats. It would not be his based on his time in the Senate, as we know, but one of opportunity. Let’s hope he can be talked into it.


I commend them for their energy in urging Biden to reject the status quo of endless war. He will ignore them completely.


If experience is any guide, he won’t just ignore them.

And the ghost writer of his history as President will write that “no one feels the true gravity of national security until they occupy the desk in the oval office [where the real US killing machine is accessed].”

Or some shit like that.


This manifesto is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Well and clearly stated. Little to no ambiguity. Realistic.

Now, to turn it into action.


Dear Vice President Biden,
We strongly urge you to rethink everything you’ve ever stood for, and go against the funders who have always bankrolled your career.
Weak Tea


Unbelievable isn’t it? Do you really think Biden or any other democrat cares, even in the slightest, if someone is carrying around a sign or asking for a favor. Are people really so stupid as to believe that Biden’s going to turn against his millions of dollars of militant corporate sponsorship because of a few signs for a few hours somewhere on the weekend? Biden doesn’t need their vote anymore because the democrats got exactly what they always wanted, a candidate like Trump to run against that even a worm like Biden could defeat, and this whether progressives vote for Biden or not. This is not Trumps fault, or the republicans, its not Biden’s fault, it’s the idiotic American voters’ fault, and as a population we are nowhere near worthy of anything better. Not even close.


No M4A, more corporate dark money going to me, more war, fight progressive ideas. I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.


As much as I join you in blaming the lazy, unimaginative, and just plain cowardly American electorate, there is the bought-and-paid-for inertia of the 2-party farce to point a finger at. It’s been dominating our false choice narrative for a long ass time. And having dropped out of the process of voting for Brands D or R back in 2008, I can tell you it’s refreshing out here in third option land. Also, damn lonely.


I’ve heard the media argument but if you cant see through the media bias and are uninformed in the age of internet, yet somehow are able to tell me who the halfback of the Philadelphia Chiefs is and where he was born - I’m not buying it. The fact is Americans are s-t-u-p-i-d, unbelievably stupid people.


They may mean well and I would not call those progressives stupid but I would argue they are certainly totally naive! If Biden was not a war mongering puppet and tool for Wall Street and the MIC, Biden would never have been allowed the nomination by the DNC for POTUS. Bernie is proof of my statement.


I won’t argue your point about stupid Americans - they are legion. However, let us not forget that the deliberate ‘dumbing down’ of US citizens has been policy for TPTB for decades. It will take decades, but we can, over time, educate people, eventually. Small comfort, for sure. But I do not believe that americans are inherently stupid. And many of our young people are waking up quickly.


Dear Vice President Biden,

As the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, you have the opportunity to reformulate U.S. foreign policy and national security strategy to achieve the necessary, fundamental re-envisioning of the United States’ role in the world.

Dear Progressives:
Great Ideas, except I do not want to be assassinated!


This thread takes it for granted that trump won’t cheat his way into a reelection. If Biden is elected we will all be splashing around in the kiddy pool while the flood waters keep lashing at our shores. A bit melodramatic I know.

As I often do I take issue with your snark and criticism of people “progressives” who are trying to do something - and that is better than nothing, IMO.

You mention zero alternatives…Yeah, you’re right, the DNC and Biden will near-100% not do a damn thing to rock the for-profit war machine boat, the DNC scum, or any other predatory corporate usury/robbery; they have promised that;

That said, what’s the alternative -your alternative - finding fault and getting a laugh from snark is easy, but accomplishes little or nothing, as does much of what we all write here - openly advocating and fighting, taking some difficult action not so much. Were all those people in the streets “demanding” change just wasting their time? worthless like these people demands?

So, what’s it to be? demonstrate, start a revolution in the streets? Vote trump & co? Don’t vote? Hope Biden sees that he can cement a place in history if he changes utterly? What’s the plan Sceptic that makes the “progressive” letters, demands, and urging so anathema?, What programs or actions do you support that might work or be effective? Inquiring minds want to know.


If you read Mary Trumps latest book, Delirium Tremors has been a pathological liar and a cheat all of his life so does anyone really think it will be any different in November?


And what exactly does the third option land champion advocate, if you don;t mind me asking? Lonely implies unpopular, does that mean we do nothing or follow the odious Randian self-interest drop-out path and just watch while others try and maybe fail?


Fundamentally , unless the USA shifts is focus from Capitalism and the desire to ensure Corporations remain ever more profitable , there can never be an end to US Militarism. The Corporations demand access to other nations resources and their markets so unless these people can pressure the USA to move away from Capitalism and the growth mantra , these appeals to end Militarism will amount to nothing.

One of the other major components of US Militarism is their Pro Israel policy and the existence of NATO.

I do not think one can go at Militarism directly. You have to go to the source of Militarism.


Yes, the proof is that millions of Americans still support Trump!

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