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'No Militarists' or 'Corporate Goons': Progressives Urge Biden to Appoint Foreign Policy Team That Rejects Status Quo of Endless War

As a Neoliberal with a Neocon foreign policy and an army of suicidal liberal centrists voting for him no matter what he says or does / has done… Why would he listen to a word of “what the people” much less “progressives” want? He would tell you all to vote for someone else. Ha!

Welcome to world that lesser evil voting has wrought.

It’s called Tyranny.



I’m not clear if we have “decades” left.

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The proof is that voters support Trump and Biden, but not Sanders.

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I would reword it this way: politically stupid fascist and racist voters support Trump; politically naive voters support Biden; and we progressives have been screwed again. All we can do is write in Bernie.

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I sure hope your optimism is correct, but I worry that Biden has already jumped on the Russia band wagon. So quickly, in fact, that he shows himself to be a part of the New York Times conspiracy.



Nailed it !!

If Biden could commit to this i for one will vote for him.

I’m afraid that only the People will be the force behind bringing Peace to the United States.

Masses and masses of People demanding Peace.


I 'm still sticking with RIGGED primaries and rigged process, as the explanation.


“Does anyone here really think for one moment that Status Quo Joe will betray all of his contacts in the Military Industrial Complex and begin espousing Peace?”



Republicans are now using Hillary and Biden in the same sentence. Hay, things are looking real bad for them, and bringing up the Hillary/ Debbie scam again can’t hurt their cause.

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Not really, to hei credit trump has not started any wars, however he has done profound damage to our democracy and has unleashed the pollution corporations on America and the world. He has caused huge embarrassment to sensible Americans due to his extreme ignorance and lack of knowledge as a leader of our nation.

The only reason we are not at war with Iran right now,is that Iran didn’t take the bait that Pompeo put on the hook.


Democratic controlled armed services committee just gave up a million acres of wildlife refuge to a new military base

I’m so disgusted with both parties


The alternative you are asking for, as I see it, is first of all an alternative system of belief. True, meaningful change cannot be born of the current, hopelessly corrupt political and economic system. The current system is founded on a corrupt and obsolete system of beliefs. To change the current political and economic system, we must first (or concomitantly) change the corrupt and obsolete system of beliefs that undergirds it.

Are we in agreement thus far?

Now, we cannot change the system of beliefs that undergirds the deranged and idiotic Establishment if we continue to buy into that Establishment. Appealing to the Establishment to please, pretty please stop warmongering – stop treating people as disposable, stop treating Earth as disposable – is buying into the Establishment. It is pretending that the Establishment will listen. It is pretending that we still have democratic representation and recourse to the law. We do not have democratic representation in Washington, DC. We do not have recourse to the law anymore. We must be candid about these facts if we are to have hope of changing the system of belief that stands at the base of our ecocidal/ homicidal/suicidal economic and political system.

Those who believe they can coax an ecocidal system to change through linear, utilitarian methods have made a fundamental error. It is an error that reinforces the Establishment and prevents meaningful change from happening. Meaningful change will not happen incrementally, linearly, along utilitarian lines. That is not how belief systems evolve. If the global political-economic system was not fundamentally, irredeemably cannibalist/capitalist, then working within that system would be logical. But this is not the case. There is no representation of the People. There is no democracy. There is no recourse to the law. We are living under a fully-fledged, fully mature, global neoliberal/fascist system. When you pretend that your political representatives are responsive to the People, you merely participate in ruling class myth-making, and this serves to reinforce the Establishment.

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Well said indeed.


I agree that we are not inherently stupid, but we do have an overarching attitude of American Exceptionalism that leads to thinking that we don’t have anything to learn from the educational system or from other countries or peoples. Our scorning of education and the necessary funding of same has resulted in a populace embarrassingly ignorant and arrogant about it. Meanwhile, much of the world looks on at the chest-pounding behemoth, staggering around breaking things, with disgust and horror.


The failure to hold George W. Bush administration officials accountable for disastrous and unlawful decisions that made the United States and the world less safe impeded the Obama administration’s ability to carry out its stated agenda and rectify harmful errors of the past

What kind of word salad is this?


All my respect to those who put their bodies on the street and demonstrate against the injustices that the US government foist against the world’s population. On a progressive news site, such as this one, suspicion as to the true motives of some of the commenters should be questioned. Are they looking for a laugh, just totally cynical or is it more insidious?


Unlike 4 years ago, Biden doesn’t have the high disapproval ratings of Hillary. But like 4 years ago, Biden like Hillary is touting his pro wall street and pro fracking agenda. The democratic party wasn’t listening then, the democratic party is still not listening now. And the American people refuse to listen as well.

While Bernie knows he must change the party and is working hard to do so, we’re quickly running out of time.

“Insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results.” - NA