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'No More Caving' to Austerity Warns Sanders After Biden Lauds Paltry Covid-19 Relief Deal as 'Model' Legislation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/no-more-caving-austerity-warns-sanders-after-biden-lauds-paltry-covid-19-relief-deal


Everyone should thank Nancy Pelosi for her superb tactics. She rejected a $1.8 trillion deal before the election when Trump and his merry gang were worried about being reelected. She had leverage then. Fast forward to the election, Trump goes down in flames so they have nothing left to lose anymore, end of leverage, so we get half of that.

Of course, the suspicion is that she didn’t want to give Trump anything to try to take credit for-politics vs. dire need. These are tactics out of the Mitch McConnell’s playbook; she really should be a Republican and stop masquerading as a human being. Better yet just go away, retire and write some self aggrandizing memoirs.


Starting NOW, the Left has to unite to primary out the corpo-dems from congress in 2022, and replace them with Squad Progressives.
That’s the only way we can begin to turn the Democratic Party leftwards.

As far as I can tell, only the Justice Democrats are consistently working on this project. GOOD FOR THEM. But to really do it nationwide, we need a
Left wing coalition. Tell all your comrades.

PS. I wish we could do it with a 3rd party, but if it didn’t work for Eugene Debs,
it’s not likely to work for us.


Bernie, you are funny. Or maybe pathetic would be a better word.

Hollow words from the guy who voted for the bill, and still won’t call Biden out.


If this is “Model” legislation to Status Quo Joe, he’s certainly going to live up to that nickname.

Peanuts for the monkeys, steaks for the tigers.


“Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday warned of devastating consequences for the United States if Democrats continue capitulating to the GOP’s efforts to impose austerity. . .”

There was no capitulation. It is the good cop bad cop playbook. Both parties are on the same team.


Repubs care more about policy than Dems do. It’s not the policy progressives (or even liberal Dems) want, but it’s policy.

Repubs care more about what is in a piece of legislation than Dems do. All the Establishment Dems care about is getting a deal. They don’t seem to take if it is a good deal or a bad deal, just so there is a deal and they can claim that both parties worked together.

This is a losing strategy as has been shown at least since Obama became president in 2009. Dems have been losing more and more power over the past few decades and more and more people in the working class (note this includes people of all races and ethnicities) are figuring that out.


Emphasizing the need for “an aggressive agenda that speaks to the needs of the working class in this country, income and wealth inequality, health care, climate change, education, racial justice, immigration reform, and so many other vitally important issues,” Sanders added: “No more caving in.” (from article)

But, Pelosi and party disagree. That’s how they get their million$ and billion$. While We the People suffer disease, hunger, homelessness and death.


Hey Bernie

That’s your “good friend” fucking with us, like he did Tara Reade.

How about not “caving in”, and calling him on his shit, instead of “task forcing” with his emissaries?


The irony, Sanders pointed out, is that “this is the same Republican Party so concerned about the deficit” that it does things like …

So, Bernie, it’s just the Republicans’ fault?

Not buying it.

Democrats must be praying they’ll lose the Georgia Senate races. If they win, they’ll have no one to blame until at least the midterms. When will Democrats ever take responsibility for what Democrats do?

Can’t we just realize that neither major party is on our side and that neither major party is worth voting for?


Hi HensTeeth:
I don’t think Bernie voted for that bill…where did you read that?

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I hope against hope that the GOP loses both Senate races but I’d be completely surprised if they did. I think it IS the last thing the CorpoDems want.


More like pathetic to me, Bernie is in my opinion, a progressive con man and what more proof do we need than he backed HRC in 2016 and Biden in 2020 all the time taking millions of $$$$$ from well meaning but naive progressives, when Bernie knew he had no chance! And would have to back out at the last minute.


Bernie thinks we’ll believe anything. Cavers gonna cave.

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And the sad thing is Bernie knows that.


STFU Bernie. The CARES Act was a give-away to the rich and corporations but I voted yes to spread a few peanuts around to the suffering working and poor people. The current bills is totally inadequate but I voted yes to spread a few peanut shells around to fewer working and poor people. Next time, I’m going to really rant and rave before voting yes (since I know there won’t be a next time, I can say this without laughing). Go away Bernie, your “pragmatic” socialism is killing us.

Biden, “I’ve been telling you who I was for 43 years so why are you mad at me for praising the current act as model legislation. Are you people so blind you still can’t see who and what I am?”


Who should Bernie actually have supported, that had a chance to win at the time he supported Hillary or Joe?
And for those unaware, Bernie voted AGAINST the covid bill because of it’s inadequate provisions.

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The CD news story this morning on the passing of the bill states:
The Vermont senator voted for the relief legislation, noting that “the average family of four will receive a direct payment of $2,400.”
So he voted for, not against, the legislation.

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He called it pathetic, but still voted for it.



Four more years. This time it’s the donkeys screwing people. Or maybe “bipartisan”. Ouch.