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'No More Climate Tweets': Zinke Scolds Head of National Park for Tweeting About Scientific Reality


'No More Climate Tweets': Zinke Scolds Head of National Park for Tweeting About Scientific Reality

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Interior Secretary sends message that under the Trump administration sending out content that conveys scientific consensus of climate change is a no-no


I don’t even have to stick my finger down my throat, government actions seem to do the trick now. BARF!
We’re on a zinkeing ship.




Zinke is doing a good job in suppressing the truth that would win praise from any fascist. Considering all the deniers there are in this country many others have also done their bit to suppress the truth on climate change and pretty much everything else political. And Putin must be besides himself seeing a new authoritarian state emerging in the Western hemisphere, and the United States no less. The fascists still have a way to go but they are certainly making progress. If they reach a point where the elections are bogus as in Russia then they will be able to declare total victory. But they aren’t there yet so maybe they can still be stopped.


Another disastrous dictate from zero zippo zilch Zinkman. May the next horse he tries to ride pitch him off and trample him into a zillion Zinke pieces.


The USA is now entering into the Dark Ages 2.0. Why is it that all the criminal class rise to the top in the USA and the citizens simply accept it as normal. The USA is going down the drain once and for all and the citizens are enabling it all the way.


All one needs to do is imagine the worst possible position on any issue and that is the position that this bizzaro admin. is taking.


You don’t own the National Parks Zinke, the people do! Where do you get off trying to suppress the truth? Keep your damn politics out of the Parks!


The sole qualification criteria to get a Trump appointment is the ability and willingness to “Suppress the truth”.


And being a sociopath gives them bonus points!


Obviously, Elites/corporations have been much more anxious
to take total control over government and anything that would
inform the public than most of us might have recognized…

Some info on Global Warming was getting out during the Obama
era – and before… but very slowly.

Elites seem to be less concerned that they’ve destroyed the planet
and humanity’s ability to live on it, than that they may currently lose
some bucks.

Would just also mention that very quickly after Trump’s election -
along about June 15 – there were many “edits” of Wiki being
introduced. A lot of whitewashing going on.


This looks like McCarthy Era – Part II …

Not only censorship moving rapidly through government,
but purging of liberals/moderates and other sane people
in government.

Actually, I’m surprised that at the moment there still is a
National Park left!


And here I thought Zinke was the least worst choice for Interior. Oops on my part. Looks like he was just a “worst” among other “worsts.”


Don’t forget the blatant red-baiting “The Russians are coming” that very might bring us to the brink of nuclear war again.



True – though when I see the “commie” comments I find them just laughable that
anyone would believe that fear-based propaganda still.

But when you look at what the Dems were doing – Albright/Hillary and Syria – ME…
it’s clear that both parties work together for Imperialism for benefit of Elites.

I can only see the uprisings in the ME as inspired by the CIA and a betrayal of real
citizens in those nations who wanted democracy/freedom from dictatorships.
And then the US moved in and we now have perpetual war in ME … and who benefits
but Elites?

Also if you look at the map and watch NATO surrounding Russia and nearing closer
to China it is obvious what is afoot by BOTH parties.

And, imo, they will NOT hesitate at moving to nuclear war.
They’ve been trying for years to develop “more readily usable” nuclear bombs/weapons.


“Elites”. Apparently they would shit in their own mouth if the price was right. Extreme wealth may cause a kind of stupidity.


I believe you are right holygeezer, I see no rebounding after this administration’s devastation.