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No More Excuses: Sen. Warren Lambastes DOE on Student Loans

No More Excuses: Sen. Warren Lambastes DOE on Student Loans

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Can the U.S. Department of Education be trusted to protect the millions of Americans with federal student loans?

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has tussled with the federal agency before, isn't so sure.


Can Elizabeth Warren be trusted to endorse Bernie? That is the question I would like answered!


No more excuses Senator Warren…endorse Bernie Sanders now…you both work toward the same general goals including ending the student loan rip-off. Of course there are political prices to be paid from the Clinton machine, but that’s what leaders do - take risks protecting what’s right - and if perchance to win with Bernie, political victories and moral rewards…

Addendum - on Warrens failure to endorse prior to the Mass primary and its consequences!


"…the Education Department gave Navient a new contract and a pay increase, it cleared Navient and its other major loan contractors of wrongdoing in what its inspector general described this week as a bogus investigation marred by errors and other anomalies." (emphases added)

Those “other anomalies” are in fact anything but. They are SOP - the work of yet another governmental agency going about its daily business of deliberately violating its raison d’etre.

From the DOE inspector general’s report:

“… the press release of May 26, 20 I5, is unsupported and inaccurate. In response to the results of our review, the Department stated that it was a management decision to not require further corrective actions for periods reviewed due to limited servicing errors identified and that the decision was not primarily based on a statistical analysis.” (emphasis added)

Another “captive agency,” with “management” that decides that it’s got better things to do than what it was created to do. Are we at 100% now?

Our henhouses are full of foxes.


Sen. Warren, by not endorsing Bernie, chose not to be a profile in courage.


Exactly what I wrote yesterday in ThisCantBeHappening.net (so far not picked up by Common Dreams). Check it out at www.thiscantbehappening.net/node.3062


When I use the link to your site I get the message “page not found.”

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Whoops! That should be www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/3062


Thanks Dave, I forgot about the establishment stacking southern primaries as a reaction to McGovern, one of my favorites. Well it is linked now and most will read it.


As long as she doesn’t endorse Trump (yeah, right) I could care less. Let her do her jog regardless of politics!

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Sorry–JOB. I don’t care about her exercise regimen either.

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I sent her an email at her Mass. website and told her how dismayed I was at her not endorsing Sanders. cowardly behavior to me and I will no longer send her any funds. she can raise what she needs by herself. very sad. if she had endorsed him, he would have won the state by a landslide. just who is she after all???


The financial establishment is in the proverbial ICU with seizures and one of the intravenous feeds is student loan debt. Each debt on the books, just like credit card debt, bank loans and mortgages is the basis for the spreadsheet generation of some 100 times the ‘value’ for - whoopdie do - extending denial that casino style speculation by the big banks is kaput, an ex-system, DOA. It is a case of seizure in all senses of the word.

All forms of privatized life must now (not!) bow and scrape before coercive demands glinting off the double-edged sword of double digit trillion$$$ debacle modeled after the caged gerbil wheel. Battery not included.

All of the “captive agencies” are failing under predatory economic policy of ‘capture’ of the highest debt rates possible from as many life essentials as possible. That is to “externalize” ANY and ALL costs/consequences. Looks like 1+1= somewhere in the range of, oh lets say 78 trillion

Now there seems to be a genetic aberration with the foxes - 'cause they’re multiplying like rabbits.


I SECOND THAT, PLEASE SENATOR WARREN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. whoops caps on. Bernie needs you, the DNC is not treating Bernie very well. We don’t need another Clinton in White House, status quo won’t do anymore and Trump will tromp her.


No, she cannot and must not endorse Bernie at this stage, or any stage prior to Bernie being the nominee, and that has zilch to do with trust! It is all about strategy!

Elizabeth and Bernie are the most powerful forces for their common programs. If she throws in with Bernie now and he does not succeed, then the whole movement will collapse.

If Hillary gets the vote, then Elizabeth has to work with her and save as much of the common goals as she can… I am sure, that Bernie is aware of that and agrees.

B and E are both white, from the relatively white NE and Elizabeth’s program would add very little to Bernie’s appeal. but an endorsement would put too much at jeopardy.
Much more important would be endorsements from the colored and Muslim community, although even the latter might backfire.


That is an eminent bunch of crap, and only shows that you have no idea of Elizabeth’s academic and political past.
Read her book “A Fighting Chance”, which chronicles her life from her humble beginnings to her present position as (very powerful) Senator of Massachusetts. You will see, that her goals and her integrity parallel those of Bernie very closely.



Two takes on her:




PS: I saw this article only after my first reply to you. It explains why Elizabeth Warren cannot and will not throw her weight behind Bernie.
I agree with all that is said in that article, including that she will likely decline the VP position. She is much more effective if not constraint by the fetters of the White House.

Having said that, from studying her past fights, I know, that she is much closer to Bernie than to Hillary.

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Elizabeth Warren has turned out to be a calculating politician, playing the jockeying for power and position game we’re all so sick of politicians playing. If she had stood with her own principles regarding Wall Street and Big Money by endorsing Bernie, she would have grown in power and stature with her supporters. Instead, she will fade into irrelevance and be a footnote among footnotes.

She will now forever be seen through the lens of being just another politician whenever she “lambasts DOE on Student Loans” or whatever else she decides to toot about.


Precisely so, as to the cage deliberately constructed to house the gerbils, and as to the other construction of “derivatives,” two modes of ongoing and accelerating extraction of “wealth” from “markets.”

Ask friends: Say friends, where did these trillion-plus dollars in consumer debt, trillion-plus dollars in mortgage debt, trillion-plus dollars in education debt, emerge from? What if the historical development of these piles of debt were analyzed from an engineering perspective?

With specific regard to education debt:

  • How did past US generations work their way through college?
  • How do educated adults in other countries avoid the life burden of heavy education debt?
  • How has it come to be that education debt, absolutely uniquely, is preserved through personal bankruptcy?