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No More Excuses: Sen. Warren Lambastes DOE on Student Loans

Bullshit !!!

The movement is the people. That’s who she would be supporting if she endorsed Bernie.

Apparently that’s something neither you nor Warren understand. It’s not about Beltway insider baseball.


Warren sez review raises: “… serious questions about whether the Department and its Office of Federal Student Aid can be trusted to protect the millions of borrowers under its care.”

Actually, I have a serious question about whether that’s even in the department’s mandate at this point.


Elizabeth, nobody cares about your objections to the student loan rip-offs. The whole system is corrupt and you know it. You’ve said it. Calling on a corrupt agency to fix its corruption is a joke. That’s why we need someone like Bernie Sanders in the White House, and you just failed to help that happen, when you could have made a difference, by endorsing him before the Massachusetts primary.

Had you done so, he would certainly have obtained the extra 1% of the vote to win the state, and to go forward having basically fought Hillary to a tie in the Super Tuesday competition. Instead, it was 7 states to 4.

Nice work! You should be proud of yourself. Maybe there will be a job for you in the Clinton White House, where you can provide the window dressing needed for further rapine behavior by the financial elite.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


And where was our “liberal” President?!? Nowhere to be found!! Feel the Bern!


Warren’s behavior is pretty weird vis-a-vis Bernie. The fact that she’s the only Dem Senator not to endorse the War Witch (yet hasn’t endorsed Bernie either) makes me feel that this whole thing is a just a show: that she knows Bernie isn’t serious about winning, that Hillary is inevitable, and that a great big exercise in sheep-dogging is going on.

How many punches do Bernie and Warren have to pull before you realize the fight is rigged?

If only, if only, if only - when you find yourself asking those questions about some strange, unprincipled, seemingly self-defeating behavior by the Democratic Party, it’s usually a sign you’re being played.

If and when Bernie and Warren are asking you to vote Hillary in 3 or 4 months, tell them where to stick it.


Spoken like somebody who fixes all things wit a hammer. Strategy be damned!

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I don’t understand why so many posters here seem to think so many of Bernie’s supporters are “sheep-dogable.”

If that happens, telling them where to stick it will be a waste of time. If that happens, I (and probably many others who believe in the ideas that Bernie is advancing) will be looking for other, more productive options for promoting those ideas. After all, great as he is, Bernie is nowhere near “all we got,” as he would be the first to tell you…

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Jeebus christ on a stick people!
W T H?
Firstly, this article is about crap student loan policy at the DOEd.
Warren delivers as usual, calling out shit on obvious ursurous shit.
Then the righteous herd here goes all out coo-coo lambasting Warren for for ‘not supporting’ or endorsing Sanders.
Like she’d ever support Hillary, the bank$ter’s bitch? yeah, right…I highly doubt it.
The self-righteous circular firing squad aims at someone who’s actually more on ‘our’ side than most in the senate? I am so sick of the imaginary ideal of perfection in political candidates; it ain’t gonna happen, everybody just happens to be human, as in not perfect, so grow up.

Ms Warren will let us know what the what when SHE’s ready to do so.
Let’s not forget that the Clintons’ play vicious, for keeps and have long memories.
And I, for one, highly doubt that she will sign on for any VP position.
She’s said so, numerous times and I believe her on this one.


I’d like to make a couple of comments here about 2 issues I have questions on, and if anyone else has further insight, please do respond.

  1. Many of us Bernie supporters (including myself) have wondered what is taking Elizabeth Warren so long to endorse Bernie. For my part, I’ve speculated as to how intense the Clinton political pressure machine must be in Washington D.C. since every woman in the Senate endorsed her, except EW, to her credit - though she complimented important features of Bernie’s position, she has not outright endorsed him.

We see that Alan Grayson, FL, got around these problems by asking people to vote on who he should endorse - whereupon, he received overwhelmingly, via voting, the view that he should endorse Bernie. So he did (which we figure he wanted to).

O.k. I saw on twitter today a tweet asserting that EW hasn’t endorsed Bernie because she also has received money from Emily’s List.

That’s point one.

  1. With the exception of Jill Stein, Bernie is legions beyond any of front-runner candidates on student loans. (We have two generations worth in our household, at this juncture - and all while attending public universities and state colleges.) Bernie stated during one campaign stop, at least, that he wants to lower the interest rates to 2 percent - for current borrowers as well as those paying these loans back.

I will make this point here - to give EW some benefit of the doubt and with respect to conflicts of interest. And again, this is in no way meant to discourage people from voting for Bernie.

But - it is my one sticking point, although he is the best in terms of front running candidates (Jill is big, but she doesn’t have a chance to get elected in this election - and so, let’s get over that point.)

Here’s the point. MY student loan was sold by the DOE to a loan handler in VERMONT. (Frankly, I don’t think they do as good a job in terms of records, but that may be besides the point.) My point is that Bernie has endorsed this group - he has said this group is great because they are prociding low interest loans to Vermont residents, families, what-have-you. And, he did not state in this endorsement, that I read, on the internet, that this is yet another student loan collector like Navient or whatever they’re called. (And certainly, I have had disputes with this group, that calls their reputation into question, as well! For one, they threatened to dishonestly harm my credit by lying about my payment record - BETWEEN THE LINES. So they’re just as unscrupulous as Navient, I’m sure.)

So … what is this about?

And could this, instead, have anything to do with EW’s lack of endorsement, at this jucnture - since it would compromise her ability to vigorously pursue these demon debt collectors as they so richly deserve.

Again: VOTE FOR BERNIE. And you’re nuts if you vote for Hillary AT ALL, IMO.

So don’t get me wrong here. But, no one is above criticism or scrutiny.


So, you don’t think that Sanders would NEED someone like Warren in the senate to advance his ideas and programs???

If I had to choose, I would prefer a hammer to a cliche’.

I admire strategy. But if that is what Warren is trying to exercise, she’s a failure at it. Clinton will not help her with Glass-Steagle, free education, Single Payer, or worker-friendly trade. So please tell me, since you admire subtlety so much, just what is her strategy?


Postscript: The name of the Vermont collection agency is VSAC.

And I will tell you this. The Department of Education is a big pimp outfit. There are many women who have gone to prostitution to pay off these loans. And consider all this as Billary and their trade deals will skyrocket prostitution since American jobs are screwed with more of their neo-liberal economy destroying policies coming in, if she wins their dynamic duo yet another term (along with Chelsea and her son-of-a-mobster husband also going back in with the in-laws).

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Good piece. I wasn’t familiar with this site - glad to find out about it…

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OMG - GMO neoliberals?

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What planet do you live on? The hell it isn’t about strategy and insider baseball. Grow up.

“Like she’d ever support Hillary, the bank$ter’s bitch? yeah, right…I highly doubt it.”

Er, are you saying she will not support the Democratic nominee if that turns out to be Hillary, the woman she has already called her “good friend”?

You’re right that she won’t sign on for VP because she will not be invited to do so; Hillary’s owners would not have that.

Free college? Sure, Hillary will sign that legislation. Prosecuting Wall Street corruption? It is to laugh. Getting big money out of politics? Jill Stein could tell some stories about how the Democratic Party really feels about that.

Bernie’s “revolution” dies with Bernie’s nomination hopes (if they do die, likely but not certain). Beyond that, all of this has been less than a waste of time; just a whole bunch of revolutionary energy safely dissipated and buried in the Democratic Party’s ever-expanding graveyard of social movements.

Fooled again…

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Warren’s policy positions, especially her considerable ire at the ever continuing bank$ter fraud-o-rama show, puts her at total odds with the Clinton camp, so no she’d never be asked to fill that slot. Duh.
Filling the VP slot on any ticket is usually based on regional and demographic strategy.
Given the total crazy that this election is shaping up (the R’s, holy crap…) to be, who knows what that will look like…
Will she get behind the eventual Dem nominee? I put away my crystal ball long ago and Vegas just ain’t my town.
I wouldn’t put too much stock in the ‘good friend’ bit, it is D.C. after all and women tend to play just a wee bit ‘nicer’ than the boyz do.

btw, I am solid for Bernie.

I’ve given Bernie a little over $50 so far.
If Bernie asks me to support Clinton, would it be too out of line to ask for my money back?


I don’t know… That’s assuming the revolution is Bernie’s. Given the widespread scope of the discontent with the status quo, I’m not so sure it is. Don’t leaders of revolutions generally just get in front of groundswells?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Still, more than at any time I recall since the 60s, it seems like “something is happening and [I] don’t know what it is…”

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