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'No More Excuses': With Senate Majority Reclaimed, Progressives Demand Bold Agenda From Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/08/no-more-excuses-senate-majority-reclaimed-progressives-demand-bold-agenda-biden


You can just cut and paste this headline, interspersed with ones on progressive disappointment, for the next four years.


For half a century this country has moved to the right, look at the results! And these people are afraid of socialism!!!


Wonder how they’re going to square the circle of ‘bold agenda’ and ‘nothing will fundamentally change’ ?


With Manchin just basically announcing that he’s going to embrace the role of the (arguably) human veto pen, anything that isn’t right wing will require at least 1 Repo to offset the fake Repo.

The reality is you’re going to be hearing the same old, “but the blue dogs!” refrain you always hear.

Nothing changes for the better. But I am expecting more war.


Schedule meetings to discuss but never do.


Manchin will switch parties and give Mcconnell his job back … this country is fucking pathetic


Trade agreements like the WTO already block most of what I have seen suggested here. This is why there is so much drama going on, they are hoping that people don’t investigate the policy space thats been stolen, locking us into a far right, corporatist grab of policy. Both parties are likely cooperating to distract the entire country from the very scary implications of what Harvard economist Dani Rodrik calls “hyperglobalization”.



The neoliberals will just find or create a new roadblock.


Cue empty promises, grand standing, whining, and waving hands from the #FraudSquad and Bernie.

It’s all meaningless. If you all think Pelosi, Schumer, Biden will do anything “progressive” other than PR maneuvers you are delusional.

The Rightwing fascists in the Republican Party just organized a coup and the #FraudSquad couldn’t even organize hold their votes for Pelosi as speaker to demand a floor vote for Medicare for All #ForceTheVote.

There are no progressive heroes in that whore House called the Congress.

They’d all rather protect their position, party and their career than fight for people.

Real progressives need to wake from our delusions and see the reality for us to properly organize against this White Supremacist Authoritarian Oligarchy of a failed state formally known as USA.


Well if we’re going to get gridlock then The Squad should block all funding legislation. Of course they won’t.


yep. it’s just the same old punch n judy show as it always is.

keep the faithful whipped into a frenzy and proceed with the looting as scheduled.


I fear you are correct. DINO Manchin has already said he opposes the $2,000 stimulus relief to people. West Va.'s governor is a RethugliKKKan, so even if Manchin is somehow “retired”, a true RethugliKKKan would be appointed.

Cruelty and selfishness are the true beliefs of too many AmeriKKKans, especially those in power in politics and corporate offices.

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For anyone interested in the first national
The People’s Party National Call - 1.7.2021

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Thank you! On it!

They don’t need to, we’ve already created rules that block all progressive everything, (except for progressive liberalization, the policy noose, look that up)

No, the Democrats need him as the fall guy. They’ll take good care of him so they can always say, “If only it were not for the Blue Dogs like Manchin.”


I expect one of the first things that B and H will undertake is bringing back another attempt at the TPP. They’ll give it another name most likely but it will be just as toxic or even worse.


One word: Manchin …he is a toxic corporatist…cares only for himself, coal and pharmaceutical companies.

I want Nina.