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'No More Poison': World Unites for Annual #MarchAgainstMonsanto


'No More Poison': World Unites for Annual #MarchAgainstMonsanto

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

For the third year in a row, activists around the world are taking up the mantle against Monsanto.

The March Against Monsanto is taking place on Saturday in 428 cities across 38 countries as activists raise awareness over the potential dangers of the agrochemical giant's products—from its genetically modified seeds to the carcinogens in its Roundup line of herbicides.


Meanwhile Monsanto seeks to purchase one of its largest competitors Sygenta.

More alarming yet the European Commission is revising its patent laws which will allow Monsanto the ability to patent plants like tomatoes and lettuce. Between Monsanto and Sygenta some 30 food plants will become patented.

While it argued that this applies only to plant seed varieties that have been genetically modified this ignores some very important issues

  1. 99 plus percent of the genome of that particular plant was developed by nature and not Monsanto yet Monsanto will get 99 percent of that plants genome for free. This is theft

  2. Monsanto and Sygenta both develop seed varieties that are self terminating and this trait has been spreading into the wild thus in effect eliminating natural varieties.

3)Monsanto and Syngeta are heavily involved in the production of herbicides and pesticides that are used on field crops. The use of such chemicals increases the resistance of pest species to the same which in turn become a greater risk to other non GMO varieties .Added to this the use of such plants and chemicals destroys the health of the soil. This soil destruction in turn impacts the ability of non GMO species to grow in that soil.

In essence Monsanto gets to steal from the commons and destroy the commons as a means towards eliminating alternatives even as they patent these plants as their exclusive property.

This is the very essence of the concept of “private property” . It little more than theft codified into law and pointed out as the means to freedom even as it enslaves the masses to the owner class.


Really, really good comments because on the mark. Things sure look like the devil. We will have to find a way to drive a stake through its heart.


Two Documentaries worth seeing from www.topdocumentaryfilms.com are Fed Up! and The World According to Monsanto.


Yep. Better to eat less and buy organic. Also, I rather think we take this idea even further to encompass the entire system.


I hope we ARE ALREADY making change from the bottom up because from the top down is just more ‘trickle down’, feeding the horses to feed the birds, in my estimation. From the top down it’s just the love of greed, nothing more.


Our local news organizations did not even report this story.