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No, Mr. President, I Am Not Obstructing Justice

No, Mr. President, I Am Not Obstructing Justice

Libby Schaaf

When President Trump was admonishing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to charge me with obstruction of justice Wednesday, I was at Harvard University sharing how we intend to give every child from Oakland, Calif., the opportunity to attend college.

Like all cities, Oakland suffers from disparities. Our African American and Latino children finish college at vastly lower rates than whites. That achievement gap is a tragic legacy of our country’s racist history.


Compare the level of crime committed between the average “undocumented” immigrant, and Donald Trump.

If you have been paying “any” attention at all to Mr. Muellers investigation, you know that Trump and his family are guilty of Elitist crimes that they have profited from, however, being able to buy politicians and high priced lawyers, they are able to avoid prosecution.


Hurrah for Mayor Schaaf! She is putting the general welfare of Oakland’s People first!

She could provide an example, to the administration and the congress, of what a true "Public Servant) does! Instead they will persecute her.


Deporting the Mendoza-Sanchezes is a continuation of the policies which doom this country to being unable to heal, or become whole. This country was founded on genocide and enriched through slavery, and we have never owned up to those original sins. Nor do we acknowledge that the state from which these people were deported, my adopted state of California, was stolen at gunpoint from Mexico. We continue to perpetuate these types of actions because we’re too cowardly to admit they were and are simply wrong.


I find myself reminded of the “shock doctrine”. Trump would appear to be back on ‘recharge’ mode for his electric cattle prod version of 24/7 bull to avoid the rigors of democracy. By calling refugees and immigrants “animals”, he apparently does so to rationalize his irrational mania [in the plural]. He is also pushing the envelope closer and closer to proving a notion that if you do not stand against abuses there comes a point when someone like Trump will also shock by grabbing the nearest body to use you as a human shield or make you an accessory to his border(line) criminality.

… so far


On the notion of “sin” - I tend to think that many lives hijacked by ultra-right wing “christian” actions like Pence media stunt of all the $ and effort to go to a football game so that he could walk out - reflect a truly dangerous schizophrenic conflation of the message of the christ with the inherent distortions arising from institutionalization of predatory capitalism. The disease apparently has another side effect: selective blindness.


A huge BRAVA to you Mayor Schaaf!


Well, there have been substantial tensions between Schaaf and residents victimized by the OPD. Schaaf picked a broken-windows style police chief who promoted all the high-ranking officers implicated in the sexual victimization of a teenager - and that’s not the only jaw-dropping instance of police impunity around here, thanks to Schaaf.

People worried about gentrification don’t generally regard Schaaf as an ally… And so forth…

But with a reverse-endorsement like this from Satan incarnate, and her adeptness in returning the compliment so eloquently, it does look as if Schaaf’s prospects have been immeasurably improved. And I think it’s totally fair to say: this gal’s really got ovaries!


There was no mention of “high-ranking” cops being promoted…but many fired…I did find these articles.

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Oakland Police Chief Doubles-Down on Promoting the Cops Who Covered-Up the Celeste Guap Case

During the Guap case in 2015, Lois was deputy chief, overseeing the Bureau of Investigations, and Holmgren was the lieutenant overseeing the homicide division. Along with Capt. Kirk Coleman of the criminal-investigation division, they were the three most-senior personnel overseeing the sex-crime allegations. Their failings to sufficiently investigate officer wrongdoing were exhaustively documented in the Swanson-Barron report.

Celeste Guap was just a 17-year old, the daughter of a police dispatcher, who wound up getting passed around by several police departments like sex candy. My own mayor, here in Richmond, is also implicated in victimizing this girl - helping cover up the crime by almost kidnapping her and hustling her off to Florida, of all places. When I hear of yet another official willing to pile onto this Celeste Guap tarbaby, it’s not a good sign.

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Sorry, I linked to the wrong East Bay Express story there (although the linked one is also interesting, about Schaaf personally honoring these scumball officers in a secret ceremony).

Here’s the fixed link to the one about promoting the cops.

This article reminded me of a historical event in a small country in Europe, that shall not be named, and which is known for protecting the Jews during the 2nd world war. With the capitulation of Italy, Germany occupied that country, and asked the prime minister to provide a list of all Jewish families. The mayor (though subservient for other matters), told the German’s there aren’t any, and on the other hand notified the Jews. More than upholding his own values, he was just reflecting the morals of the society in that country.


Hardly, While it is commendable and Californians support diversity and immigration 59% in the Bay Area support enforcement for undocumented immigrants and criminal immigrants involved in drug trafficking. Currently, they have to be arrested three times and convicted to be deported. And, no one has called for extermination of anyone. This includes Latinos that also have a majority opinion of 53%.

If Schaaf is “obstructing justice”, she is obstructing a small fraction of the justice that Trump and the GOP have been obstructing with their obstruction of Obama’s judicial nominees at all levels and subsequent stacking courts with young right wing judges.

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This article, among other things, points out ignorant “it” is and how “it” revels in it’s ignorance. Anything which take intellectual thought is simply discarded by it’s reptilian brain. Better to have a gila monster for a pet. That animal knows how to use the tools given to it, and it’s a much less hazardous representation of the reptile line.

This an issue that’s close to the heart that Trump has zero understand of. In fact, he is so dangerous because literally he has no understanding of any issue that’s confronting the country. Just like his “infrastructure program”–there was never anything there. Civil engineers , economists. He made it up. He has NO intellectual capacity. I think once the tax act becomes real and most people realize where we are headed we will remove him. He will never win on DACA in the long run. Anyone who proposes a 1000 mile+ border wall is delusional. The most delusional we have ever had.

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