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"No, Mr. President," Sanders Says Before Election Day. "You're Not Standing Up for Working Families."

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/01/no-mr-president-sanders-says-election-day-youre-not-standing-working-families


Thank You Bernie


If Biden wins he will owe his job to independent voters.


If we let him. If he wins the REAL resistance should mobilize.


Ah, good. More solidarity. Thanks for nothing.


Has Trump kept a single promise he has made? I think not. Now we are in the midst of an election he is trying, desperately to steal, a constitutional crisis certainly.


If I ever get a chance to visit trump at the WH, I have to remember to put my wallet in my front pocket.
I guess corporate give away’s are legal.
Well, there goes half of next years military budget.


If trump loses he will have to suffer the loss, plus he is likely to have to be dragged out of the WH kicking and screaming. That means he will have to live down the loss and his childish behaviors.
Republicans try to list accomplishments of trump. They exaggerate, lie, or misrepresent almost all of it.


sigh—I love everything that Bernie stands for----and I hate what the DNC has become.
Trump is a greedy, soulless nightmare. I am worried about trump doing well in Pennsylvania. I hope everyone remembers what Ben Franklin said in Pennsylvania on the passage of the Constitution: " it’s a republic if we can keep it."

And so, I have to vote for Biden—although it should be Bernie, but with Trump–no one in America is safe, and neither is the world!


Thanks BID, for adding to the common sense that is in short supply around here.
Question is: If people aid trump by voting 3rd party or don’t vote at all, do they deserve the right to complain here?
They will have already aided and abetted in the reelection of trump at that point.
Whether a conscience vote or not. imo.
And we have run out of time to bicker about that.


Franklin also told Ecuyer to hunt Pontiac’s allies with the dogs wealthy planters paid poors to use, ah, er… protecting lost property. He’d also promoted the smallpox blankets & kerchiefs schtick, that proved bad PR as everybody bragged about it, right as the settlers could’ve used their former Mingo, Lenape & Wyandotte hunters, guides & troops.


Vote like you are ordered to vote.
You may only speak if you say what I want.
You are allowed no opinions of your own.
You must worship the opinions I tell you to.

Democracy is dead. People like you killed it.

When “worse than Trump” comes along. Remember that you are one of the people who created him.


Hi Beli_Tarsi:
Oh that’s depressing news… but I thought the smallpox episodes began long after Franklin had died and left the planet. What is the source for this? Although, I am sure that Franklin’s long suffering wife would have plenty of negatives to add too re: his philandering Still I value what he said about the republic and he has proved right about that, including the brains yet coniving clump of trump which we have today. : )


Get the chip off your shoulder.
Nobody said that you don’t have the right to vote. Therefore democracy, what there is of it bounces along.
We will have to agree to disagree.
I’ve thrown my vote away before too so I know that it may feel right, but it solves nothing.


True, but not to me.  (I wrote in “Bernie” and 'Beth", but here in SoCal it won’t matter.  If I lived in a ‘swing state’ I’d have held my nose – really hard – and voted for Biden just to oust Tweetle-Dumb.)

What you mean-um “probably”, Kemo Sabe?   (Which explains my actions described above.)


Swiss Mercenary, Simeon Ecuyer wrote Henry Bouquet that he’d planned to have trader William Trent convey the two blankets to Guyasuta’s parley & reply comments included Ben’s. This was during Pontiac’s 1763 “insurrection” and if Fort Pitt fell, Detroit was toast? Both of these were typical tactics at the time. Natives tended to carry Pennsylvania rifles, which took considerably longer to load than Brown Bess muskets. And I’m guessing Guyasuta and especially the Shawnee had BAD memories of white folks’ diseases? Bushy Run broke the seige, but this crime fucked-up further alliances, as the principal sachems & war chiefs knew this was their last real CHOICE… kinda sounds FAMILIAR, huh?

Now, watch the trolls squeal, “he’s FOR that racist, Pontiac!”

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And thank you Lori Wallach of Public Citizen. Her point-of-view puts quantitative bones on the cost to the rapidly shrinking U.S. Working Muddle Class of taking Trump and his Trumplicans at their campaign word (the 2015 campaign).

Lori Wallach and Public Citizen along with the rest of U.S. mindful of the concentration of wealth into the fewest non-audited and off-shored accounts in human recorded history, we all could have continued back to the predecessor DNC administrations from whence our hopeful successor Status Quo Joe Biden comes.

Lori Wallach and Public Citizen certainly put up a fight against the Obama-Biden-Summers Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea named KORUS, FTA that passed. Bringing within the first few years the ballooning trade deficit the non-televised experts unwelcome in corporate-captured broadcasting’s Golden Rolodex and truly vetted in peer-reviewed academics and non-profit Public Interest journals and publications around the world had predicted.

Note also that the beneficiaries of that South Korea Trade Surplus with the U.S. did not happen to be the largely out-sourced South Korean Labor Force, but rather the corrupt national leaders and their corporate partners concentrating the productive wealth of the world. Who a few years later were prosecuted publicly after criminal charges and discovery at trial, rounded up with some more of the Chosen Few who’ve been concentrating the wealth of the world into those bank-secrecy and tax-avoiding capital idling off-shore accounts.

Gee, ya mean Washington and the U.S. does not lead the world in effective Checks and Balances on its government and national bureaucracies? When is the last time a U.S. national leader faced a public criminal court trial with full discovery afforded and did the perp walk leaving behind a documentary trail on their way to no Club Fed but a real prison with their corporate colluders and collaborators?

Then Lori along with Public Citizen led U.S. and the bigger and more successful global campaign against Obam-Biden’s TPP or the NAFTA with Asia minus China. Also Obama’s TPA, or Trade Promotion Authority which would’ve concentrated within the personal power of future Presidents like Trump the right to negotiate and ink global trade agreements without the informed consent of congress.

Talk about Executive Branch power grabs which certainly did not begin with this current corrupt group of Privatizers, Off-Shore shnorrers and Idle Capital hoarders from the bank-secrecy state of Deleware, our mainland’s very own Panama or Treasure Islands for the Corporate Caliphate’s Corporate Pass-Through system and Feudal Lords of Big Ag\Big Pharma\HIgh FInance\Insurance Industry\Housing\Life Sciences\Tech\Transport.

Yet, **I am guessing Lori and Public Citizen is choosing to break up this dynastic succession of Trumplicans and Executive Branch power hoarders with their ideologically rigid and activist Supreme Court cronies who seek to deflect attention and awareness of CORPORATE LOOTING to Street Crime.

Rather than discover, investigate and root out Suite Crime by actually prosecuting those WHITE COLLARS and allowing the Justice Department to enforce the anti-competition\Anti-Trust laws on the books since the Teddy Roosevelt Trust-Buster Movement got them there**. From the Trust-Busters’ short-lived Third Party named the PROGRESSIVE PARTY’s opposition to U.S. Corporate-Captured Duopoly. Teddy didn’t think his own Republican Party could do the muck raking and clean up job needed. Neither did cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt when their privileged family’s friends on unregulated Wall Street crashed the economy bringing on the Great Depression. Which Cold War Neo-Lib\Neo-Con Milton Friedman claims didn’t actually happen.

Uncle Miltie and Auntie Rose along with their federally contracted University of Chicago Business School graduates and disciples of Gray Propaganda who can with a straight face preach SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT. These Libertarians are still going around on our dime claiming there is no such role in the Great Depression legacy and that of organized and de-criminalized Corporate Crime’s Robber Barons in the dragging down the wealth of this and other nations. Or on today’s consensus on the magnified concentration of wealth that have flowed from the Blowback of these Cold War weaponized Gray Propaganda doctrines and dogmas that were hijacked by the Financializers of our briefly lived post-WW II Diversified Economy. It’s all been a myth! Choose yer own specific period of MAGA and weaponize it…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge for Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


Never take anything for granted my fellow Progressives. Only Action matters.


Hi Beli_Tarsi:
Wow, thank you for the names and the times frames…more sad American history to read , I see. : 0


If elected, NAFTA champion Joe Biden will resurrect and pass the TPP. How precisely is that pro labor? Enough gaslighting, Bernie. You can’t point out the corruption within the Republican party while ignoring it when your own side does it. This type of blind partisanship is what us Trump in the first place. And we the people know better.