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No Mr. President, You Can’t Change the Constitution by Executive Order

No Mr. President, You Can’t Change the Constitution by Executive Order

Omar Jadwat

President Trump said this week that he is preparing an executive order to try to take away the citizenship guarantee in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which says that people born in the United States are United States citizens. On Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham announced that he would introduce legislation with the same aim.

I think that Trump is just blowing smoke on the 14th to gin up his base.


Maybe it’s his way of creating demand for a Constitutional convention (shudder).

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Another reason why trump is stuffing his Supreme Court with right-wing trumpians.

If a president could change the constitution simply through executive order, then the Supreme Court would not be needed since the president could write any old executive order to make sure law is as he/she orders it. Poor Bart O’Kavanaugh would be out of work and every American enslaved in the capitalism gulag. Oh wait, the second condition mostly already applies.

This latest idiocy out of the prictator’s @$$ only proves what a RETARD he seriously is: his own mother was an immigrant who came to the US as a young woman to marry the sperm donor that begat the trumptardo – THAT means his own idiot self is one of those that would no longer have a right to be in OUR (not his) country!

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The kochroaches have been pushing for that ever since citizen united.
With the supreme court now completely corrupted, there has never been a better time for them to implement it.

According to a guest opinion at the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2018/10/31/trump-is-half-right-congress-can-end-birthright-citizenship), an executive order won’t do it, but it is possible to do under Congress without a constitutional convention. In support of the argument, the two authors mention that though the 14th amendment was in 1866 and Native Americans were not considered citizens until 1924 (with an act of congress).

This is why I hate lawyers. The world would be better off with engineers running things instead of lawyers.

Every syllable out of the president’s mouth is for that purpose–and the gullible media (including CD) just keeps amplifying his nonsense by dutifully reporting his every outrageous utterance. Sooner than anyone can contemplate his latest nonsense, he is out something else equally or even more outrageous.

He behaves like a 2 year old in a tantrum–and the best prescription is to ignore his blather and critique his party’s actions (which are few and far between). This Omar Jadwat and the ACLU have done very well. A through, brief and well written read.

The world would be better off with engineers running things instead of lawyers. - Dara

Engineers are the ones working to design devices for planned obsolescence. They are the ones developing new ways to extract fossil fuels from the ground, they are the ones working to develop lethal autonomous weapons, they are the ones working on developing ‘useable’ nuclear weapons. Those of us who work for social justice and peace are criticized by the mainstream engineers, marginalized, and up-and-coming engineers are warned not to speak out, not to protest, and not to associate with social justice and peace campaigns or face the prospect of being unemployable. US engineers today, have largely allowed themselves to become tools of corporate capitalism and the military.

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And who is the watchdog of the Constitution? Oh yeah, that would be Supreme Court…

No, it’s definitely more complicated than that.

You need to hire a legal advisor to tell you that waterboarding is not cruel and unusual punishment or that you can simply execute Americans or whomever quite apart from any war scenario and without trial. That is, of course, unless you can get the entire Congress to pass something like the Patriot Act, so that people can be held indefinitely, so that any case that is outside of the Constitutional limitations need not be subject to review by the courts.

Of course, If you’re the NSA or CIA or some similar entity, you can just do what you do and say you didn’t, and leave abrogating the Constitution to gentler souls.

I am glad that the ACLU is on this. It is a big one.

Il Duce (Trump) swore to uphold the US Constitution. He has now officially contradicted, violated it. This sounds like an impeachable offence to me. Lets add that to numerous violations of the emoluments clause and sock it to him if we get a Democratic majority; that is a majority that’s not full of wimps like many previous Dems.

By the way if Trump’s way was true when his father was born he would not have been a citizen without going through the naturalization process.

Perhaps his hand picked Supreme Court has already been advised to overturn itself (United States v. Wong Kim Ark) on the subject once he issues the order and it goes through the courts…