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No, Mr. Trump, the World Does Not Need 'a Little Global Warming'

No, Mr. Trump, the World Does Not Need 'a Little Global Warming'

John Atcheson

"Having an ignorant reality TV star in the White House dismantling environmental protections and fostering fossil fuels is not just embarrassing, it's downright dangerous."


Scientists and journalists have rushed to point out that weather and climate aren’t the same (John Acheson)


That ‘rushing’ would be a mistake.

‘Slow is smooth - and smooth is fast.’ (Navy SEALs)

Trump is just pulling the chain - and laughing.

Don’t humor him.

That collapsed polar vortex has it minus 28 C here in Calgary - farther north it is in many places in the minus thirties and even forties, without the wind chill.

It’s warmer in Venezuela - but then this former powerhouse of South America appears to be imploding as we speak.

This is what should be front and center on Common Dreams.

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And yet, this administration, this Republican-controlled Congress and their Koch sugar daddies are increasing subsidies and decreasing regulations on fossil-fuel industries, while at the same time doing all they can to discourage the viability of alternative energy sources. As the rest of the world goes forward, the U.S. is going backwards in its fossil-fueled clownmobile, driven by a bunch of old fossils!


Out of chaos, control. Climate change is also climate chaos - an earmark being sudden emergence of ‘feed-back loops’. These morph not only exponentially but across all the divisions claimed to exist by the ‘technologists’. Science, now notable for being being ‘externalized’ and replaced by technology is equivalent to basing entire “overviews”, claimed as policy, on a feedback loop that is rapidly going exponential. Predatory capitalism, as such is demonic narrative. It’s institutions have have convinced its members that they are arms and legs, hearts and lungs, when they are actually sphincter muscles. Such delusions are ultimate chaos pumps.

The model mistakes some hole, which will prove to be its ass, for a law of nature, that this cabal of economic theorists cum predators is incapable of seeing. They seem to celebrating some stinky big cheese, mistaking the the holes left in it as a common good. Their model however, is that of Sierpinski- does that pyramid look familiar? Ever notice whats happening to the currency of the cabal?? Yuppers, Sierpinski sure provided an elegant image.

Our, Fossil Fool of a so-called President, is beyond ignorant.

His Greed, his Obsession, his Addiction to acquiring more wealth has blinded him to reality.

His mind doesn’t function the way most people’s does.


In my humble opinion, he’s unfit to be alive.

An author who says 2016 is when the wheels came off, i.e., “US Went Off the Rails and How to Get It Back On Track” and believes there’s a ‘back’ to get onto, is sorely mistaken or culpable. The US was already ‘off track’ if track means a livable, sustainable, respect-for-all-life kind of society and anyone writing about the political arena would know that unless he is captive to/complicit with the '2-party" system and a puppet of/apologist for the Democratic party. Surely there are writers who can discuss this topic without that bias.

He is unfit to be alive, and his family is also. He cares nothing about anything but himself.

We do not have to put up with this. We belong to the Earth not the opposite way around.

“The polar regions are warming at twice the global average, and this, together with the loss of ice cover, breaks down the polar vortex, which had been effective at keeping cold arctic air in the Arctic. As a result, Arctic air masses can move southward more easily. So it may seem counterintuitive, but global warming can cause localized incursions of frigid air masses.”


Thanks for pointing out the link between the polar vortex and AGW or as Dahr Jamail calls this horrific predicament we find ourselves in: anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD).

Unfortunately- yet predictably- MSM is not using this opportunity (record breaking cold headlines) to point out the likely link between the polar vortex and warming of the arctic.

CNN, Huffpo, the Guardian, USA today and on and on: nary a mention of the potential cause of this prolonged, extreme cold outbreak.

I appreciate you addressing this along with the fact that Trump (et al) is a to all life on the planet.

Freezing in the midwest,

p.s. I am the only one who feels like this is a horrific death rattle of cold gasps from the Arctic?

The guy is certainly right, but he weakens his point about Trump being an idiot by his statement: “The amount of energy humans are releasing as greenhouse gasses is equivalent to detonating 4 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs per second; or, nearly 2 billion nukes since 1998.” NO, we are not releasing that amount of energy!! The greenhouse gases may be causing that much extra solar energy to be trapped by the atmosphere, which is a vastly different thing. People calling other people idiots should be careful with their words. (Not that I disagree with his assessment of Trump.)

Not to go all physics professor on you, but technically, the addition of GHG introduces “potential” energy as opposed to kinetic energy. But that may be a bit too subtle, and certainly your characterization is more understandable to most, and I probably should have used it.

You can’t really rationally reason with a rich delusional asshole. Throw him out , along with his corrupt cabal. NOW!