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No Nuclear Security 'So Long as Nuclear Weapons Exist,' Say Activists


No Nuclear Security 'So Long as Nuclear Weapons Exist,' Say Activists

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As world leaders gathered in Washington, D.C. this week for the start of a Nuclear Security Summit, activists gathered in McPherson Square on Friday urging them to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

Activists with the anti-nuclear group Global Zero rallied with a four-story inflatable missile, which they said represented one of the 15,000 nuclear weapons that exist around the world today, and called on leaders attending the summit to create an actionable plan to get rid of them.


So, Obama calls on the world to reduce the nuclear threat while building more nuclear subs and upgrading our own capabilities to the tune of a trillion or so taxpayer dollars. He is, at least, consistent in hypocrisy.


Nuclear weapons are satannic. - Rev. Phillip Berrigan.


When threats of retaliation guaranteeing mutual destruction are all part of just doing business ideology, one has to wonder who is picking up the bill.
Supposing it gets to the table that is.


Never say never, but nukes will always be with us. I humbly suggest the energy used for these campaigns be used to change our already daily generic warmongering foreign policies instead. That might be possible, making nuclear weapons disappear isn't.


Perhaps one of the most accessible responses is to very consciously treat militarism and the penultimate step in that, nuclear arms, not just as a problem in and of itself, but as a centuries old consequence of constant degradation - not knowing how ecological systems (in the broad sense) work. The dominant system is based on 'always taking more' and leaving less, leading to a downward spiral. Toward shifting perspective, I would submit the work of John D. Liu.

We can no longer afford the dominant perspective of everything being addressed in separate 'silos'. The term itself is indicative of the problem.


Would the insane number of nuclear weapons manufactured since 1945 exist had the United States agreed to a "no strike first" policy?

The US policy of using nukes only "in defense" is far too open-ended, - with the history of "false flag" excuses used to start and expand wars for profit.


We have been conditioned to accept warfare, nuclear or otherwise, as a normal state of affairs - something our politicians have our permission to consider as a possibility when dealing with opposing nations.

This is outrageous and should not be tolerated. The consideration of warfare should be no more acceptable than the planned bombing of all domestic schools and hospitals.

War is so brutal, irrational and idiotic that any politician who proposes war, or sets up a situation designed to antagonize another nation to start one, should be tucked away in a rubber room - permanently - because he is insane.

As Marine Corps General Smedley Butler explained, after retirement, in his book 'War is a Racket', wars are started for economic reasons, but the population is propagandize to believe that another nation, or group of nations, is a threat to the homeland, and so must be attacked.

Manufacturers of war materials of all kinds, cooperating with the government, are destined to make tremendous profits from a war. Their controlled media produces the pro-war propaganda which is necessary to enflame the population to support a war.

There is no more worthwhile cause than opposition to state-sponsored warfare, and if the people realized that wars are fought only to increase the wealth of the wealthy, they would rebel until warfare was a thing of the past.

There is no reason why we cannot live in peace, if the population is made to realize the real motivation of the warmonger, and acts on that knowledge.


Green Gold--Excellent Film......If this resonates with anyone who views it, please see.. "The Global Emergency" by Summers.
From the Revelation, "You are going to have to cool the planet.....You will have to replant the forests, restore the soils & cleanse the rivers...You must see the global emergency. And you must be part of it, for you are part of it." As the film states, we need everyone... we need service from everyone to restore & preserve our environmental support system..for if we do not, there will not be a habitable world for us, our children, and their children.


Yes and Beyond those two weapons, the US Military uses Depleted Uranium weaponry in the Middle East....Are these not nuclear weaponry, or Dirty Bombs?
The use of these weapons can be denied, but the proof is demonstrated in the births, the birth defects resulting from Genetic Damage of radiation weaponry.
And let us not forget Chernobyl, Fukishima and the other stationary nuclear platforms inflicting genetic damage on all living organisms including us Humans....every wonder why as of recent, the many new cancers from the young to the elders appearing at this time.......


We also have no nuclear safety as long as nuclear power plants are within 200 miles of cities. The Brussels, Belgium bombers took 7 hours of surveillance tape of a Brussels nuclear power plant. At the last minute they decided to bomb the airport instead.

Nuclear power plants are intensely fragile targets, as the people formerly of Fukushima Prefecture found out.


In 1953, the year I was born, the Doomsday Clock --http://thebulletin.org/ -- was at three minutes to midnight. My generation grew up believing we or our children could be the last humans on the planet due to these weapons. And look at the Clock today -- have we made any progress? No. We have only, in our Promethean folly, worsened the situation. All we progressives can tell our kids is, "Sorry, guys, we tried."

I don't know how, exactly, but we need to try harder. Our species is certainly flawed and perverse and the one at fault, but we're about to take all the others out with us. Homo sapiens, my ass. Homo morons is more like it.


How do you disassemble that???:


"Nuclear reactors are fragile targets, as the people of Fukushima found out."

As did the people of Three Mile Island.


Coastal Nuclear Power: Embedded Killing Zones... Look at CHernobyl & Fukishima--Terrestrial Killing zones.
And look at Fukishima...an Oceanic Killing Zone not just around Japan, but also the US West Coast...as they are starting to understand. No amount of Government secrecy and cover-up will hide the damnage to the people of the US West coast..The Pacific is dying, in due part to Fukishima (as well as other contributors, plastics, pH/temp changes)..... Not too mention the jet stream, aerial spread of Fukishima and Chernobyl.....


No state that has nuclear weapons will ever willingly surrender them. Why would they? How could they?


Curious why CD never covered this incident with the Turkish fascist Erdogan (who is probably a good model for what a Trump presidency will be like) attending this conference...