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No One Can Erase the Voice of the People: Snowden Resurrected As Hologram


No One Can Erase the Voice of the People: Snowden Resurrected As Hologram

Hours after parks officials carted off that terrific bust of Snowden added to a Brooklyn war memorial by guerrilla artists in the name of "those who sacrifice their safety in the fight against modern-day tyrannies," another rogue and righteous band recreated Snowden's image, this time with laptops and smoke, to reaffirm his "heroism." Their "acts of resistance remain in the public consciousness," said the Illuminator Art Collective, "and it is in sharing that act of defiance that hope resides."


And Snowden’s entire point is vox populi and informed consent of the governed. In a democracy that is us - all of us. When our eyes are seeing and our ears are hearing and minds and hearts learning, then compassionate resolve to hold differences as long term learning and building together. Recognizing what the system has excluded and what needs to be included, recognized, in well being not in theory but in reality.


We ought to all make up stickers of that bust and plaster them everywhere. Put at the bottom: Snowden for President.

That way it’s protected political speech.


Snowden’s face should be on Mr. Rushmore.


opps…Mt. Rushmore


Artists and all free people, ARISE! Make posters, stickers, flyers, busts of Snowden of all sizes and media. Place them in public places, in museums, bus stations, schools, malls, post offices, city halls, courthouses, and capitols and capitals everywhere. Snowden is a hero, and as most heroes, the powers that be must suppress his actions, his face, his memory or they may lose their power and control of those they consider their slaves to use as they please. We are a free people who are beginning to see the chains being wrapped around our lives and choices. Free all political prisoners! Free Leonard Peltier! Free Chelsea Manning! Free Mumia! Free Don Siegelman! Close Guantanamo!


As heartening as this demonstration is, I cannot help but remember the survey made by John Oliver that showed a large percentage of participants were completely ignorant about who Snowden is, much less what he did. These gestures remind us that there are folks out there who are actually tuned in. it’s a relief.


Citizenfour won an Oscar over a month ago, and the celebrated documentary about Snowden’s courage still hasn’t appeared on any of Dubuque’s 22 movie screens. Censorship that helps people remain ignorant. Yes, my option is to rent the DVD to see this film for myself.