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'No One Independent Is Watching': Lack of Oversight Fuels Fears of Trump Effort to Corrupt Coronavirus Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/09/no-one-independent-watching-lack-oversight-fuels-fears-trump-effort-corrupt


Don’t worry folks, Joe Biden and Jeebus will make this all better.

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My father would have turned 95 one day before the election this fall should we still have one. I ponder what he would have thought about all of this. He fought his way through the east of France, the south of Germany, and into Austria, where his Battalion had instructions to wait at the river for the Russians, which they did. He was an Eisenhower Republican. Hell, some days I am tempted to put up an “I Like Ike” sign in my yard along with some of Ike’s platforms that would seem downright commie by today’s Republican zeitgeist. But Ike would never have fallen for this unitary executive bullshit that the last forty plus years has brought us, largely inspired by his veep’s misanthropes. Mr. Smith Had Better Go To Washington And Take A Legion With Him.


The Senate, McConnell, in their wisdom have endorsed Tweety’s crimes. They have also given him permission to commit even more, and greater, crimes. That he should now be openly stealing from the Trump Virus relief funds should not surprise anyone.


Theft. Pure. Simple. US America was founded on theft in case you did not notice.

“If you steal small they make you a criminal. Steal big and they crown you Emperor.”


Unless they changed it, and they surely have, congress controls the money, so no oversight was their fault, not Trumps. They could have made the money conditional on oversight, and they still could - What I’m saying is that its not some executive out of control, it’s coordinated.


The political response to trump regime atrocities, treasons, and crimes has been silent and functionally invisible. The DINO private-club party complicit and craven in their fear and servitude to the same forces that dominate all our politicians, extremist sold-out party apparatus, candidate selection frauds, elections, Congress and its policies and legislation.
Fear of being trumps target for abuse and childish/schoolyard-bully stupidity, and being in thrall to big-money interests and their piracy/parasitism apparently keeps good people silent. The silence or sophomoric trash media and the domination of money uber alles speaks for itself.

There once were people of intelligence, education, character, honesty, and courage to oppose and fight against such clearly subversive, corrupt, and criminal manipulations that serve the 1% and the connected - the crony/nepotism that gets a pass from our totally shallow and corrupted,miserable excuse for the media/press…

The consolidation of wealth and the power it buys in few hands, the propaganda and sophomoric, diversionary fluff that is our mass media, extremist right-wing courts, now stuffed with incompetent shills and openly partisan hacks,.and the targeting/silencing of all voices in opposition by both political parties is a de facto coup; the trashing and ignoring of our founding documents, and those they are based on - a frightened world in the grip of fascism and mechanisms of gross injustice, to protect and feed the obscene greed of people of the lowest moral compass and integrity - criminal minds…

So where are our true leaders and the critical new political party that must be formed fast to at least try to fight the coup? There seem at times to be the base for such a new party, but not the leadership to form one. As silent as the grave we are headed for on a fast train.

The consequences for the perpetrators, co-conspirators, the figurehead morons, corrupt press, complicit sleepwalking idiot supporters and the perpetually absent must be held accountable - hopefully will find a voice to do so in the most definate ways.


yuppers … the trailblazers on the Citizens United path. Swamp? Nnaah, more like quicksand with some suction devices strategically planted

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Brother Nixon played his part - and allowed to walk softly into that goodnight by opening the free for all with removal of the gold standard. Raygun shifted focus to reality TV diaper boy the choreography is clearly calling for a sequel to Hamilton.


It is interesting that a nightclub comedian doing videos from his garage has become one of the most cogent progressive voices I have seen, ever. He, along with Rising, the Gray Zone, and Secular Talk are my links to reality via YouTube.

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Yes, they’ll get right on that just as soon as Joe finishes signing Republican written bills cutting social security and medicare.


I’m not holding my breath waiting for that $1200.

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Speaking of Warren . .

Wondered what your thoughts are on trump’s (or as you would call him “Fuhrer”) tweet yesterday:

"Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday! This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco. The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!"

And did you catch this:

“Former President Barack Obama played an active, albeit private, role in the Democratic presidential primary that effectively ended on Wednesday when Vermont Sen. Sanders dropped out of the race.”

“Obama and Sanders spoke multiple times in the last few weeks as the Vermont senator determined the future of his campaign, a source familiar with the conversation tells CNN.”

To read that Sanders sought counsel from Obama about staying in the race is one more powerful, wind knocked out of you, sucker punch.

This after thousands of people in Wisconsin literally risked their lives by going out to vote in a state with stay at home orders, standing in long lines in the chilly rain, many voting for Bernie to wake up the next day (perhaps even incubating the virus unknowingly thanks to “voting”) to learn Bernie bailed. Without their votes even being tallied----he bailed.

And finally:

My thoughts regarding this CD piece about lack of oversight and trump corrupting covid relief:

No shit sherlock.
Did anyone really think there would be oversight and no corruption?

It ia now commonplace to read this:

“When Narcissists Tell You Who They Are–Believe Them”

Trump is a malignant narcissist who doesn’t even need a mask in the u.s. He is openly proud of his malignancy and has proclaimed over and over again who he is: a corrupt predator incapable of empathy or compassion. (see comment on shooting someone on busy street and not losing support)

Obama et al or more deceptive/covert in their methods of power, control and need of admiration. More covert in their duplicity.

Which inflicts more internal damage to the psyche of a normal person who has empathy and compassion?


A ‘forgivable loan’? Exactly what does that mean in real terms? Does it mean that it doesn’t have to be paid back? Why is it not called a grant then? Does it mean you can voluntarily pay it back … or not as the case may be? A ‘forgivable loan’ - the kind of language a poor person will never hear. Like a forgivable mortgage? A forgivable pay day loan?

The only ones who hear that kind of language are people who probably could pay back a loan like that but who happen to have the right connections necessary to get - forgivable loans.


THIS mess has gone on for a long time. During the Nixon quagmire, I wrote US on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. I was never sure if the title meant US as in us, or as in United States, or both. The tunnel is deeper than I thought, for we still haven’t reached the end, though I fear that it does grow nearer with every bomb, every death, every bad decision.


Mindless Jaggurnaut rolling on,
Crushing, devouring, all in its path
A runaway freight with no engineer;
Or is it?

The people are tired of trying to stop it,
Or control it, or understand it.
Worn down by their efforts,
Their disillusionment, their pain.

No one cares who the engineer is,
Or if there is one.
No one cares who it crushes
As long as it’s someone else.

A runaway freight,
Plunging into an unlighted,
Unfinished tunnel;
Full of people along for the ride.

22 Nov. 1974



An interesting question not often asked. Who get hurts most? I think Trump’s blatant in your face power trip hurts the most because it attempts to overwhelm if not crush the spirit of people of good will and conscience. Moreover, Trump’s overt ‘complacency of power’ is depressing to see. He gets away with sh*t and then rubs your nose in it like a schoolyard bully. He tells the world that he will be vindictive and retaliatory and then he does it openly. I think his ‘complacency of power’ makes for more damage to the psyche over a long period of time. It is as if we grow used to it and expect it.


Thanks for our thoughtful response Wereflea---- especially since I did not make clear it was not a rhetorical question that I posed at the end of my comment. I do think about these issues frequently of late.

My question really has do do with the level/type of pathology and damage it inflicts----in the case of trump (et al) everyone/every life form is getting hurt except the wealthy who will eventually get hurt as the planet becomes increasingly hostile to life forms courtesy AGW and habitat destruction.

After working with domestic violence victims I found many had more difficulty healing in the aftermath of covert forms of abuse. It can make people crazy/physically ill because of the insidious gaslighting that occurs often in abusive or narcissistic relationships.
And yes, I agree with you re: the normalization of trump’s abusive behaviors when you said:

Journalists day after day after day sit at trump’s new form of rally under the guise of “press conference” and take his verbal abuse. They just sit there and keep coming back for more while being broadcast all over MSM while his rabid base cheer him on.

It is truly astounding. Again, (I’ve said it before here) I do not think that people should ignore what is happening at these “press briefings”.


Charter schools and churches have no problem obtaining CARE funds.


I would chalk it up to cowardice which the US political system rewards.

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Shirley Chisholm:

“When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.”

“I know that millions of Americans from all walks of life agree with me that leadership does not mean putting the ear to the ground to follow public opinion, but to have the vision of what is necessary and the courage to make it possible.”